Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Krissy's Birthday

Happy Birthday to the best girl ever! Lunch at Barnacle Bud's already with Jen and Krissy. Other friends coming over soon then heading down to Summerfest.

It's a sunny but chilly 71 degrees today. The wind is making it slightly cold. Consistent 80's just haven't been here yet this summer.

Jimmy Butler was offered a maximum contract by the Chicago Bulls. He turned down an okay contract by NBA standards and bet on himself. Nice job Jimmy!

A little basketball with Coco this morning. He's improving a lot and developing some good ball handling skills. Now if we could only add another foot to him.

My book progress is slow and steady. I've been grumbling about it a lot lately. Artificial deadlines don't work. One can't alter time available. I didn't realize how hard the final revision would be. I'll just keep working on it a little every day until I'm happy with it.

Governor Christie announced that he's running for President today. He had a small window in 2012 and should have taken advantage of it then and struck while the iron was hot. Now, nothing but scandal and state bond downgrades 9 times in New Jersey. Talking like a tough gangster isn't much of an accomplishment unless you can back it up.

On to Summerfest!


Monday, June 29, 2015

Dr. Bob

What a great day. I ran into my favorite retired bartender Dr. Bob at Otto's Beverage Center today. Bob is an Eastside legend. He worked at the old Circa across the street from me for 6 years. He even performed wedding ceremonies at the bar. We had a lot of great conversations over the years. My favorite is when him and his buddies decided to drive to THE Woodstock event in the 60's. I asked him how it was? He replied that they were arrested in Michigan for mushrooms and were detained in lockup and missed the event. That's so Bob! He'll be dropping by the neighborhood during the Brady Street Festival and we'll have a couple cocktails. I know so many people in the booze business that I should be selling the stuff.

I grabbed some Red Stripe and a canister of Sailor Jerry with a limited edition print at Otto's. I collect Sailor Jerry items and the cashier threw in a Red Stripe t-shirt also.

Speaking of the booze business, I ran into two owners of Mile High Spirits during Summerfest. Joe and Chase a couple of really good guys. They put the Moscow Mule in a can, named it Punching Mule and it will be coming to Milwaukee soon. I forget to get the details because I was having so much talking to them. I'll send an email to them and get the where and when. It sounds like a potential hit!

Legendary actor Dick Van Patten passed away at the age of 86 today. His son Vince is the spokesman for Potawatomi Casino. By all accounts a really great guy.

Summerfest is closed today but re-opens tomorrow. Saturday was a zoo but seeing Buddy Guy was great. I expect more of the same this week. 

My book timeline is all messed up. The final re-write is much tougher than I thought. I agonize over every paragraph. No wonder Hemingway and Fitzgerald drank so much. It numbs the pain from beating your head on your desk!


Sunday, June 28, 2015

Glen Campbell

Last night was the best Summerfest day so far. Near perfect weather and great shows by King Solomon and the legendart Buddy Guy.

We just finished watching the Glen Campbell documentary on CNN called 'I'll Be Me." A very touching story with his fight against Alzheimer's disease.

Summerfest takes a break tomorrow and resumes on Tuesday which is Krissy's birthday. I'll try and catch up a bit on some things I've been meaning to write about. Time is a precious commodity and not a lot of this week. Maybe I can find a way to get by on less sleep!


Front Gate

Hanging Out

Cold Friday Night

Coco and Me

Head on Fire

No Idea

Keith Richards
The Rolling Stones

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Summer Pants Night

We wore pants to Summerfest last night. I've never done that before. It was cold, in the 50's. I misread the time for the Dirty Dozen Brass Band. We arrived just in time to see  the last song. They started at 8pm.

Tonight we'll see King Solomon, maybe Buddy Guy or Sheila E. I'm no longer in charge of time for some reason!

Today has been warm, high 70's and more like a normal summer day.

Ryne Sandberg resigned as manager of the Phillies yesterday. He couldn't the losing anymore. He's still one of my all time favorite players and the best second baseman that I've ever seen in my life.

