Monday, June 29, 2015

Dr. Bob

What a great day. I ran into my favorite retired bartender Dr. Bob at Otto's Beverage Center today. Bob is an Eastside legend. He worked at the old Circa across the street from me for 6 years. He even performed wedding ceremonies at the bar. We had a lot of great conversations over the years. My favorite is when him and his buddies decided to drive to THE Woodstock event in the 60's. I asked him how it was? He replied that they were arrested in Michigan for mushrooms and were detained in lockup and missed the event. That's so Bob! He'll be dropping by the neighborhood during the Brady Street Festival and we'll have a couple cocktails. I know so many people in the booze business that I should be selling the stuff.

I grabbed some Red Stripe and a canister of Sailor Jerry with a limited edition print at Otto's. I collect Sailor Jerry items and the cashier threw in a Red Stripe t-shirt also.

Speaking of the booze business, I ran into two owners of Mile High Spirits during Summerfest. Joe and Chase a couple of really good guys. They put the Moscow Mule in a can, named it Punching Mule and it will be coming to Milwaukee soon. I forget to get the details because I was having so much talking to them. I'll send an email to them and get the where and when. It sounds like a potential hit!

Legendary actor Dick Van Patten passed away at the age of 86 today. His son Vince is the spokesman for Potawatomi Casino. By all accounts a really great guy.

Summerfest is closed today but re-opens tomorrow. Saturday was a zoo but seeing Buddy Guy was great. I expect more of the same this week. 

My book timeline is all messed up. The final re-write is much tougher than I thought. I agonize over every paragraph. No wonder Hemingway and Fitzgerald drank so much. It numbs the pain from beating your head on your desk!


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