Sunday, May 31, 2015

No More WeddIngs

Holy Crimony. It was a good time at the wedding yesterday. For some reason I thought it would be good to stay up until 4am. I'm paying the price now and ready for bed.

The Blackhawks will be advancing to the Stanley Cup Finals. They played great again last night. Turning it up a notch at just the right time!

Bug is coming back tonight. I just learned the reason she curls up into a ball is that she doesn't like the cold at all. Apparently she had Lyme Disease and the cold hurts the joints. I know how she feels and I've never had Lyme Disease!

Good night!


Congratulations Cedric & Jenny! 

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Mr. Hastert and the Yorkville Days

Well, I've been following the Dennis Hastert news for the last few days and originally I chose not to write about it. My phone has been blowing up the last few days along with my email so maybe I should write down my thoughts on the matter.

As many people know, I am a proud native of Yorkville, Illinois which has been in the national news lately due to former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert being indicted. A lot of people graduate from there and live the rest of their lives there. Most of my kindergarten class were at the same graduation party. Nobody moves.

 I moved to Yorkville when I was 4 years old. I am a graduate of Yorkville High School. Yes, I do know Mr. Hastert fairly well. I have known him since I was 10 years old. Until recent events, I always felt that if I left a phone message at his office that he would certainly return my call. I never had a need to do that though.

Let me be perfectly clear, I am not here to defend Mr. Hastert over what he may or may not have done. Many of my friends have been doing that to the press over the last few days and I know them all. We are all shocked bout this story. Mr. Hastert is quite capable of defending himself. I kind of chuckle at the comments section of articles and blogs with people wanting to take him out back and show him a thing or two. Even at the age of 73, Mr. Hastert could whip the snot out of most men half his age.

Yorkville is a unique place with a huge amount of sports success. I'll spare the details because that's a blog of its own. When we moved there it was a town of 1200. Now it's approximately 17,000. As a 5th grader I went to Parkview Middle School and on my first day with the new kids I got into a fist fight. I figured a few punches and a teacher would break it up. A huge crowd surrounded us. After 5 minutes and at least 50 punches a teacher broke it up and put me on my bus. The next day nothing happened. No detentions, no suspensions, no lectures. That's just the way Yorkville is. Not really good at talking and reasoning maybe, but we respected each other. My mouth got me in trouble a lot but I learned to give as good as I took. My head still has knots to this day from my teenage days. That's just the way it was!

In high school, Mr. Hastert was my history teacher for 5-6 courses. A very good teacher I might add. He had a civil war diary from a Illinois soldier and he brought it out from time to time and read it aloud. He wanted us to know what war was really like. Another time he had us write a letter to ourselves and mailed it to us a year later. I still have that letter to this day. Another time he came in and told us about the dinner he had with a former governor that he was supporting for President. If it wasn't for an early flight that man was going to visit our class. His name was Ronald Reagan.

It wasn't until years later that I disagreed politically with Mr. Hastert. I still considered him a friend. I was the Captain of the cross country team and he had his wrestlers run with us to keep in shape. I spoke with him everyday at high school. 

The last time I spoke with him was at a parade in Oswego. Before that I chatted with him several hours at a wrestling meet in Naperville. I never once saw a single act of misconduct in all the years I've known him. Supposedly the other party involved was a member of my class or the year before me. My last year of high school was also his and he entered politics.

The best speech I've ever heard was his 1979 commencement speech. He pointed out how excellent of a athletic school we were. But he also pointed out that we were smart. The band and speech teams were winning their competitions also. Our school loved winning. I didn't think much about going to college until that moment. And Coach Jakalski further spurred on those efforts and I did graduate in 4 years.

I will withhold judgment until all the facts come out. But I'm tired of people taking shots in their internet frenzy comments regarding what kind of people live in Yorkville, Illinois. We've been called rednecks and river rats my whole life. Most of my classmates still live there. My dad moved away not too many years ago. If you really want to call them names venture to downtown Yorkville. They will talk to you, I promise you that. I also guarantee that they might speak in a style that you're not accustomed to. That's just the way it is!


Friday, May 29, 2015

Rainy May Rainy Days

It just rains a bit every day it seems. Never really pouring though but it's a shame we can't send some of it to California and Nevada to help with the drought.

I still need to get some clothes out for the wedding tomorrow. It's not until late afternoon so I still have some time. 