Tomorrow I'm going to try and post some of my photos. So many to go thru but it looks like I have some good ones from the Stones concert!

Have a great Saturday night. Whatever time it may be!


Friday, June 26, 2015

Dirty Dozen Brass Band

It's a chilly night and the Dirty Dozen Brass Band is playing at 10pm at Summerfest. We're going to brave the cold and head to the lake. They are a New Orleans style jazz band started in 1977.

Last night's attendance looked down a bit. Rain in the afternoon probably scared a few people off. I'm sure this weekend it will be a zoo like we've  been accustomed to.

Justice Roberts is getting roasted for his Obamacare decision yesterday. Conveniently forgotten in the bashing was all the praise they had for him when President Bush appointed him. 

I saw a video of a man on the news being chased by some cops. They were on the ground and he was running on roofs and jumping from roof to roof. Some of these were 20 feet apart and he was barely making the jumps and one time fell and pulled himself up using the gutter. Adrenalin is a funny thing!

The NBA draft is over without too much fanfare. The NHL draft is tonight. More millionaires by the minute!


Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Slow Fest So Far

It didn't rain last night but the temps dropped a bit and the threat was enough to keep attendance down slightly. Krissy, Coco and I made it though and the fireworks and food were great!

Temps look mild again today and slight sprinkles. We're not going tonight but I expect this weekend starting Friday will be nuts.

The NBA draft is tomorrow. The Bulls draft 22nd so not much hope for an immediate impact player.

The solar plane that is making a trip around the world has been stuck in Japan for three weeks. If they don't leave in the next week or so they will have to delay the trip for a year. Apparently there wouldn't be enough sun going over the Pacific Ocean this time of year to keep it a loft.

Security and beer line service has been very poor so far at my two nights at the Summerfest grounds. Hopefully they will iron out the kinks soon. They haul truckloads of beer every morning into the festival grounds and it's a site to see.

Lake Mead is at an all time low for it's water level. If they don't get some rain soon, Nevada and Arizona will have to go on water restrictions. Maybe we are making too much beer! Nawwwwww.


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

One Lucky Stones Fan

What a night last night! I won't do a whole review of the Milwaukee show other than to say it was the best show out of the five times that I've seen them.

I was having a hard time getting scalpers to be reasonable last night so I never jumped at the first offer. Or the next twenty. But an old work friend called out my name when she saw me. She had an extra ticket. $427 bucks face value but she gave it to me for $140. It was 20th row! The lady next to me paid $3000 for her ticket. Holy crap is right!!!!

The stage jutted out in the middle and we were 25 feet away from Mick and Keith. Tremendous.

Mick played some guitar and the guy seems to have a more extreme passion for the music than even before. My best guess is the near billionaire who is a smart investor is besieged my personal tragedy from last year and the music is what gets him through it.

Jagger even joked that they might never quit and even run the sausage race next year. Keith said it was good to be here and good to be anywhere making a mock joke about his age. Thanks guys for bringing the Zip Code tour to Milwaukee. My purchase of a shirt and hat was gesture of my appreciation!


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Rolling Stones Time

It's a beautiful day and I still don't have a ticket. Krissy is at Country Thunder tonight with the girls so I am solo. A lot of people are trying to sell expensive tickets and they are getting nervous judging by the price drop and the postings. I was going to buy an e-ticket from a guy but too worried about forgeries. I'll go down to the gate shortly looking for a hard ticket or someone with an e-ticket that will walk to the gate with me to show me it's legit.

I saw a travel channel show where they were cooking and eating muskrat. I'm going without that opportunity thank you very much.

The Grateful Dead shows over the 4th will be broadcast live on the Grateful Dead channel on Sirius. I'm so loving the Sirius.

Also saw an interesting documentary where Mussolini was inadvertently responsible for the American Mob. When he became in power in Italy he put the mobsters on mass trials and in jail. A lot of them fled to America instead of waiting around to get arrested and thus the Mob flourished in this country.

Gotta run now. Enjoy your Tuesday. I have to run and find myself a legendary ticket to the most legendary band in the world. Shattered if I don't get one but they can't keep me out!


