Monday, September 26, 2016

Trump Choked

I told a guy today that there was no way that Trump could lose this debate. The bar was set so low for him and he just had to be decent and he would win overwhelming and the guy agreed with me one hundred percent. So much for the prediction business. Trump looked like a complete amateur and totally lacking of knowledge on a couple topics. He was more vague than usual and judging by the look on his face he drank a couple gallons of lemonade just before he went on stage with that sour puss facial expression. All the polls show Clinton winning the debate in a landslide. The pressure obviously got to him!

The Cubs won their 100th game with 6 left to play. I predicted 104 wins and it's still very possible!

Coco had his soccer tournament on saturday cancelled and they are trying to put a new one together. Instead of pouting and having a fit or saying something stupid he just decided to practice on his own. That's called preparation. Looks like ole Donny could learn something from my 12 year old son instead of acting like one himself!


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