Thursday, June 30, 2016

Happy Birthday Krissy

My Queen of Summerfest is having a birthday today! It's always during Summerfest but we might not go tonight depending if the rain comes or not. Either way, we're starting out at Barnacle Bud's and the Sangria Bar then see where the weather goes!

Last night we saw Kris Kristofferson and Willie Nelson. Kristofferson played with the late Merle Haggard's band and two of Haggard's sons are in it. They both sing rather well.

Willie Nelson is still playing strong at 83 years of age with his famous guitar Trigger. It actually has a good sized hole in it from his hand motion and it's jerry-rigged with a strap to hold the insides together. Willie just keeps doing it his way and the crowd loved it!

Kristofferson is one of the most interesting guys I've ever read about. He appeared in Sports Illustrated as a high school athlete then went to England as a Rhodes Scholar who took up boxing. Originally he wanted to be a novelist but joined the Army to satisfy his military family. He rose to the rank of Captain after 5 years and was a helicopter pilot. He left the service to become a songwriter and his parents never spoke to him again for the rest of his life.

He's won Grammy's and acting awards and is still touring despite turning 80 last week. He's still cut pretty well like a former boxer and the guy just seems so cool. On his gravestone he wants 3 lines from a famous poem basically saying he lived his life just trying to be free. You gotta love a guy like that!

Stay safe. It's off to Barnacle Bud's!


Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Summerfest Is Open

Krissy and I are heading to the Fest to watch Willie Nelson tonight. It should be a diverse crowd as Selena Gomez will be playing on the next stage!

The Cubs won last night in 15 innings and came back today to win a noon game. What a team!

Steel production in the United States is at par with past high production eras. What most people don't seem to understand that it only takes 10% of that past era staff for the same output because of automation which is really the issue for a lot of industries.

The water has been shut off at the Cannon Building which is where the offices for Congress are located. It seems they have way to high of lead levels in the water. I'll bet any amount that this do nothing Congress will get off their fat asses to take care of this problem since they've been getting slowly poisoned!

Off to catch the Jack's shuttle!


Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Buddy Ryan

A sad day for those of us that love defensive football. Buddy Ryan the creator of the legendary 46 defense passed away at the age of 82. He was the defensive coordinator of the Chicago Bears 1985 Super Bowl team that set so many defensive records that still stand today. They averaged 4 1/2 sacks a game for a total of 72 that year and 31 years later it still stands. Remember it was a running league at that time so I can only imagine what they could have done against these pass happy fools. He will be missed!

NBA free agency starts on July 1st. Look for a bunch of millionaires to become multi-millionaires and you can remember that when you have to finance your tickets!

I was reading about Walter Cronkite today. Many people probably don't remember what a professional journalist is anymore because certain channels really don't care of integrity as they have an agenda to fill. Anyway, Cronkite trained himself to speak at a 124 word clip per minute so people could really focus on what he was saying. Most of us speak anywhere from 165-200 words a minute and people miss half of what we say.

The solar plane flew over the Atlantic Ocean in 71 hours going at a steady 50 mph pace. No fanfare like Lindbergh but someday people will look back and realize what a major event this really is!


Monday, June 27, 2016

A Trio For Kris Bryant

At just 24 years old, Kris Bryant became the youngest Cub ever to hit 3 homers in a winning game today beating Ernie Banks old record by 10 days. Bryant is one of the best ball players that I've ever seen!

Another rough day in the stock market as it fell off a cliff again thanks to our pals in England. There's apparently buyer's remorse and a petition by 4 million people to have another vote. Sorry, life doesn't work that way. It looks like a terrible decision with a recession coming next year due and possibly Scotland dumping the Brits. Oh what a self inflicted mess. Most of the complaints seem to stem from the system that they willfully entered into years ago!

It appears that Hogfish have been overfished now down in the Keys and the Feds will institute a season to keep the population high for years to come. They are a big tasty fish from the snapper family and they really do look like a small hog!

Two more days to Summerfest and the weather forecast looks great!


Sunday, June 26, 2016

Zac Brown Band

Last night's Zac Brown show at Alpine Valley was terrific. Certainly a long night as we arrived home after midnight. We took the bus from Who's On Third and it was really well run with great food and drinks. The band has certainly come far since the first time we saw them. They even covered Purple Rain from Prince and Baba O'Riley from the Who. I'm not sure if that was meant to coincide with the UK departure from the EU or merely coincidence but they really have the range to rock the Who.