Monday, June 22, 2015

The Buzz Is On

Technically, Summerfest also known as the Big Gig starts Wednesday. But the Rolling Stones kick it off tomorrow night at the festival grounds. I drove a neighbor down there today. He's a video photographer and he needed to check his equipment with the big storm that came through town this morning.

It's like a hidden city down there. It's right on Lake Michigan and the service roads that wind around down there were full of trucks and people directing traffic. Electricians were doing some last minute wiring. The excitement can be felt in the air!

The news coverage of the two escaped prisoners is getting to be just like the missing Malaysia Airliner. Every time there's a credible sighting they find nothing and jump to a different area of New York state.

Coco and I played a couple of games of Stratego this afternoon. He's only beaten me once in about 40 tries. Today he beat me twice. He rolled over me quickly in the first game. My own fault as I tried something new in my setup and it backfired on me in five minutes. But the second game, was a long hard fight and he beat me again. Time to call him grasshopper I guess and throw him out in the snow with just a loincloth!

Jimmy Buffett is playing New Year's Eve in New York City for the first time ever. I'm not even thinking about it. We still have exactly 2 full months before seeing Jimmy in Alpine Valley. The thought of winter shall not pop into my mind before then!


Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day

It was a beautiful day in Lake Summerfest as we traveled up there to visit my Dad and Dee. The new Jeep drove beautiful and the gas mileage is great.

Coco managed to get in basketball, swimming, fishing and a few games of cards. Practicing for retirement I guess.

Two days until the Rolling Stones are in town. Start me up!


Dad, Me and Coco


Action Shot

Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Crazy Gardener

A busy Saturday with decent weather. Grocery shopping followed by some shoe shopping. New sandals for me for Summerfest and a pair of shoes for my Dad for Father's Day.

Coco played basketball three times today. I hung for the first one. I'm sure I'll be sore tomorrow as I did a few alley oops. He's really improved his game a lot.

We went out for a while with Julie and Jason as they Ubered it over. Appetizers at Jack's Pub, Malone's for a bit followed by pinball at Thurman's which is a classic rock bar with a Grateful Dead theme.

They new Jeep is driving well. Krissy and I grilled out a nice pork loin and made some minor lawn improvements. I actually planted a pineapple. We shall see!

An early Happy Father's Day!


The Pineapple Plant

Back Breaking Labor

Nice Shot

Nice Move

Midas Touch

Friday, June 19, 2015

Lakefront Festival of the Arts

Another weekend, another great festival in Brew City. The Milwaukee Art Museum grounds are the host for the Lakefront Festival of the Arts. They have great artwork for sale and great music. Bring a sweatshirt, it's right on Lake Michigan.

A New York Yankee got his 3000th hit today. I won't name the arrogant bastard. He has the biggest ego that I've ever seen in sports to the point he isn't even nice to people. Secondly, he's a PED's robot, who knows if the guy could even play the game. If he ever gets into the Hall of Fame, I will never watch baseball again. He's an idiot just like Barry Bonds in my humble opinion. I still think his father, Bobby Bonds was a better ballplayer!

We finally have our Jeep Patriot. It rides great with a lot of bells and whistles. I'll post some photos tomorrow. The biggest plus, I turn the key and you don't have to hold your breath!

We need some chow and a happy hour. Not sure where. Sometimes it's better to just walk down the street and let it find you!


Thursday, June 18, 2015

It's Close

I can always tell when Summerfest is within a week away. All the downtown turning lanes are being painted with urgency. The night before, they close down Prospect all night and paint the roadway and all the garbage cans after washing the streets. It's a big crew and they get a ton done in a hurry.

Krissy and I drove the Jeep that came up from Kentucky for us. Very nice. Hopefully we will be driving it tomorrow.

Coco and I worked out today. He's grown another inch and gained a pound. One small brick at a time I guess.

I've read a couple of chapters of the new Stephen King book, Finders Keeper. Absolutely amazing, the guy can do it all!