The Hawks play their game 7 tomorrow night. Going to be a watch watch at a wedding reception. Thank you once again Steve Jobs for the IPhone!

Cuba has been dropped as being a State Sponsor of Terror. It's been a rather insignificant player on the world stage for years if not decades. McDonalds and other corporations will be licking their chops soon once the island opens up more.

Still one more main stage act for Summerfest is needed. Hopefully they announce it soon. I like to set the whole schedule out and plan our ventures. Always tough to do with so many acts at so many stages and mixing in  Naturally, it never works out exactly that way but I still do it every year!


Thursday, May 28, 2015

Haircut Day

I ventured out to get a haircut today. Maybe the nicest day of the year so far. Let's keep it up!

What a game last night. That was the best all around game the Blackhawks played. The series finale is Saturday. If they play like that again they will be playing for the Stanley Cup!

Tom Thibodeau was fired as the coach of the Bulls. He had five real good seasons but no luck on the playoffs. I'm okay with the decision. He was much too like Doug Collins and couldn't get them to the next step. Phil Jackson came in and they won 6 championships. Let's hope for a repeat with the next coach.

Rick Santorum announced his bid for President while giving a speech holding a piece of coal. Yes, old inefficient technology being embraced is what we need for a future President! What does this guy do besides run for offices and lose? Is there money in that?

Bug the Rhodesian Ridgeback seems to be a bit tied from all these early morning walks with Krissy. Welcome to my world Bug!


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Jonny Quest Is Coming

It's true, legendary cartoon Jonny Quest is coming to the big screen for a feature film. No cast has been announced yet. As a cartoon it lasted only one season because the animation at that time was so expensive. It was truly ahead of its time.

I caught part of the Andy Griffith show before taking Coco to school this morning. It was the Howard Sprague episode where he gets fed up with his dull life and moves to a caribbean island. He ultimately gets bored there and returns to Mayberry. That never would have happened if he went to Key West!

Coco is in summer mode already. Very little homework at this point and very little desire to do it. Only 7 days left he informed me!

I drove by the Nomad today and I saw 5-7 people on bicycles. They were dressed up as Elvis. I was going to fast too take a picture unfortunately.

Big game for the Hawks tonight in game 6. It's win or be done. Face off in 8 minutes. Go Hawks!


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Then The Fog Came

It was a nice morning then the fog rolled in with the rain closely behind around noon. I took a photo of Lake Michigan at Concordia University with a neat statue on top of the shoreline. You can't even make out lake it was so heavy. Then around 3pm it stopped, the sun came out along with the humidity.

A tough loss last night for the Blackhawks. They fought back to tie the game with 2 quick goals at the end of regulation but lost a mere 45 seconds into overtime. It's do or die time tomorrow night!

There might be a new Bucks stadium deal announcement tomorrow according to the local paper. Whatever it is there will be a large faction of people who won't like it.

My chest hurts a bit from moving a bunch of mulch bags yesterday. It's okay though, I'll just lay on the couch with Bug. She certainly is a dog that believes in comfort!


Lake Michigan Fog

Monday, May 25, 2015

The Rusty Pickup Truck

A blessed Memorial Day to all!

It went from a rainy morning to a beautiful sunny afternoon. We grilled out this afternoon. Two big chickens and a giant ribeye steak.

On the way back from Home Depot we saw a rusty old pickup truck with a white bulldog of some sort in the back. He seemed rather content and was too fat to jump out even if he wanted to.

Speaking of dogs, Bug the Rhodesian Ridgeback is here. Already chasing the squirrels out of the yard!

A big welcome to Montenegro as they become the 37th country to visit the blog. Thank you so much.

Hawks are down 3-1 in the middle of the second period. There's no quit in these guys, Running back to the television.


Bulldog In The Rusty Pickup


Sunday, May 24, 2015

Marques Haynes

Legendary Harlem Globetrotter Marques Haynes passed away. I actually saw him play when I was a kid. Maybe the best ball handler of all time and a great guy and entertainer also. Truly legendary!

It was a long pub crawl yesterday. We started at Pleasant Cafe, then to Dukes on Water. Some Chinese Buffett for an appetizer then to Tiki Joe's which is an awesome place. Then to Zads and finally Steny's where we watched the Hawks win again in overtime to tie the series. They are 4-0 in overtime for the playoffs so maybe it's a good thing when they are tied in the third period.

Grocery shopping this afternoon and now we ordered Lisa's Pizza for dinner. I wouldn't be surprised if we made an appearance somewhere tonight!


