Friday, September 30, 2016

Another Win

The Mustangs are on fire and they now own a 5 game winning streak. They beat Garden Homes 4-0 and Coco played a great game again as midfielder.

The Cubs had a tie last night. Rain was just too much. I don't remember them ever having a tie before but apparently in the 90's they did.

Rain on and off all day today. A bad accident closed down a major road which I needed to travel down to get my Dad and Dee. We barely made it to the game this afternoon.

Tonight is just some cards and chili while lounging at home. Coco has a big soccer tournament tomorrow.

Next friday starts the baseball playoffs. They can't get here soon enough!


Thursday, September 29, 2016

Coach Knight's Nightmare

Fool us once Gary Johnson but not twice. Johnson totally disqualified himself for the Presidency yesterday by not being able to mention a single foreign leader. My 12 year old son knows a handful. That Spicolli bit has become well worn Gary and lack of intelligence isn't funny.

Coco has another soccer game today. Fall is here so he shouldn't get over-heated.

Tropical storm Matthew is brewing up into a possible hurricane. So far it's unknown how big it can get or where exactly it will heading.

The GOP leaders are now having reservations about overriding the President's veto believing that the bill was written with some holes and perhaps the President was correct. Speaker Ryan says it may have to be fixed. Yes, the day after you do something is always a good time to fix it. I've lost total confidence in Ryan who will just do anything to make a President look bad.

I don't understand Bobby Knight neither. Coach Knight was a master at preparation and discipline. Yet he travels all around the country propping up a stiff who neither prepares for anything or has any discipline. Shame on you coach. I used to respect you and what you stood for. I'll never mention your philosophy ever again when talking sports with my son because it's obvious that you never bought into your own words!


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Nothing But Soccer

It's going to be a busy soccer week. Coco had a game last night. It was a B game but they were short on players so he played most of the game and had two assists as a midfielder. He has another B game Thursday night and then an A game Friday and a tournament on Saturday with two games it looks like.

The Cubs signed Theo Epstein to a 5 year extension. For how he has turned around the Cubs they should have gave him a piece of the team. When they win the World Series the man could be King!

Speaking of guys who want to be King, Trump is at a rally in Waukesha tonight. At least all the loons will be under one roof.

The second episode of Designated Survivor is on tonight and it's very intriguing with great writing. It stars Kiefer Sutherland and it has the feel of 24 and each episode is continuous upon the previous episode. Coco likes it a lot and it's probably the first real show we've ever watched together. Unless you want to count Sponge Bob as a real show!


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Back To School

Today was the first day of dog training classes for Mango. It was adults only without the dog for the first one. Looks like it will be beneficial. It can't hurt anyway and I'm sure we will pick up some good things.

The Cubs look like they will win another one tonight. Joe Maddon is playing all the reserves heavy innings and resting the starters.

Rainy and 57 degrees today. Fall is here but let's not get to winter too fast please!

Plenty of talk about the debate today. Most people had Clinton winning and Trump just plain silly for fat shaming Miss Universe and doubling down on it this morning. He really seems to hate fat people more than anything and this lady was hispanic also so she gets the Trump double whammy. All 160 pounds of her which I didn't know was fat but Trump's world is a bit different than mine and I'm very thankful for that!


Monday, September 26, 2016

Trump Choked

I told a guy today that there was no way that Trump could lose this debate. The bar was set so low for him and he just had to be decent and he would win overwhelming and the guy agreed with me one hundred percent. So much for the prediction business. Trump looked like a complete amateur and totally lacking of knowledge on a couple topics. He was more vague than usual and judging by the look on his face he drank a couple gallons of lemonade just before he went on stage with that sour puss facial expression. All the polls show Clinton winning the debate in a landslide. The pressure obviously got to him!

The Cubs won their 100th game with 6 left to play. I predicted 104 wins and it's still very possible!

Coco had his soccer tournament on saturday cancelled and they are trying to put a new one together. Instead of pouting and having a fit or saying something stupid he just decided to practice on his own. That's called preparation. Looks like ole Donny could learn something from my 12 year old son instead of acting like one himself!