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Safe House Is Sold

Another sunny but sixty something day. It's getting kind of old. A Milwaukee institution has been sold. The spy themed restaurant, The Safe House is actually the most visited tourist attraction in the history of Milwaukee. It is a really cool place that is way ahead of it's time today even though it opened it's doors in 1966. The new owner is keeping it relatively the same.

I'm watching Dennis Miller on Fox. He has to be the non-funniest person that I've ever seen. Dude, hire a writer or get a real job. You're the worst comedian in the history of the world!

Welcome to the Philippines as they become the 38th country to visit the blog. Thank you so much.

The Cubs jumped to a 10-0 lead early in their game tonight and it's only halfway done. Good to see the bats coming alive.

Key West has always had one of the biggest mosquito problems in the entire world. I've never been bit down there due to their outstanding mosquito control. In fact, the have a Mosquito Control Board that has 2 drones this year spraying the hard to find spots. Yes, no need for government agencies, right? Remember that next time you're coughing on some spray in the Midwest this year and throwing you shoulder out while swatting them with an electric racket!


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Rockin In The Free World

Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President today and Neil Young wasn't too happy that he took the stage to one of his great songs in the background. Trump didn't care though and that's why the Republican nomination will be so entertaining.

Trump actually said a lot of good things as I watched his 50 minute speech. Certainly not short of confidence and he doesn't think very much of Bush and Rubio. It should be very entertaining.

A big get well to Bob Uecker as the Brewers announcer took an errant baseball to the head. He suffered a concussion but the legendary character finished his broadcast of the entire game!

Kudos to Kris Versteeg of the Blackhawks for taking one of the greatest pictures ever in sports while celebrating the Hawks winning of the Stanley Cup. His wife brought their 2 week old son to his first game ever. He was actually wearing some big ear phones to block out the noise and was sound asleep. Versteeg gently placed in inside the Stanley Cup and took a photo of the little guy. One of the coolest things I've ever seen!

Such a good feeling still reeling for all us Hawks fans. Three Stanley Cups in such a short period of time and the core of this team could certainly win some more. Congrats. Lord Stanley would be proud!


Monday, June 15, 2015

Chicago Wins The Stanley Cup

  For the third time in six seasons the Chicago Blackhawks won the STANLEY CUP!

It was a great 2-0 win. Hats of to Tampa Bay as they played great also. Duncan Keith won the Conn Smythe trophy as the MVP of the series. It was unanimous and I couldn't agree more.

The streets of Chi Town are flooded and it will go all night just like in years past. Many of the fans will be calling in sick tomorrow and most employers will understand.

On the way to a store Krissy and I saw a bus on fire. I got fairly close and took some photos. I grilled in the rain but it's all good. The Hawks won, the mighty Blackhawks have done it again!


Charred Bus

Up In Flames

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Funnel Cake Farts

I didn't eat funnel cakes last night. Therefore, one could deduce that I didn't have the fried dough gas last night. We dropped Coco off and Bug wasn't here so I have no idea who had the gas?????

Coco did about 20 rides at Action In Jackson last night. His phone fell out of his pocket in some caged ride and he was strapped in. It was flying around like a missile and he took a couple blows to the head but survived!

On the way back to Steve and Holly's it was pouring rain so we stood under a tent and the 6 of us decided to pick the tent up and walk in the rain. It kept us dry and we walked almost a mile with this tent. 

Raining and foggy this morning so we went grocery shopping and wrote off Locust Street Days at 11am. Well, it cleared up to be a beautiful day and we walked down there with Jenny and Joe about 2:30. What a great afternoon. We saw the Sammy Lhanis Band and R.A.S Movement. Two great shows to start off the summer season right!

The Hawks won last night and could win the Stanley Cup tomorrow night. Friday was a terrible day but I think we bottomed out and the now we're in an upward swing. Gotta love it!


We Laugh A Lot

Me and Spence

Fried Chicken Babee
Krissy and Michelle

The Early Walk

Francesca or Something Like That
The Tank


Locust Street BBQ

Jenny, Joe, Pretty Girl and Me

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Early Morning Tow

It was a rainy and foggy morning as I met the tow truck driver to get the Ford towed. Not your typical tow truck driver. A smaller 25ish girl all inked up did the job. A nice sweet girl who felt bad about the car problems. She crawled around in an orange jumpsuit underneath the vehicle and away she went.

