Thursday, June 23, 2016

Dog Shopping

A cool summer day and I spent it dog shopping. Almost to the point of being obsessed finding the perfect rescue dog. I've been dog less for almost 9 years. My labrador retrievers hit 18 and 16 years respectively. Dakota and Bear are still missed to this day. Truly legendary dogs. I've been looking for a poodle terrier like my beloved Sam which I had as a kid. No such luck though but I'll find a great dog but if anybody has one I might be interested in shoot me an email or comment on the blog.

No soccer camp or practice for Coco today. His left leg was still sore from taking a good kick to it while playing his tournament. A new camp starts tomorrow afternoon and he says he'll be good to go. One tough runt I tell you!

The Bulls took Darnell Valentine from Michigan State. A good piece but they still need more pieces!

Back to dog shopping!


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