Saturday, May 2, 2015

I Picked Pharoah

My horse won. A slow race but American Pharoah was just too much horse going wide into the turn and coming out slightly in second and barreled down the stretch to win. Krissy and I had $30 bucks to win and place. I upped it by 20 bucks at the last minute because I had a good feeling. I even texted my pick to my sister Mary who's taping the race so I can't gloat yet. Oh hell, I WON!

Speaking of winning, the Hawks pulled out a win last night. They started fast, gave it  back but won it by a goal in regulation.

I looked out the window last night and saw a girl doing handstands across the street on the sidewalk at 1am. It's an interesting neighborhood for sure.

The screen doors are on and the sandals came out. I even put some Banana Boat on. The bamboo is on and looking good. Mid 60's will do wonders for people in the Midwest. We're heading down to the Red Lion to meet up with friends now. I'll try not to gloat too much! 


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