Action in Jackson today. Looks like it's going to dry up and get to the upper 60's. Maybe those two days of summer were all we are going to get!

Coco is taking a Palermo Pizza tour this morning. I'm not crazy about the way they treat their employees and I refuse to buy their products.

The Hawks play again in game 5 tonight. Go Hawks!

Kudos and get well wishes to David Grohl of the Foo Fighters. I like the guy a lot because he's a historian of rock music and preservation of some fantastic studio equipment. He fell off the stage last night at a concert and broke his leg. He finished the show though!

The Harley-Davidson Museum has a new exhibit this year featuring the designs of Willie G. Davidson. He didn't just cash in on the family success but was an active participate in the designs. He still lives in the area and rides. Harley will be having a large Milwaukee Rally this Labor Day. Maybe it will warm up by then!


Friday, June 12, 2015

Put A Fork In It

A tough day for sure. Krissy went up to Sheboygan with family for the day and to test drive a few cars. Unfortunately, I was broke down this afternoon in Brookfield as the car has issues again. We're taking it all in stride though.

A big thanks to Dom for coming to get me and driving me home. It certainly was a sense of relief to see a friendly face.

I did see an interesting site downtown today. A 50 something man with a huge cigar and a helluva nice looking suit. He was riding a really nice Harley and seemed oblivious to the rain clouds putting a damper on his ride or his cigar. It certainly put a smile on my face.

While I was waiting for a ride there happened to be a mall across the street. It didn't have a restaurant with a bar that I could see which was probably a good thing. They did have a bookstore though. FINDERS KEEPER, the new Stephen King book that I've wanted real bad was on sale so I snagged a copy. I couldn't let the day be a total loss. It's not like I was wearing a nice suit with a great cigar taking my Harley for a ride. Sometimes you just have to work with what you have nearby.

Stay safe tonight!


Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Man With The Golden Gun

Christopher Lee passed away. He was a legendary British character actor who played Francisco Scaramanga, the villain in the above titled James Bond film. It's one of the top Bond movies!

The Hawks tied the series last night. The Stanley Cup resumes Saturday night and if the Hawks win, I think they can wrap it up on Monday!

Jazz in the Park was cancelled around noon today. The Milwaukee forecast had additional rain after a bunch of cloud bursts throughout the day.

Action in Jackson is Saturday. We're hoping it clears up for our annual first festival which is followed by Locust Street Festival on Sunday.

I have a 6pm meeting tonight at the Rumpus Room on Water Street. I haven't had the pleasure of visiting this establishment since it changed ownership.

Good help is apparently hard to get these days. A hit man in the Cleveland area was convicted of killing the wrong man. He shot a guy with the same name in a town 40 miles away. The old school mob never would have let something like this happen. With all the social media these days, one would think somebody would do a little research and provide a photograph of the correct person. That's the problem in today's world. No professionalism.


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Volvo On A Sunny Day

A simply gorgeous day. We are now officially looking at Volvo Suv's. They look pretty sharp actually and they seem to last forever. We shall see. Krissy is test driving one Friday morning.

I've got some yard bird on the grill for dinner and the Hawks start in a few minutes.

The Averitt Brothers are the 4th of July Headliner for Summerfest. That took a long time to fill the final slot. I've heard good thing s about them and they have played to good crowds in Milwaukee before.

Jamie Dimon the billionare CEO of JPM believes that Senator Elizabeth Warren doesn't understand the global banking system. You mean the one that makes you a billionaire while you lay off thousands of workers Jamie? That global banking system????

The two escaped convicts are being looked for just as hard as the missing Malaysia Airliner. The answer seems to be the same, GPS. Ask Krissy, it's on my IPhone and she always knows where I am!


