Friday, September 9, 2016

Dog Park Day

We took Mango to the dog park for the first time. She did real well. No barking and probably the fastest dog there out of about 30. She ran until she couldn't any longer and laid down by my feet!

St. Marcus lost a well played soccer game 1-0 tonight. Coco had a solid game with 32 minutes played. The ball didn't come his way much like last week.

Tonight we're going to the German Beer Garden with John and Angela. We've been meaning to go all summer.

Tomorrow is the Tomato Romp on North Avenue. Everybody whipping tomatoes at each other always brings a smile to my face. They moved it a block over this year due to a new apartment building being built on the vacant site.

The first political signs have come out this week. So far just Hillary and Russ Feingold signs and not a single Trump sign. Maybe there is some justice after all!


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