Sunday, September 25, 2016

Goodbye Arnie Palmer

Arnold Palmer passed away today at the age of 87. Everybody liked Arnie. He's one of the few people that I've never heard anyone say a bad thing about. That's because he always carried himself with dignity and class and stayed above the fray. He was a legend who will be missed!

The Bears lost to the Cowboys but the offensive looked better. The defensive actually looked worse but they had a lot of injuries. Now it's nothing but young guys playing and that's fine by me. Let's see who can play. The Cubs went this route and they now have the best record in baseball!

Nile has a new shoe that has a memory chip and battery and ties your shoes for you. I love Nike. But I'll stick with the old fashioned shoes guys!

A big saturday night party at our friend Ronnie's house in the burbs. A wonderful time and a beautiful property. I'll be posting a picture of his closet tomorrow. It's that spectacular!


Thursday, September 22, 2016

Air Show Returns

The air show will be returning to Milwaukee next year on July 15-17. The last time it returned it was totally fogged in and it didn't go off. We used to have one every year and I miss seeing it every summer.

The Mustangs won their 4th consecutive game today 3-0. Coco played great and their record is now 4-2. Mango came to the game with me and she behaved very well.

Donald Rumsfield blasted George H.W Bush today as he intends to vote for Clinton. He reiterated something to the extent that he's getting up there in years. What an insult to a very very good man. Rumsfield should like in the mirror and think why he's the poster child of bad judgment. The WMD turn up yet pal???


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Eggo Recall

Sometimes eating healthy or trying to doesn't really pay. The makers of Eggo's recalled their whole wheat Eggo's. Luckily for me, we have the regular Eggo's in our freezer and there isn't anything wrong with them babies!

A rainy day today. Coco wiped out and cut up his knee fairly bad at soccer practice today. It's pretty stiff and he might not be able to play in the game tomorrow, we shall see.

The Mustangs won their game last night 3-2 in overtime in another thrilling game!

A get well soon to my good buddy Dennis James who's recently been diagnosed with leukemia. He's one of the all time good guys and a heckuva baseball fan!

I took Mango out this morning and we almost ran into a possum. We also went to the dog park around 6 and she did a lot of running once again!

Exxon settled their pollution lawsuit from their spill in the Yellowstone River for 12 million bucks. It's obvious by now that Exxon just doesn't give a about any of their spills. They have more than enough money to just pay it off. Maybe some jail time will do a few Ceo's good.

Another disgrace is  CEO Heather Bresch of Mylan who just gouges consumers who use the Epi Pens. She's the daughter of Democratic Senator Joe Manchin who has no concerns over the pollution spills in the rivers of West Virginia. Ole Joe was one of my first targets when I started this blog and it seems the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I am an equal opportunity critic for those keeping score.

I did manage to see one Trump bumper sticker and two yard signs this week compared to hundreds of signs for Clinton. Don;t worry though, Trump just announced that he favors stop and frisk for every state and that should get him a lot of votes. We all know who gets groped if that ever passed don't we Donny????


Monday, September 19, 2016

Monday Night Football

The Bears just looked pathetic on Monday Night Football losing a lopsided game to a mediocre Eagles team although their rookie quarterback is the best rookie I've seen in years. At least I have the Cubs to hang onto for the fall.

The Cubs are certainly having fun. Second Baseman Ben Zobrist lives close to Wrigley Field and rode his bike to the game yesterday. In full uniform! Somebody taped it and it was a riot to see!

It reached 89 by the lake today in Milwaukee but now it's pouring out.

Several Alabama schools cancelled school today because of rumors that they would be attacked by clowns. Yep clowns. Whoever Alabama votes for President, I'm just going to vote the opposite and figure I made a good decision. That's the beauty of the internet. If you're feeling down about your team losing or something else in your life, there's always somebody out there that eases that sad feeling by their own stupidity. Heck, I might have to move there!


Sunday, September 18, 2016

From Georges Tavern To Just Arts Saloon

It was a weekend worth having and a really fun Saturday. Krissy and I started off at Georges Tavern which is an old school industrial tavern that was close to closing it's doors until it was revived by the Pedal Tavern. Our friend Gary joined us and then we headed over to Just Arts Saloon.

