Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Then The Fog Came

It was a nice morning then the fog rolled in with the rain closely behind around noon. I took a photo of Lake Michigan at Concordia University with a neat statue on top of the shoreline. You can't even make out lake it was so heavy. Then around 3pm it stopped, the sun came out along with the humidity.

A tough loss last night for the Blackhawks. They fought back to tie the game with 2 quick goals at the end of regulation but lost a mere 45 seconds into overtime. It's do or die time tomorrow night!

There might be a new Bucks stadium deal announcement tomorrow according to the local paper. Whatever it is there will be a large faction of people who won't like it.

My chest hurts a bit from moving a bunch of mulch bags yesterday. It's okay though, I'll just lay on the couch with Bug. She certainly is a dog that believes in comfort!


Lake Michigan Fog

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