Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Squirrels Gone Crazy

We bought new ferns last weekend and we hung them by the front door as usual. Today, Krissy found a hot dog bun stashed away in the middle. We've found stashed bread products around for a couple years now. Yesterday I saw one looking down the skylight straight at me when I was waking up. Looks like we need to borrow another dog to scare them away!

The Cubs have 4 players leading the All-Star game balloting at their respective positions and 3 outfielders in the top 6 for voting. Plus we should get 2-3 pitchers on the team. I will actually watch it this year.

Billionaire Mark Cuban looked at Trump's financial report and doesn't believe he's a billionaire or anywhere near it.

Coco needs a red shirt for school tomorrow. He's done on Friday and it's that time of year where they mail it in. I let him borrow a old and shrunken Eddie Murphy 1986 Tour t-shirt from my collection. It's really hard to beat my collection I must say. I have hundreds of really cool shirts and rotate them throughout the year.

I was just notified that Jim is coming over for dinner and to measure for the deck addition. Time to get the grill going!!!


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