Monday, April 10, 2017

Remembering Dennis James

Well, it's with deep regret that I announce the passing of my good buddy and one of my very first blog readers in Dennis James of Milwaukee. We worked together for 4 years in the banking industry and even got laid off at the same time. We've kept in touch ever since.

Dennis was a huge baseball fan. Him the Brewers and myself the Cubs which he always razzed me about. Throughout the World Series we texted as my Cubs finally won.When I asked him if he bought he World Series Cubs gear yet he told me he was wearing it. 

At that very moment he was lying in a hospital bed with leukemia but still had the wisecracks. He didn't have a lot of hair at the age of 63 and I asked him if he still had the curly locks. He quickly took a photo and texted me his shaved head from the chemo.

He was diagnosed around September 1st and passed away last Thursday. It was a rare form and I'm told a survival rate of around 15%. For people over 50 years of age it's about 0. He turned 64 almost a month ago but he knew the writing on the wall and never let us know how bad it really was. I believe he faced death with bravery and dignity. A good Irishman until the very end!

Judging by the service today he was loved by many.

I'll be forever proud just to call him my friend. I don't deal with death very good and it's why I never use the word 'goodbye'. All my sign offs are 'later'. I never said goodbye to Dennis, but I hope he knows how much I thought of him.

God Bless Dennis.


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