Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Body Double

I can't stand this election. I really can't. I never knew how many stupid people actually live here. Today, I watched perfectly normal people talk on the internet about Hillary Clinton having a body double. Apparently, she left sick in New York City on Sunday and came out a couple hours later by herself looking healthy and a good 30 pounds lighter. A wider angle of the scene shows tons of people and Secret Service officers all around her. Clearly our education system failed more people than I ever imagined.

Coco and the Mustangs won 4-0. He had 2 shots but none went in. They moved him to striker so he could get more shots. We have a few drills and work we want to do tomorrow after his regular practice. The kid does work hard at his sport!

We gave Mango a big thigh sized rawhide for nights when she gets a little hyper. It really is the size of my thigh. She loves it. It's funny though. She chewed it in two and she actually hides it. I guess that's a dog's life!


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