Just Arts Saloon is one of my favorite bars in all of Milwaukee on Second Street. Check out a wonderful musician we discovered playing at Arts in Annalise Curtin. Her website is  We bought her CD and it was nice chatting with her!


Gary and I at Georges, an old school Milwaukee bar. 
George singing Johnny Cash for the Pedal Tavern riders

Annalise Curtin after she finished performing at Just Arts Saloon. 

Gary riding one of his own Garyland Choppers

Friday, September 16, 2016

Cubs Clinch

The Cubs officially clinched the division title last night with a Cardinal loss. They also beat the Brewers in extra innings today! Going to be a great playoff run in a couple weeks.

The Mustangs won their soccer game for St. Marcus tonight by a 3-2 score. It was a thriller and the coach inadvertently almost blew it by leaving the third string defense in a bit too long when they were up 2-0. A penalty shot won it with about a minute left and the shot hit the upper crossbar and bounced down just over the line. Coco had a difficult shot that just missed.

I saw a very large funeral procession today. The hearse was an old fashioned glass horse drawn carriage that you could see the casket as it went down the street. It was quite an elegant sight.

Ole Donny Trump finally admitted that President Obama was born in the United States. Yes, next time tell us something that we didn't know genius.

Trump isn't the only whack job in this election. Jill Stein from the Green Party wants Congress to set interest rates. Really, these guys haven't done anything in 6 years and they can't be impartial and avoid special interests. Plus she couldn't explain the purpose of that. Plus she was arrested recently for painting graffiti on public property. This is a job for an adult you know!

Mark Cuban turned the table on ole Donny and offered him 10 million bucks either through charity or directly to Trump for a 4 hour interview. One on one over his policy proposals. No response from Donny yet and you will never get one. The guy has no real guts! None............................................................. SAD really.


Thursday, September 15, 2016

Wisconsin For Sale

Such a beautiful day ruined by Governor Walker today as true colors rose to the surface for all to see. Over 1200 pages of the John Doe Investigation were somehow secretly leaked to the Guardian. It's very apparent that if you give him money he will give you what you want and even put it in the budget for some reason. In this case a lead paint maker gave ole Scottie almost a million bucks for his campaign and the next thing you know it's okay to make lead paint. The mine companies did the same thing up north and a competing indian tribe gave him a lot of money to shutdown a potential Seminole Indian casino in Kenosha.

The thing that is really upsetting is that he had the Wisconsin Supreme Court shut down the John Doe Investigation by working with outside political groups in violation of Wisconsin law to help get his guys on the court re-elected. The Wisconsin Supreme Court is almost as guilty as the Governor. 

Illinois has a history of throwing their crooked Governor's in jail. By my count there's been at 4 of them in the last 40 years doing some hard time. I can only hope they saved our Governor a bottom bunk and a lot of lube!


Wednesday, September 14, 2016

National Disgrace

What a beautiful 70 something degree day in Milwaukee. Almost picture perfect after a lot of recent rain.

The Cubs beat the Cardinals today 7-0. This leaves them one game away from clinching the division and there's almost 3 weeks left to play. Jon Lester pitched 8 shutout innings and Anthony Rizzo hit two home runs. Both players have been red hot lately.

Helen Mirren is filming her new movie today in Key West at the Hemingway House. It's the perfect place for a period piece as it still looks like something from the 1930's. It's truly an interesting place to visit and just a marvelous spread.

Coco is at soccer practice and after I pick him up we're heading back over to the filed for a quick 10 minute practice to go over a few things he needs to know for his position change. Preparation is everything!

Colin Powell referred to Donald Trump as a 'national disgrace' in an email to Condi Rice. She thoroughly agreed. How no one else in the GOP couldn't beat this guy in the primaries will forever be a real mystery to me!


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Body Double

I can't stand this election. I really can't. I never knew how many stupid people actually live here. Today, I watched perfectly normal people talk on the internet about Hillary Clinton having a body double. Apparently, she left sick in New York City on Sunday and came out a couple hours later by herself looking healthy and a good 30 pounds lighter. A wider angle of the scene shows tons of people and Secret Service officers all around her. Clearly our education system failed more people than I ever imagined.