Tonight we watched the premiere of the new Cameron Crowe show called Roadies. It certainly shows some promise as a rock series and I can see Crowe really taking it far with his brilliant writing.

Have a great new week and it's Krissy's birthday Thursday and Summerfest is starting!


Friday, June 24, 2016

Thanks Ole Chap

Kudos to the people of the United Kingdom as we certainly enjoyed our markets taking it in the shorts because of our kind friends across the pond. What were you thinking? Scotland and Northern Ireland are now pulling out of the UK and you're probably giving yourself a self inflicted recession. Economies hate uncertainty and it will take two years to unwind from the EU. No CEO in their right mind will make investments in your country and the pound fell off a cliff. All your trade deals need to be re-worked and if you think the rest of Europe will be kind to you without hard feelings you are crazy. Cameron did the honorable thing and fell on his sword today and resigned!

It appears today was just a day of idiots. Sinead O'Connor once again has the Chicago Police Force looking for her because she threatened suicide for like the 20th time. It's the second month in a row she's done this in Chicago and why is she in Chicago anyway?

Our third idiot today is master scam artist Tony Robbins who hosts a seminar and has his seminar guests walk across a path of coals. Naturally five people had severe burns and went to the hospital. This happens at all his events and yet people still go. Who does he think he is, Trump!


Thursday, June 23, 2016

Dog Shopping

A cool summer day and I spent it dog shopping. Almost to the point of being obsessed finding the perfect rescue dog. I've been dog less for almost 9 years. My labrador retrievers hit 18 and 16 years respectively. Dakota and Bear are still missed to this day. Truly legendary dogs. I've been looking for a poodle terrier like my beloved Sam which I had as a kid. No such luck though but I'll find a great dog but if anybody has one I might be interested in shoot me an email or comment on the blog.

No soccer camp or practice for Coco today. His left leg was still sore from taking a good kick to it while playing his tournament. A new camp starts tomorrow afternoon and he says he'll be good to go. One tough runt I tell you!

The Bulls took Darnell Valentine from Michigan State. A good piece but they still need more pieces!

Back to dog shopping!


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Pedals The Bear

If somebody didn't videotape Pedals the Bear I never would have believed it. Pedals is a New Jersey black bear that is obviously injured or deformed on the front paws. So, he wants around on his hind feet like a human and does it quite well. Once in awhile he will go down on all fours to step down or up but then pops up on his hind legs. A man videotaped Pedals as he is known walking around a neighborhood from yard to yard. The bear actually notices him and looks at him from maybe 20 feet away but actually seems friendly. At first looking at the stills I thought it was a costume. But the video looks totally real!

The Derrick Rose era in Chicago is now over as he was traded to the New York Knicks. A lot of injuries derailed his MVP career and maybe a change of scenery was good for all involved.

As I was watching the news and the Democratic House sit in the news broke to former Congressman Dennis Hastert reporting to jail in a wheelchair with only his wife Jeanne accompanying him. It was tough to see someone you know reporting to jail. A mere 10 years ago he was second in line to the Presidency!

The Marquette University summer camp tournament was interrupted by lightning but eventually play resumed. Coco played well despite getting kicked hard in the back of the leg but his team ended up getting third place! A job well done and an excellent camp experience!!


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Hot Landings

It turns out that some planes can't land or takeoff once temperatures hit 120 degrees. I've never heard of that before but one plane was turned away minutes from landing at the Phoenix Airport. It seems they are better suited to fly in the cold.

Coco completed his second day of soccer camp at Marquette University. It went well but he fell asleep on the short ride home.

Krissy received a nice present from Dad and Dee on Sunday. It was a gold box and she pulled out a roll of taped together dollar bills. It was fun to watch!

The Nomad is a local soccer bar with a great patio and it was packed tonight for the USA game against Argentina. We might go to their block party on Sunday.

The Cubs lost again to the Cardinals. Get it together tomorrow guys!


Monday, June 20, 2016

Summer Solstice

It's the longest day of the year for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere today. We get 17 hours of daylight. No wonder I was up so early this morning and couldn't figure out why. Light was blasting in the skylight early for sure.

Our boy Trump thinks everyone in the Orlando club should have been armed last week. Well, there was an armed security guard but if every small business needs to hire a small security force there will be a lot of places going out of business. Funny, I grew up in a rural area and when we got our guns we were taught that guns and alcohol don't mix. A loyal Trump supporter actually suggested on the radio that people shouldn't drink then. Yes, this go back to the era of Prohibition and Tommy guns!

