Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Rolling Stones Time

It's a beautiful day and I still don't have a ticket. Krissy is at Country Thunder tonight with the girls so I am solo. A lot of people are trying to sell expensive tickets and they are getting nervous judging by the price drop and the postings. I was going to buy an e-ticket from a guy but too worried about forgeries. I'll go down to the gate shortly looking for a hard ticket or someone with an e-ticket that will walk to the gate with me to show me it's legit.

I saw a travel channel show where they were cooking and eating muskrat. I'm going without that opportunity thank you very much.

The Grateful Dead shows over the 4th will be broadcast live on the Grateful Dead channel on Sirius. I'm so loving the Sirius.

Also saw an interesting documentary where Mussolini was inadvertently responsible for the American Mob. When he became in power in Italy he put the mobsters on mass trials and in jail. A lot of them fled to America instead of waiting around to get arrested and thus the Mob flourished in this country.

Gotta run now. Enjoy your Tuesday. I have to run and find myself a legendary ticket to the most legendary band in the world. Shattered if I don't get one but they can't keep me out!


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