Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Eggo Recall

Sometimes eating healthy or trying to doesn't really pay. The makers of Eggo's recalled their whole wheat Eggo's. Luckily for me, we have the regular Eggo's in our freezer and there isn't anything wrong with them babies!

A rainy day today. Coco wiped out and cut up his knee fairly bad at soccer practice today. It's pretty stiff and he might not be able to play in the game tomorrow, we shall see.

The Mustangs won their game last night 3-2 in overtime in another thrilling game!

A get well soon to my good buddy Dennis James who's recently been diagnosed with leukemia. He's one of the all time good guys and a heckuva baseball fan!

I took Mango out this morning and we almost ran into a possum. We also went to the dog park around 6 and she did a lot of running once again!

Exxon settled their pollution lawsuit from their spill in the Yellowstone River for 12 million bucks. It's obvious by now that Exxon just doesn't give a about any of their spills. They have more than enough money to just pay it off. Maybe some jail time will do a few Ceo's good.

Another disgrace is  CEO Heather Bresch of Mylan who just gouges consumers who use the Epi Pens. She's the daughter of Democratic Senator Joe Manchin who has no concerns over the pollution spills in the rivers of West Virginia. Ole Joe was one of my first targets when I started this blog and it seems the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I am an equal opportunity critic for those keeping score.

I did manage to see one Trump bumper sticker and two yard signs this week compared to hundreds of signs for Clinton. Don;t worry though, Trump just announced that he favors stop and frisk for every state and that should get him a lot of votes. We all know who gets groped if that ever passed don't we Donny????


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