Coco had an excellent day at the Marquette University Soccer Camp working with the oldest group which includes some soon to be freshman. He held his own in the 92 degree heat. A first class operation and they had a trainer on duty making sure everyone stayed hydrated with massive containers of Gatorade and water that they brought out. Equipment issues were quickly fixed and the coaching staff really knows their stuff. Kudos to Marquette for an excellent facility also.


Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day

Such a nice day today. Krissy, Coco and I drove down to Lake Summerset to visit my Dad and Dee. Aunt Lorraine and Uncle Wayne stopped by for lunch.

My Dad and Coco did a bit of fishing then Coco entertained us with some soccer skill demonstration. After a pizza dinner we came home to a hot house. Although we have a new adirondack chair that someone was throwing away.

Cleveland finally gets a championship tonight after 52 years so congrats to them. Wilson Contreras the new Cubs rookie catcher hit a homerun in his very first at bat in the major leagues. That's a very small but elite club!

Tomorrow Coco starts soccer camp at Marquette University. He's getting hydrated as we speak. It's gonna be a hot one!

3 generations of Jacobson men 

Cole searching for a cell signal!

Cole and his grandpa fishing

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Dry Tortugas Anyone

For any of the outstanding artists out there you can win a month to stay at the Dry Tortugas and create to your heart's desire. It's very isolated because it's a small island 70 miles west of Key West. You do get to bring someone with you though if you get chosen. What an awesome experience that would be!

The Cubs won again today behind great pitching from Jon Lester.

Krissy and I went to a graduation party today then went shopping to exchange some outdoor cushions she bought last week. That turned into a 2 hour adventure and this was after we bought new sandals. I buy 1 new pair every year at the beginning of summer and rotate them in with my other ones. It's a seasonal ritual that I do every year.

Finally, I found the perfect solution to our back wall problem of the house. It's very plain looking with all the great stuff we've done to the house. Just blue siding. I've wanted to buy a Landshark Lager surfboard like they have at bars and hang it down the wall. Krissy doesn't like that idea. So, I found a really cool Conch Republic vinyl banner that is perfect for the space. That compromise only took 3 years!


Friday, June 17, 2016

Lack Of Empathy

There's a county in Alabama that refused to fly their flag at half staff for the Orlando incident. The County Commissioner sounds like he's making a political statement. It's a shame that some people just can't be a decent human being once every blue moon.

Jake Arrieta won again today for the Cubs running his record to 11-1. Big Jake is almost unbeatable!

Uber is still officially outlawed in Key West I see despite most of the residents wanting the rideshare service. Uber tried there a year ago but the cops were arresting them right and left so they gave up for the time being. Cabs are expensive in that town. Seventeen bucks to go about 7 blocks as I recall they took me for!

Coco and I played soccer tonight as he had to break in the new shoes. Simply amazing and we did a lot of 2 ball drills. He starts the Marquette University camp on Monday and another one next Friday.

Stay safe!


Thursday, June 16, 2016

Constipated Congress

The green eggs and ham Senator often referred to as Ted Cruz recited the popular story last year during a filibuster in the Senate. He had the nerve to complain about yesterday's filibuster because, well because he's just the biggest asshole who's ever been in the Senate and that's saying a lot. He's truly a poor excuse for a human being and there's a reason he lost to Trump!

Coco and I had a nice afternoon getting an oil change then buying him some new soccer gear including shoes, socks and another ball to keep our drills moving steadily. We also grabbed my Dad a nice gift but I can't say what it is in case he reads this before Sunday.

Trump banned the Washington Post from his events but says he'd be willing to talk to the little puke nut job in North Korea. Somehow freedom of the press isn't in fashion in his world so maybe him and the little puke deserve each other in their fantasy world.

The Cubs called up the top catching prospect in all of baseball this year in Wilson Contreras. Yes, the good times just keep rolling this summer!

Krissy had each of us take a qualifying test online today to see if we would qualify to take paid liquor and beer survey's for a marketing company. If they don't think we're qualified living on the Eastside of Brew City then there is no justice in this world!


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

New Shoe Time

It's time for new soccer shoes for Coco. Camp starts Monday so we need a couple days to break them in. This could be an adventure tomorrow!

Oil is still under 50 bucks a gallon yet gas prices are still hovering over $2.50 and not budging down like they were. Pure manipulation!

Congrats to Senator Murphy on his filibuster in the Senate. Trying to get this Congress off their ass for anything is like trying to get a kid to flush the toilet. Nothing happens unless you stand over them!