Coco and the Mustangs won 4-0. He had 2 shots but none went in. They moved him to striker so he could get more shots. We have a few drills and work we want to do tomorrow after his regular practice. The kid does work hard at his sport!

We gave Mango a big thigh sized rawhide for nights when she gets a little hyper. It really is the size of my thigh. She loves it. It's funny though. She chewed it in two and she actually hides it. I guess that's a dog's life!


Monday, September 12, 2016

So Close

Kyle Hendricks took a no hitter to the 9th inning before giving up a homerun. The guy has been pitching great all year long!

Not much fallout from the Bears game yesterday. That's what happens when nobody expects you to be good.

Coco has a soccer game tomorrow night. Still looking for that first win.

It's bad enough that Halloween decorations have been out for a couple weeks now. Today, I received my first Christmas email. A local restaurant is trying to scare up some Christmas party traffic. Let summer leave us first folks.

Mango is starting to settle down a bit. It only takes 3 walks a day and an hour of toss!


Sunday, September 11, 2016

Leaves Are Falling

It's starting to get chilly earlier and the leaves are just starting to fall a tiny bit. Plus I need socks at night so I know fall is around the corner.

My Bears lost in Houston after playing a strong first half. That's the way the season will probably go for them all year long!

Jenny and Joe brought Bug over to play with Mango. This was after we went to the dog park this morning. Plus they brought a homemade Key Lime pie. Thanks guys!

I saw my first Trump sign today being carried down Brady Street by a pedestrian. It wasn't flattering I'll tell you that. There's no way he's even close in Wisconsin.

Coco went to Great America today with friends. Hopefully, I'll never set foot in that place again. Way to crowded and long lines for rides is not my cup of tea.

An exciting weekend is over for me. A great new week to all my blog readers!


Saturday, September 10, 2016

Tomato Romp

The 10th annual Tomato Romp was a smashing success. It's such a fun event to watch. Coco went with us and was hit by an errant tomato. He also threw a few that came outside the fence. Then we went to a nearby church street festival with friends which was a lot of fun. Hopefully, I will win something in the silent auction this year.

Tomorrow is the NFL season opener. It will be busy down here tomorrow. I have to find a place to watch the Bears game as they are on the same time as the Packers. 

I'm predicting the Bears will win. Houston has a new quarterback that I'm not sold on and some other new faces. It will be a choppy game with lots of penalties so I pick the Bears by 6!

Be safe!


Friday, September 9, 2016

Dog Park Day

We took Mango to the dog park for the first time. She did real well. No barking and probably the fastest dog there out of about 30. She ran until she couldn't any longer and laid down by my feet!

St. Marcus lost a well played soccer game 1-0 tonight. Coco had a solid game with 32 minutes played. The ball didn't come his way much like last week.

Tonight we're going to the German Beer Garden with John and Angela. We've been meaning to go all summer.

Tomorrow is the Tomato Romp on North Avenue. Everybody whipping tomatoes at each other always brings a smile to my face. They moved it a block over this year due to a new apartment building being built on the vacant site.

The first political signs have come out this week. So far just Hillary and Russ Feingold signs and not a single Trump sign. Maybe there is some justice after all!


Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Milwaukee Monsoon

What a wet day! It started raining hard at 8am then stopped and started all day. When it did rain it came down really hard. The cement in our backyard was full of water and eventually little waves.

Coco had soccer practice  though. It poured the entire time and he said it was the greatest practice ever. Besides the fact that he scored a tricky goal he said it was just plain fun. They have a half mile run back to school from the practice field. He said for some reason he was trying to avoid puddles when it dawned on him that he couldn't possible get any wetter.

I've been drying and washing his practice gear all night long. Then Mango our coonhound was hyper all night so I took her for a long walk in the rain. She's a bit calmer now that I spent ten minutes hand toweling her dry. Such an exciting life I lead on weekdays!

A little sunshine tomorrow would be nice.


Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Buddha Lounge

Krissy and I finally used our Groupon at the Buddha Lounge. What great food and it's really cool on the inside. The service was excellent also. We shall return!

It's 90 plus degrees and humid after the sun went down. That's very unusual for Milwaukee. A lot of years fall starts immediately after Labor Day.

I had to buy Coco heel inserts for his soccer shoes. I watched him practice for a bit. He warms up like they taught him at the Marquette University Camp. Good to see he was paying attention and the money was well spent. 

Trump wants the Generals to present him with a plan to defeat terrorism within 30 days. Geez, this guy just doesn't understand how anything works and shows a total disregard for the militaries intelligence. They actually do some thinking out there Donny but I know you went to a military grade school so you think you know everything.

The only thing not hot today was our coonhound Mango. Didn't seem to mind the heat at all. Well, she is from the south I guess!


Monday, September 5, 2016

Happy Labor Day

It was a lazy day for the most part and hanging out with our dog Mango. She has a lot of energy and hopefully by winter she will settle down to a reasonable level.

Josh Sitton ended up signing a big contract with the Bears after being surprisingly cut by the Packers. He's been one of the top three guards in the league for the last three years so there must have been something behind the scenes that caused this. He's a welcome addition!

Helen Mirren is heading to Key West and the Keys next week to film a movie called The Leisure Seeker. She's an Academy Award winner so there's a pretty good chance this film will be a good one!

Oil change time tomorrow and a new week with the Annual Tomato Romp coming up next saturday. I can't wait!


Sunday, September 4, 2016

Buffett Alpine 2016

Well, I obviously drank too much at the concert last night because I felt like crap all day. It was a pretty packed house for the Labor Day Weekend show. The parking lot party was even wilder than previous years which is saying something. Our bus ride there and back had some rowdies on it. Two Sheriff Deputies stepped on board to break up a brawl. Way too much stress there for a Buffett concert.

We did manage to get out of the house and meet Angela and John at the Red Lion Pub for a couple hours. Feeling a bit better now.

The giant pumpkin at the State Fair is already up. They sell costumes there for Halloween. I'm not sure when Halloween became a 60 day fake holiday!

The Cubs keep winning and football starts this week. Fall has arrived!


Friday, September 2, 2016

Taco Trucks

Sometimes these Trump surrogate speakers are just too much. Besides twisting every fact around known to man they are just plain brain dead sometimes. One of them said that one of the main reasons to agree with Trump's immigration policies (which ever one that is for that day I guess) is that if we don't we'll have too many taco trucks. Yes, food vendors are awfully dangerous these days!

The Cubs won another game today behind a complete game from Jon Lester. They are 40 games over 500 already. Even hotter I believe than when they started out the season!

A tough opening 3-1 loss today for the St. Marcus Mustangs. The other team was good and we need to find one outstanding defensive player to shore up the back end. Coco had a team high 3 shots but none made it into the net. Only one slightly bad decision all game and he played 30 out of 40 minutes. Important experience in only his second outdoor season. Last year at this time he was on the B team with no hope of playing an A game. He decided he wanted to be a soccer player and he certainly is becoming one. I couldn't be prouder.

Jimmy Buffett tomorrow at Alpine Valley. We've shopped for it and now a good night's sleep and the party begins!


Thursday, September 1, 2016

South Carolina Clowns

There's been numerous clown sightings in Greenville, SC. They all happen in the middle of the night and people keep calling the police but so far they've found nothing. I'm not sure it's illegal to dress up as a clown in South Carolina but you never know. I've been to South Carolina once before. In Greenville and a place called Pickens. It was August and just walking down the street in a suit was a torturous experience! I did love Pickens though. A true Southern small town like the one in Doc Hollywood. It was up in the mountains and it was a dry county. The lemonade sure was good though!

I was reading today that it's the 77th anniversary of Germany invading Poland. Poland actually had a 1 million man army which was enormous in those days. Unfortunately, they were all basically cavalry units and no match for German tanks and planes.

The Buffett concert is Saturday. The buildup begins. Company coming that day so it's back to cleaning for me!