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Car Shopping

Well it was a truly beautiful day. Sunshine and 80's. Very little breeze. I cleared the deck off today then washed it good for it's repainting. That Sherwin Williams paint that I used last year was the most overrated stuff and it was expensive also.

The Hawks lost a tough one last night. They keep playing from behind for most of the series. Look for Patrick Kane to have a huge game tomorrow to tie the series!

Coco has been invited to a cross country camp. He's pretty excited and it starts in a few weeks.

Krissy and I went car driving tonight. It's such a pain. Leaning towards a Jeep Patriot. We drove a black one that was pretty cool and a nice ride with good gas mileage.

Another nice day in the forecast for tomorrow. Hopefully I can get the deck looking better and dry before I do some grilling tomorrow night!


Monday, June 8, 2015

She's Back

It's nice to get Krissy back. We had some time to kill before we had to pick up Coco so we went to Barnacle Bud's for a late lunch. It was more beautiful sunshine interrupted by rain. Then hail. Then back to sunny and dry. As we left it rained again with more hail. By the time we got back home is was sunny. Welcome back to Milwaukee!

The Hawks are tied 1-1 after two periods. Looks like another nail biter. Go Hawks


The New Hat

It's Green
Afternoon Snack

My Queen

Arizona IPA

McDonnell Mountain

Cool Shades

1st rain in early June in 22 years. 

Apparently it cleared up...

Bucket of beer at Barnacle Buds 
Barnacle Buds hail storm!
Krissy loves me more than bacon!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sunny and Pouring

It rained in the morning but it was a beautiful afternoon hitting high 70's. Late in the afternoon it was bright sunshine and pouring very hard rain for about ten minutes.

I had time to stop at the beach, grab a burger and take a walk. Two guys approached me about taking a survey. I'm pretty sure they didn't appreciate my reply. I really don't give a crap though. People walk the beach to get away from people like that and now they are hunting us down on the beach!

Tough loss for the Hawks last night. The series is tied 1-1 and the next game is tomorrow night. At least the Cubs won today.

Krissy sending me plenty of pics from Arizona. Hiking in the morning and the pool in the afternoon. Sounds like an ideal time.

Rick Santorum has been critical of the Pope for speaking out on climate change. He doesn't really think the Pope is qualified on the subject. Santorum certainly is a smug little prick. I'm still not sure what he does besides run for office and lose. Is being a loser an occupation? 

The Pope should be entitled to his opinion like anyone else. Santorum probably doesn't even know the Pope is a chemist. Certainly seems more qualified than a loudmouth smug politician!


Saturday, June 6, 2015

Triple Crown Time

Like I've been telling people all day. American Pharoah would win and win easily which he did. He took it from the lead really and controlled the pace and gave it everything he had in the stretch. It was the second fastest Belmont Stakes behind only Secretariat. That record will never be broken as Secretariat ran the first half of that race faster than most horses can run it and he still had half a race to go. He won by around 30 lengths if memory serves me right.

The Cubs won a big game to stay in the wildcard hunt. They just need a decent winning streak to make believers out of the rest of the country.

Krissy and Angela still having fun in Arizona. I will wait until Monday to post her pics. They are numerous!

The Hawks are down 1-0 after the first period. Traditionally, the second game goes into overtime. Going to make some dinner real quick. Looks like I've got a nail biter on my hands!


Friday, June 5, 2015

Wake Me Up When Summer Comes

As I took Krissy and Angela to the airport this morning it looked more like London. Foggy with light rain in the 50's. Krissy was worried about the Arizona weather as it hit 101 degrees this week and she didn't know what to pack, Naturally, it was raining in the desert also!

Coco is officially done with 5th grade. In a few months we will be taking pictures on his first day of 6th grade. I'm glad for his sake that he's done. He really worked hard at the books but he was toast the last 2 weeks. Now I have to look for some sports camps for him. He's improved a lot at basketball since the season ended a few months ago.

I need to check out when Love and Mercy comes out to a theater new me. Hopefully the Oriental will be playing it as I hear John Wilson wants to go and Angela has no interest. I'm in my friend! Hopefully the hip is doing better Amigo.