We have a new keyboard and I must say I'm quite impressed with this Lenovo model. Joanne bought it for us at an estate sale. Thanks!

The Cubs beat the Nationals again in an extra inning ballgame. So far it's a memorable season. All 4 Cubs infielders are leading the All-Star game balloting. That would be something to watch. I haven't actually watched an All-Star game in years. I don't watch any of them really but this year I'm making an exception!


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Goodbye Riviera

I picked up John from the airport today and gave him a lift. He was away on a business trip and was staying in Las Vegas at the Cosmopolitan when he was awoke by some loud noise. It turned out to be the controlled explosion of the Riviera Casino which was opened in 1955 and closed last year. It's a total show as they've took down many old casinos only to build new ones in their place. A piece of history gone in the name of progress I guess.

The Cubs beat the Nationals in the 9th inning with a hit from new rookie Albert Almora. I don't think the kid wants to go back to the minors!

Coco and I played soccer again today as he gets ready for the Marquette camp next week. He is getting better every week and he was already pretty good!


Monday, June 13, 2016

Kudos To Congressman Himes

Coco is all signed up for the Marquette University soccer camp and he's super excited. We'll be going out for shoes this week as he outgrew his old ones. It starts next Monday!

Congrats to Congressman Jim Himes from Connecticut as he walked out of the moment of silence for the Orlando victims as a symbol of protest because Congress refuses to do anything about assault rifles. The do nothing Congress has a 9% approval rating because they do NOTHING! Himes said this would be the 15th time Congress has a 10 second moment of silence and then keeps doing nothing. Kudos to Himes for showing some Moxy! I'm not sure why a domestic terrorist on an FBI watchlist is protected by the second amendment for an assault rifle and becomes more important than anybody else's right to live. It all comes down to lobbyists and money absent common sense. And why is buying body armor legal? It's used for only one thing. If you ever see your number taking delivery of body armor it might be time to go out the back door.

Be careful of a colored notecard that comes in the mail for Unclaimed Property Notification. It's a pure scam through and through as no state mails these cards to people.

Milwaukee is having an Orlando remembrance tonight at the south end of City Hall in the enclave. It's the same place they had one for France last year.

Trump has banned the Washington Post from attending his events because they write some bad things about him. Trump is like the kid who takes his ball and goes home because he's losing or doesn't like the rules. Except he never grew up and keeps doing it. I hated kids like that because they simply grow up to be like that as adults. Just like Trump!


Sunday, June 12, 2016

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

It's hard to believe that yesterday was the 30th anniversary of Ferris Bueller's Day Off. It's one of my top 3 movies of all time right up there with Casablanca. I still recall vividly going to the movie theater with no plan to see a movie with a friend and we had several choices to make and we knew none of them. We chose Ferris Bueller's Day Off and loved it. Ironically, my son Cole just loves this movie also despite never seeing it with me.

What a great day despite the tragic news in Orlando which Donald Trump took to twitter to say thanks for the congrats. Dude, get a grip because you truly look like a piece of crap as far as human beings are concerned. Get rid of the twitter account! And take Megyn Kelly with you as she is heading to Orlando tomorrow like they can't get ahold of this story without her. Honey, your importance to the world is totally in your mind.

Anyway,  Locust Street Festival was great. From the weather to the food and everything in between. RAS Movement is the best reggae band in the Midwest and when they play it's officially the start to summer. Such a great band!

My big treat today was Fried Twinkies. Two for 5 bucks. Such a deal for the delicacy of my childhood!

On the way back from Locust Street we stopped at the Beer Bistro for dinner. Everything is cooked with beer and why not? It's the Milwaukee way!!!!


Saturday, June 11, 2016

Action In Jackson

It's almost like Jackson, WI is becoming our second home as we've been up there so much this year. Thanks again to Steve and Holly for a great time at the festival. It was hot and humid in the 90's before a breeze came in around 10pm and knocked it down to the mid 60's in five minutes.

I did have fried chicken on a stick and it was great. How come meat on a stick always tastes great???

The Cubs won again today and Jake Arrieta is now 10-1. The guy is almost unbeatable this year.

We did see a guy watching the band play and he was wearing a Ted Nugent for President t-shirt. I'm fairly certain he will be voting for Trump!

Going to bed. Stay safe!


Friday, June 10, 2016

Cuba Opening Up

The Department of Transportation approved 6 airlines for flights to Cuba. It's opening up even faster than anyone could imagine!