Tiki Joe's

A beautiful spring day with my beautiful girlfriend 

1st stop- Sangria and a cold beer at Pleasant Kafe

The Fonz- heeeeyyy

The register at Tiki Joe's has a guardian of sorts!

Enjoying a Mai Tia in our new glass

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Kite Festival Time

It's a beautiful low 70's day packed with sunshine and people jamming the lakefront for the Kite Festival. I've heard it's the largest one of it's kind and people coming from everywhere to participate.

The Blackhawks play at 7pm tonight. I'm not sure where we will be but I'll at least catch part of it and follow it on my IPhone. It's a must win tonight or I see no chance of them winning the series.

I drove under a railroad bridge on Water Street that was on the news two days ago and closed for inspection right afterwards. Apparently it's rusting away and the train carries a large amount of heavy oil into the city over this bridge. Yep, I drove under it while it had the oil tankers scooting across. I actually thought of driving around it but instead held my breathe and drove quickly along with the other brave ones. I'm still here!

There was a scientist on the radio this morning who was quite confident Parkinson's would be cured within 10 years at the latest due to stem cell research and other diseases and afflictions had possibilities also. Remember this next time some idiot politician cuts funding or eliminates it totally under the guise of playing God!

Heading out to the Steny's block party shortly via walking and making a stop at the Tiki Hut. I smell a rum drink in my future!


Friday, May 22, 2015

Home Depot and the Hawks

It was a tough loss last night for the Hawks as they lost 2-1 in an evenly played game. The winner of this series should win the Stanley Cup just like last year which the Hawks came up short on.

We had gift cards to Home Depot so we made a stop there after lunch. We came home with two new ferns and a plant stand. Ironically, last years ferns were laying in the garbage as we brought these in. Somehow, ferns in the Midwest have become disposable as I see quite a few people doing the same thing.

I did make a list for the backyard. Two Adirondack chairs, two tiki torches, a fountain and a chimnea.  Small steps, small steps.

Bug the Rhodesian Ridgeback is due here Monday for a little rest and relaxation. I can't wait. I tell other people with dogs that we encounter that she was bred to hunt lions. I'm so impressed with that!

Sunny and mid 50's today. It better warm up soon the social calendar for June is almost complete and everything is outside!

Enjoy your Friday night!


Thursday, May 21, 2015

Coco Is Back

Coco returned from his Discover America trip earlier this evening. He looked tired. Although somewhere along the route he was able to buy himself a nifty new basketball. I missed him a lot.

Carrie Underwood has been announced as a headliner at Summerfest. That leaves one more for July 4th and they actually don't have anyone signed yet. A lot of bands turned that date down for logistic reasons.

They dug up a bomb from a riverbank in Cambodia that was used in the Vietnam War. There's probably a few more out there. They still find some in Germany from World War II.

My book is starting to progress. I won't jinx myself but getting it done by June 22nd is going to be tough but not impossible.

The Blackhawks are down 2-1 after the second period. Hopefully they will score 2 goals to win it in regulation. Another overtime game would be tough! I'm still tired from Tuesday's game!!!


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Head Butts and 37 Degrees

What a hockey game last night! The Hawks won in triple overtime last night to tie their playoff series. It was just before 2am CST before the game ended. They play again tomorrow night.

It looked like the game was over in the second overtime when the Hawks scored but the player actually head butted the puck into the goal which is not allowed. Nobody ever recalls seeing anyone doing that before.

It was 37 degrees when I woke up this morning. We're only 11 days from June. Come on now!

A hearty get well to John Wilson and Mitchell Benz who've under gone a couple rough surgeries this week. Get better quickly to both of you!

The Eagle is coming to Key West this weekend. It's the only active sailing ship in the Naval Fleet. It's a 295 foot beauty.

It's David Letterman's final show tonight. I had a friend in college who never started to write a paper due the next day until after Letterman finished his show. Time really flew but Letterman still threw out over 6000 great shows. All I can simply say is thanks Dave!


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Paid Salute

I didn't really believe my ears when I heard it or my eyes when I read it. 14 NFL teams took taxpayer money to honor soldiers at their games. Stupid on both sides. Stupid for the armed services to offer the money and stupid for the teams to accept it. Is it really an honor if somebody has to pay for it? The Chicago Bears were not one of the teams to accept money I'm glad to say. I won't point fingers to the north but you can look up the teams yourself!