The Hawks play tomorrow and the Cubs are playing well and staying in the wild card hunt.

Nothing else much new. I'm doing some research on a shipwreck just of the Shorewood, Wisconsin coast. Why? Who knows, I'm like the Dos Esquis man!


Thursday, June 4, 2015

Love and Mercy

Today's title is also the title of the new movie about Brian Wilson of the Beach Boy's. He's 73 now and still playing his songs. John Cusack stars in the title roll which I hope to see soon.

Congrats to the Hawks last night for coming from behind and winning the game in the third period. Tampa Bay started playing not to lose which is always deadly.

Jon Batiste is the new bandleader for Stephen Colbert's show as he takes over for David Letterman.

Rick Perry announced today that he is running for President now. He ditched the cowboy boots and added some fancy glasses. Ya, that's the ticket for sure!

I went to Coco's award ceremony today. Not quite as good as the previous three quarters. I received a gift card and thank you note for helping out with cross country and track.

Coco and Jordan woke up on their own this morning for school. Tomorrow is the last day and grades have already been completed. It must have been a late night after I conked out. They both looked like a couple of drunken sailors!


Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A Boys Life

Sometimes I wouldn't mind being 11 years old again. It's the early dismissal day at St. Marcus so I picked up Coco and Jordan from school as Jordan is spending the night. Coco actually made up an activity agenda which Jordan just laughed about.

They started off with basketball followed up by a Walgreen's visit with the ten bucks I gave them. The photo is what they bought. They forgot to figure in tax but the nice lady at the counter let them slide for 41 cents. Thank you kind lady!

There's a Swedish based container ship anchored about a mile off shore for the last 10 days or so. They dropped off a large load at the Port of Milwaukee and they are still looking for a return shipment. It's not profitable unless they get one so they'll be hanging around for a while. It's not that uncommon and some ships have stayed close to a month.

American Pharoah is the early favorite for the Belmont Stakes this Saturday in the quest for the Triple Crown. He's leaving from the number 5 post and I don't see anyone beating him.

Tonight is the Stanley Cup opener. Go Hawks!


Ten Bucks of Junk Food

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Quiet Tuesday

Another sunny day but only hitting the 50's. Just over 3 weeks for the beginning of Summerfest and I think people are just hanging back waiting for summer to get here. No 80's in the mid-range forecast.

Tomorrow night will be huge for Blackhawk fans as the quest for the Stanley Cup begins!

Krissy is leaving to Arizona with Angela to scout out some houses. They will come back on Monday.

Bug is doing well. Eating like a horse.

Jazz in the Park starts this Thursday. It should be around 75 degrees. It's become a bit commercialized these last few years. Back in the day you could bring your own beer and your dog. First they kick the dogs out then they bring in security and their own concessions. All in all it's still a great weekly event.

We grilled out tonight. Temps drop fast with the sun going down almost like late September. If it doesn't warm up soon the tanning booths might get some business again!


Monday, June 1, 2015

Just A Day At The Lion Park

Happy June 1st even though it was 45 degrees this morning. I had to turn the heat on for a few minutes and take a really hot shower to get the chill out of the old bones!

Coco is feeling better with some allergy relief and is writing a small book for one of his classes. It's actually fairly well written and entertaining for a 5th grader.

Lennie Merullo the last Chicago Cub from the 1945 World Series passed away. He certainly seemed to enjoy throwing out the first ball at Wrigley Field for a game last year. RIP Lennie.

Coco and I are starting our summer workout program tonight. I still have a headache but I will get thru it.

Fred Hoiberg will be introduced as the next coach of the Chicago Bulls tomorrow and the Hawks start their quest for the Stanley Cup Trophy on Wednesday night.

I went to Lion Country Safari in the San Diego area when I was a kid. You drive thru the park and the Lions are right there. I remember one of them bumping up on our car and another jumping on the hood of the car next to us. In South Africa an American tourist did their equivalent of Lion Country Safari and drove thru it with her car window open. She won't be driving thru the park again. She won't ever be going anywhere again. Keep those windows up!