Gordie Howe passed away. He was Mr. Hockey to a lot of fans. A hat trick is 3 goals in a game then there's the Gordie Howe hat trick which is a goal, an assist and a fight. He was truly legendary.

The deck is almost complete. A little wood short but it will be finished for painting very soon!

We had 90's and a lot of humidity today. I'm so tired and we put the AC on so we can sleep.

Tomorrow is Action in Jackson. Our first festival of the season followed by Locust Street Festival on Sunday. You gotta love summer!


Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Deck Is Started

I was so tired last night that I fell asleep on my couch before I could write my blog. Sincere apologies. Anyway, today we went and bought the wood for our deck addition. We weren't supposed to start it but we're 8 hours in already. We had to move a bunch of shrubs and bushes first and transplant them and the frame of the deck is mostly done. A big thanks to Jim, Joanne and Ashley for all their help!

A man fell into the hot springs at Yellowstone National Park and died. They haven't been able to recover his body yet. I've been there and those springs are so hot that you wouldn't have a chance if you fall.

The Cubs are still on a big roll. My friend Brian in Chicago is working on some August tickets for us. I can't wait!

There was a good article in the local paper about Diane Hendrick's who owns ABC Supply Company in Wisconsin. She hasn't paid any state taxes 4 out of the last 6 years. She has a net worth bigger than Oprah Winfrey. This is exactly what is wrong with the system. It's corporate welfare at it's finest. She bought and paid a Governor so it should be no surprise that she is running a Trump PAC. The more things change the more they stay the same!


Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Tom Petty Radio

I've been listening to a lot of Tom Petty radio on the Sirius satellite system. Truly an amazing channel with a diverse range of radio including Petty himself. Plus, they do a lot of in-depth interviews with him about writing and music. I'm so intrigued listening to writers of all genres explaining their thought process as they write something.

I see where Governor Christie has a 26% approval rating in New Jersey. This guy had no business running for President and probably couldn't get elected dog catcher now!

Trump released a statement earlier this afternoon that he wasn't going to talk about Trump University no more. I just watched him on television talk about it for ten minutes. This guy is a true clown like I've never seen in my lifetime.

Jorge Soler of the Cubs hurt his hamstring so they called up Albert Almora who was a first round draft choice a few years ago right out of high school. His glove is supposed to be the real deal.

I played soccer with Coco today. He's the real deal. I can't believe how good he is. We worked out afterwards and it's going to be a special summer I can tell!


Monday, June 6, 2016

Monday Rain

It rained a couple more times today but it was a nice day for the most part. We shouldn't complain considering that Florida looks like it could get hit pretty hard.

The Cubs won another game and continue their winning ways.

I saw the lineup for the Locust Street Festival this Sunday and it looks pretty good especially with RAS Movement playing. They are a fantastic reggae band.

Krissy and I took a walk around the neighborhood after dinner tonight and noticed 2 houses that have been torn down making room for new construction. A church school down the block has also been torn down. I just hope they don't get crazy. We noticed that by one of the houses a series of very old sheds or guest houses along with an ancient airstream. It makes me wonder what else I haven't seen in this neighborhood with obstructed views possible to other hidden gems.

Action in Jackson is Saturday so we'll be heading up there. A few short weeks ago we were there and it was snow flurries!


Sunday, June 5, 2016

Grilling In The Rain

Really? There was no rain in the forecast today. So, a rainstorm swept through the area right in the middle of grilling. Luckily, Krissy brought out umbrellas and we finished strong in the rain. Naturally, it quit as we were almost done!

The Cubs lost a close one today with Jake Arrieta pitching. The guy has been so good that you just expect a win.

Erin Andrews has been picked to be one of the people replacing the Most Interesting Man in the world. Listen, I like Erin but she can't even come close to this task. One of the main reasons I started this blog was because of him. No Dos Equis allowed in my house until he is brought back. It worked for me with Burger King and now the King commercials are back!

We went out last night with 3 of my sisters, Sharon, Cindy, Mary and cousin Pam. We had a great time at our house then later at Victors! A really great time like so a big thanks to everyone!!

Have a great week.


Saturday, June 4, 2016

What's My Name/Muhammad Ali

The most famous person on the planet died late yesterday. It was said that Muhammad Ali back in the 70's was known by every single person on this great earth. Even if it's just close to being true that is quite impressive. This was before all the cable channels and social media.

After one of his famous fights his entourage drove for miles very slowly in pouring rain. Both sides of the road were three deep as the impoverished people in Africa wanted to catch a glimpse of the World Heavyweight Champion.