Coco called last night. He's having a marvelous time on his trip. They are visiting Devils Lake State Park where we will be camping later this year.

An oil pipeline ruptured spilling 21,000 gallons of oil into the Pacific Ocean. It happens all the time so lets just keep building them and getting rid of even more regulations.

The Hawks are up over Anaheim 2-1 midway thru the 2nd period. They need this game to tie the series and bring it back to Chicago for a big weekend of hockey. Lets go Hawks, my salute is free!


Late Edition Monday Blog

Oh my, I fell asleep early last night and never woke up till morning which I usually never do. I must have been tired. It was such a warm and sunny day yesterday that I thought it only appropriate to visit the Bradford Beach Tiki Bar to see if it was open which it was. Since I closed it last October I thought it only appropriate to have one to celebrate the upcoming summer. That's probably why I fell asleep early!

Monday was a quiet day but I did see a cool video on Sunday at the Roman Coin Bar. This biker guy who knew a lot about animals tried 4 years to get this squirrel at his house to come thru a window and take a nit gently out of his mouth. He set up a camera and videotaped his efforts. Finally one day the squirrel trusted him enough and actually grabbed the nut from his mouth. Yes, he got it on tape and he showed it to us several times.

Today should be a busy day but I'll make sure I get to my computer later today. At least I feel rested for once!


Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Buggy Afternoon

Bug came over for a while this afternoon. She's the Rhodesian Ridgeback that came over a couple weeks ago.

We started of at Jack's Pub for the Hawks game then came and picked up Bug at our place and went to the Roman Coin with Bug which is a dog friendly place. That's a light term as actually there's always at least 5 dogs there.

Then we cooked out with Jen and Joe and I'm dead tired from the weekend. A lot of fun this weekend and thanks to the many who made it all possible.

The Hawks dropped the first game today but the Anaheim Ducks played well. This series is going 7 games.


Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Havana Challenge

It didn't take long to get some sailboat racing to Cuba. People are racing teams of 16 foot Hobie Cats from Key West to Havana and back. The awards ceremony is at the famous Green Parrot in Key West.

American Pharoah won the Preakness today despite getting the dreaded number one post position. The field was weak and he won easily. He was a heavy favorite so I didn't even bother to place a wager on this one. I'm predicting he wins the Triple Crown which hasn't been done since the 70's. The Belmont Stakes should be his best race as it's a longer distance which he thrives on.

A big welcome to Colombia as they become the 36th country to visit the blog. Thank you so much!

The Cubs won again for the 6th straight time. I'm starting to get a good feeling about these guys.

Michael Jordan has been trying to sell his house in Illinois off and on for years. He listed it for 14.885 million. A few more garage sales and I'm there!


Friday, May 15, 2015

The Thrill Is Gone

Legendary blues man B.B. King passed away at the age of 89. The man played 250 shows a year for decades. He named his guitar Lucille because of a fight that broke out at one of his shows. It seems two men in the audience started fighting over a woman named Lucille. The building actually caught on fire and B.B King ran back into the burning building to save his guitar. When he heard that the two men died in the fire he named the guitar Lucille.

It's been a busy day. Still reeling over the Bulls loss last night but at least the Cubs won their fifth straight game today. The Hawks open their next playoff game Sunday afternoon.

The garage sale has been a huge success and a lot of fun so far. We unloaded a couple air conditioners that we didn't really want to carry back home with us. Krissy took some photos as usual.

Coco departed on his Discover America trip. They forgot his sleeping bag but the teacher finally remembered where it was. Nothing is easy these days. Stay safe!


Krissy & Holly hard at work....

Holly's art

Very large knife from El Salvador! 

 A Rusty Holly original, 'Pug  on a leash' 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Bulls Blew It

What a dismal NBA basketball game. The Bulls had there chances. LeBron James got in early foul trouble and Kyrie Irving left early after hurting his knee. Then the Bulls did what they do best lately which is miss every shot they take. It's a bit of a mystery of how these long droughts happen. Frustrating to say the least but the Cubs won and the Blackhawks are still in the hunt for the Stanley Cup.

Driving downtown today and I saw the Pedal Tavern completely full by a group looking like they were on a mission to have fun. By the looks of them they might have just graduated or finished classes for the semester. They backed up traffic a bit but it was fun watching them.

Still finding last minute stuff for the garage sale this weekend. Hopefully we will make some cash.

