Friday, May 22, 2015

Home Depot and the Hawks

It was a tough loss last night for the Hawks as they lost 2-1 in an evenly played game. The winner of this series should win the Stanley Cup just like last year which the Hawks came up short on.

We had gift cards to Home Depot so we made a stop there after lunch. We came home with two new ferns and a plant stand. Ironically, last years ferns were laying in the garbage as we brought these in. Somehow, ferns in the Midwest have become disposable as I see quite a few people doing the same thing.

I did make a list for the backyard. Two Adirondack chairs, two tiki torches, a fountain and a chimnea.  Small steps, small steps.

Bug the Rhodesian Ridgeback is due here Monday for a little rest and relaxation. I can't wait. I tell other people with dogs that we encounter that she was bred to hunt lions. I'm so impressed with that!

Sunny and mid 50's today. It better warm up soon the social calendar for June is almost complete and everything is outside!

Enjoy your Friday night!


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