I once asked a cab driver if he ever had picked up anyone famous. His eyes lit up as he told me the story of how he picked up the most famous person ever named Muhammad Ali.

Not everyone would accept his name and religious conversion as he started out as Cassius Clay in Louisville, Kentucky. He was fighting Ernie Terrell who kept calling him "Clay." Ali kept punching him but wouldn't knock him out on purpose as he kept beating on him shouting at Terrell, "what's my name?" Terrell wouldn't say it until he couldn't withstand the beating anymore and finally said "Ali." Ali then threw a final punch knocking Terrell out and winning the fight.

It's been said that winning a gold medal at the Olympics is worth a lot of money. Ali returned to Louisville after the 1960 Olympics wearing his gold medal around his neck and promptly went to a nice restaurant where he was promptly refused service for being black. In his case it wasn't worth too much and he actually misplaced or lost it and was given another one at the 1996 Atlanta Games to replace it. He was chosen as the final torch bearer.

Ali actually missed the prime 3 1/2 years of his boxing career. He was stripped of his title and suspended from boxing for not reporting to duty for the Vietnam War. When asked why he wouldn't fight the Vietcong he basically said he had no reason to kill them. They never called him the N-word.

Ali spoke his mind and was a marketing genius before his time. But he also backed it up in the ring once beating Joe Frazier despite having his jaw broke mid-fight. My friends and I would listen on the radio because they didn't televise the fights live back then unless you paid a lot of money and went to see it at a movie theater.

He spent his retirement years battling Parkinson's Disease and working towards peace. Lending his name to causes or attending meetings with world leaders to free hostages. Anybody that needed his help he was there.

Muhammad Ali truly was the greatest. Today, the world is a bit lesser of a place without him.


Friday, June 3, 2016

Everybody Sucks 2016

I saw the above title caption on a Presidential yard sign today. I loved it. It pretty much sums up everybody's feelings. However, some candidates suck even worse than their opponents and we all know who the child candidate is!

The Cubs won again today. They are tough to beat. The pitching staff is carrying the team most of the time. Wait until the bats heat up!

Tomorrow is the swim around Key West race. The record is a bit over 3 hours. Now that's a swim!

Today was National Donut Day. I was unaware that I was missing a National Holiday type day or  I would have hunted down a Krispy Kreme!

I picked up Coco tonight sleeping on the couch to carry him to his room. All I heard from a dead sleep was, "Dad, seriously." He's a pre-teen you know as he reminds me on a weekly basis!

We had a great dinner at Bosley's with Angela and John and a big thank you!. So nice to have you back in town even if Angelo's Piano Bar has changed a bit!


Thursday, June 2, 2016

Jazz In The Park Opener

Well, Cathedral Square was jam packed for the Jazz In The Park opener. Krissy and I only made it for the final two songs. The band Milwaukee Soul sounded great. Earlier in the day I stopped and bought some Corona in a can. Big ones for the walk down there. Glorioso's doesn't carry the giant Red Stripe anymore. I haven't been there in ages and now I'm wondering if maybe I was the only person buying them.

Anyway, we needed a bathroom stop so we stopped into County Clare and ended up with beers and Chicken Shannon there.

The Cubs won again today with a bunch of home runs. They have the best record in baseball.

Coco had his awards ceremony today. He made Honor Roll and won a couple other awards. Certainly a pleasing way to end the 6th grade.

I remember the 6th grade. Just barely!


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Squirrels Gone Crazy

We bought new ferns last weekend and we hung them by the front door as usual. Today, Krissy found a hot dog bun stashed away in the middle. We've found stashed bread products around for a couple years now. Yesterday I saw one looking down the skylight straight at me when I was waking up. Looks like we need to borrow another dog to scare them away!

The Cubs have 4 players leading the All-Star game balloting at their respective positions and 3 outfielders in the top 6 for voting. Plus we should get 2-3 pitchers on the team. I will actually watch it this year.

Billionaire Mark Cuban looked at Trump's financial report and doesn't believe he's a billionaire or anywhere near it.

Coco needs a red shirt for school tomorrow. He's done on Friday and it's that time of year where they mail it in. I let him borrow a old and shrunken Eddie Murphy 1986 Tour t-shirt from my collection. It's really hard to beat my collection I must say. I have hundreds of really cool shirts and rotate them throughout the year.

I was just notified that Jim is coming over for dinner and to measure for the deck addition. Time to get the grill going!!!