Coco is all packed and ready for his Discovery America trip tomorrow. I'm going to miss the little guy. He has a disposable camera for the trip as electronics are not allowed. He has no idea how a disposable camera works!

Sad but the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas is having a fire sale auction after closing their doors earlier this month. Vegas loses another legend after 60 years. Thanks for the memories!


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Weather Swings

It's nice and sunny today looking a lot warmer than it is. We only hit the mid 40's and it was 39 degrees when I went running in full sweats this morning. A month from now we'll be consistent in the 80's so I'm just holding on.

The Blackhawks still don't know when they will be playing yet. That's the advantage of sweeping your second round opponent.

Things are looking a bit more bleak for the Bulls. They play tomorrow night in a must win situation or they are done. The NBA today handed out a technical foul on Matthew Dellavedora for his role in the Taj Gibson melee. A lot of good it does now. What's the sense of having instant replay when the refs can't get it right after watching the replay.

More items being found for the garage sale. Also, packing Coco for his Discovery America trip that starts friday. For some reason he needed more socks and underwear. Where do they go?

Anyone else tired of the presidential election yet? I'm not sure anybody is paying attention right now. Former Ambassador John Bolton will be announcing for President tomorrow. Yes, the guy that hasn't seen a country he doesn't want to bomb yet. The same guy who ducked Vietnam but has no problem talking tough and sending other people over to do his fighting for him. Rumor has it that he's never once looked in a mirror!


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Penn and Teller Are Coming

Another cold and blustery Wisconsin day. No warm weather in site unless it has rain clouds in it.

The Bulls lost a tough game in Cleveland. They sure miss Gasol's low post offense. Hopefully he's back for game 6. I'm not one to complain about the refs much but it was like playing five on six tonight. There's no way Taj Gibson should have been kicked out of that game.

CSI will not be coming back next year. I'm not sure why as it was still popular and the cast had changed enough to keep it fresh. William Peterson sure hit gold with this show. It will be in rerun heaven forever just like the Andy Griffith Show and Dick Van Dyke!

Penn and Teller are coming to Milwaukee in September as part of their World Tour. I saw them years ago at the Chicago Theatre and it's one of the greatest events I've ever seen. More illusionists than magicians, they break the code in telling you how they will do something, then do it and you still couldn't see how they possibly could do it. Now, if they could only get the Bulls 2 wins in a row!


Monday, May 11, 2015

Tough Luck Tom

The NFL suspended Patriots quarterback Tom Brady for 4 games and took away a first round pick from the team for deflating footballs and lying about it. Maybe that will knock some of the cheesy smile off his face for once.

George Zimmerman was involved in another gun related incident, his fourth since he was acquitted of murder. Just an unfortunate soul always in the wrong place at the wrong time I'm sure.

Jimmy Buffett gave the commencement speech at the University of Miami over the weekend. A hugely successful person in so many ways. An excellent choice!

We had car trouble last night but apparently it's fixed now. Seems to be going thru a lot of oil for some reason.

Speaking of vehicles, I saw an advertisement for the new Jeep Renegade. Very sharp my friends.

I have the top of a pineapple from yesterday. Apparently, you can grow a new one from the top so I'm going to give it a shot. We have so many extra pots around here I might as well give it a go.

Summerfest still has 2 more headliners to announce. I spoke with an advertising person over there and they assured me they have them signed up already, just no announcement yet. No worries, I'm sure it will be someone I like and I can munch on my new pineapple on my walk down there!


Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Foggy Mother's Day

Yep, it's 40's and foggy in Milwaukee today. Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there.

We spent the day at the Guthries grilling out a terrific spread. This was on top of all the good eats last night in Jackson getting ready for the big community rummage sale.

We watched Bug last night for a while. She's a beauty of a dog. Now I'm looking hard for one!

The Bulls lost a tough game on a last second shot by LeBron James. I expected nothing less. He won't go down quietly that's for sure. It's tough to grill out and watch NBA playoff games at the same time. I alwaya make it work though!


Krissy and I w/ the hostesses, Christy and Kelly! Nice job ladies

Gary and I 

Jello shot-many, many jello shots...

Nice spread

I got a chair and a beer. It's all good

Great seats

We won!

Michelle and Krissy 


Saturday, May 9, 2015

Rhodesian Ridgebacks

It's been a long last two days. From 80 degrees yesterday to mid 40's today makes it tough to figure out how to dress.

The Cubs won last night 7-6 and we had great seats. No foul balls are way though and Kris Bryant failed to get his first big league home run on our watch. Naturally, he hit his first one at tonight's game which we weren't at!

Yesterday's job report was very solid and all the critics disappeared again which is what I predicted after last months dismal report. The sky is always falling for some people.

We took a load of stuff for the rummage sale out to Holly and Steve's. Hopefully we won't have to bring much back.

We watched Bug for a couple hours today. She's a Rhodesian Ridgeback. An impressive sweet dog. Now I'm scouring ads looking for one and I found one in my old home town of Yorkville, Illinois. They are originally from South Africa and were used to help hunt lions. Naturally, that's precisely what I need in Milwaukee!


Friday, May 8, 2015

Sunburn And Tired

I've been up since 5:30 am for track practice then the 9:30am track meet. Coco did well placing 7th in the 400 meter run with a personal best. He was racing against 7th and 8th graders so it's a good exercise to toughen him up.

It was 79 degrees and no shade out at Wisconsin Lutheran High School. A big kudos to all the volunteers who helped out.

Welcome to Sri Lanka as they become the 35th country to visit the blog!

We have Cubs tickets and a pre-party out in the parking lot. Getting ready to leave now. So that makes 3 hours before the game and 3 hours of the game. That's a lot of jam packed fun. We're sleeping in tomorrow morning for sure. Be safe out there!


Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Summer Tease

We actually had to use the car air conditioning today but it's not quite summer yet. The weekend will only have highs in the 50's but today and tomorrow is certainly nice. Tomorrow is the conference track meet for Coco and we have the Cubs game at Miller Park tomorrow.

The Bulls lost game 2 last night and were never really in the game from the get go. At least Jimmy Butler was named the most improved player today and game 3 will be at the United Center.

The Blackhawks try to sweep Minnesota tonight. It would be nice as the defenseman could use the rest.

It was 17 years ago today that Kerry Wood had his 20 strikeout game. It's still the best baseball game that I've ever seen in my life by far. It was so exciting watching him mow the batters down. In a way it probably hurt his career in the long run. The pressure to strike everyone out took a toll on his arm and it's feasible that he could still be pitching today as injuries crept up on him. He was only 20 or 21 years old when he pitched that game.

Tragedy in Key West as 2 people jumped into the water at Mallory Square and one was swept away by the current and drowned. It's very deep right there as the cruise ships dock next to it. The army dredged it years ago for cargo and cruise ships alike.


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Day Of Stupid

We woke up to a foggy morning and it didn't burn off until early afternoon. I'm hearing 80 degrees tomorrow but I'll believe it when I see it!

The Bulls play again tonight in game 2 of the series. Winning another playoff game on the road tonight would be huge.

We've been busy getting ready for the big Jackson garage sale next week. We're taking a first load out this saturday. I hope we don't have to bring most of this stuff home.

Nothing but stupid in the news today. Wisconsin politicians were counting on higher revenue estimates today to offset the huge education cuts they made. Guess what? The predictions slid the other way and nobody has any answers. The new stadium deal took a backseat but you can't very well build billionaire projects while throwing the youth of tomorrow into the gutter. The Bucks are toast but Seattle will welcome them with open arms!

A North Carolina police officer is suing Starbucks for huge bucks because he didn't realize the coffee "was that hot." There's the reason in a nutshell that he didn't become a detective. The coffee coming out of the hot steamer should have been the first clue.

Tom Brady claimed innocence in the de-flate gate football scandal. He claimed he didn't even know the name of the equipment guy. Of course the equipment guys cell phone with texts from Tom Brady would indicate otherwise. Compared to his teammate Aaron Hernandez though this seems minor. Idiotic but minor.

Then, Texas is having a hissy fit with Marshall Law and the U.S military staging some military exercises in Texas. They feel they are being taken over by the government. They always threaten to secede from the Union. After Bush, Perry and Cruz, I'm not sure the citizens in the other 49 states give a crap if you do. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out Tex!


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Happy Cinco De Mayo

It's a rainy day. No let up until at least 6pm with temps in the 40's. The warm up starts Thursday though with temps close to 80!

Happy Cinco De Mayo to everyone. If you don't have plans tonight head out for at least a margarita or two and support the local economy which always needs a shot in the arm on Tuesdays.

I'm still revved up about the great Bulls win last night! The Hawks play again tonight.

I found this bartender award at a large antique store in Milwaukee. I didn't buy it the first time I saw it even though I wanted to for a mere 9 bucks. So, I went over there yesterday and bought it with my Kentucky Derby winnings.

I've researched it a bit. It's possible that it belonged to legendary Hall of Fame bartender Bobby Batugo who was from the Phillipines and born in 1906. He was like a bartender to the stars and won tons of awards. I'm still doing some research on this gem as it sits on my dresser. Strange, the man rarely drank himself.

Bartender Trophy
Looks a Bit Like John Wilson
42 Years Old

Monday, May 4, 2015

20TH KeyWest Songwriter Festival

If you like music, May 6-10th is the time to be in Key West. Established writers and up and comers alike will be in town playing music in almost every saloon on the Island.

The Bulls beat the Cavaliers tonight in game 1 and looked solid doing it. It was on the road which is especially important.

I picked up our winnings for the Kentucky Derby today. I celebrated by making a $9 purchase which I shall reveal tomorrow with a photo and maybe a back story and a mystery!

Craig Counsell was named the new manager of the Milwaukee Brewers today. They fired Ron Roeneke last night. It's going to take more than a new manager to right that ship.

I was briefly watching Fox News today as they caused a massive amount of hysteria after one of their reporters claimed that he saw the police shoot another person. He sounded credible as he was a mere 20 feet away and even said the victim looked severely injured. Turns out the police didn't shoot anyone but the crowds quickly gathered and started throwing stuff at the police. I guess this is the result when you hire entertainers rather than real news reporters!


Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sazerac and Museums

Excellent food last night at Red Lion with John and Angela. Then we headed over to the Hamilton for cocktails. John talked me into trying a Sazerac. It's a whisky drink from 1850 that originated in Louisiana. In fact, they made it the official state cocktail in 2008. Anyways, it was pretty good. If I ever need surgery again I'll have one of those beforehand. I couldn't feel a thing!

It was free museum day today. We went to Villa Terrace Museum first and had a wonderful time looking at the grounds. Then to the Charles Allis Museum and they had a burlesque exhibit that was very crowded and interesting.

Just finished grilling out. Steak and chicken along with some onions and potatoes. Why can't everyday be Sunday!


From the Bottom

Villa Terrace Gardens

Villa Terrace

She's missing a tassel!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

I Picked Pharoah

My horse won. A slow race but American Pharoah was just too much horse going wide into the turn and coming out slightly in second and barreled down the stretch to win. Krissy and I had $30 bucks to win and place. I upped it by 20 bucks at the last minute because I had a good feeling. I even texted my pick to my sister Mary who's taping the race so I can't gloat yet. Oh hell, I WON!

Speaking of winning, the Hawks pulled out a win last night. They started fast, gave it  back but won it by a goal in regulation.

I looked out the window last night and saw a girl doing handstands across the street on the sidewalk at 1am. It's an interesting neighborhood for sure.

The screen doors are on and the sandals came out. I even put some Banana Boat on. The bamboo is on and looking good. Mid 60's will do wonders for people in the Midwest. We're heading down to the Red Lion to meet up with friends now. I'll try not to gloat too much! 


Friday, May 1, 2015

Kentucky Derby Picks

Post time tomorrow is 5:24 CST so I thought I would make my picks now in case my blog tomorrow is after race. I hate picking favorites with a passion. But I just don't see anybody beating American Pharoah. The outside post position is the only thing giving other horses a chances. Dortmund is good and I wouldn't be surprised to see him pull it off if the favorite gets a horrible start. Other than those two I only see three decent horses. Firing Line has Gary Stevens aboard at 12-1 currently and Gary is a Hall of Fame jockey who only rides a horse if it has a decent chance. Maybe the smartest jockey ever. Never rule out Calvin Borel at Churchill Downs and he's riding El Kabeir with a 30-1 long shot but an excellent post position and he knows how to ride the rail. Carpe Diem might have a early chance if he takes it hard early and John Velezquez is an aggressive rider. That's my 5 but I'm going to the OTB early to bet American Pharoah.

A beautiful May day and the buds are blossoming! Our trees are among the last to come around for some reason in the neighborhood.

The Blackhawks open their series against the Minnesota Wild tonight. The Bulls will be playing LeBron James and Cleveland as they advance but I haven't seen a series schedule yet.

The Cubs are leading the Brewers 1-0 after the 8th. They play in Milwaukee next week and we have tickets next Friday night with friends. Nothing like being the outcast Cubs fan!