Sunday, June 14, 2015

Funnel Cake Farts

I didn't eat funnel cakes last night. Therefore, one could deduce that I didn't have the fried dough gas last night. We dropped Coco off and Bug wasn't here so I have no idea who had the gas?????

Coco did about 20 rides at Action In Jackson last night. His phone fell out of his pocket in some caged ride and he was strapped in. It was flying around like a missile and he took a couple blows to the head but survived!

On the way back to Steve and Holly's it was pouring rain so we stood under a tent and the 6 of us decided to pick the tent up and walk in the rain. It kept us dry and we walked almost a mile with this tent. 

Raining and foggy this morning so we went grocery shopping and wrote off Locust Street Days at 11am. Well, it cleared up to be a beautiful day and we walked down there with Jenny and Joe about 2:30. What a great afternoon. We saw the Sammy Lhanis Band and R.A.S Movement. Two great shows to start off the summer season right!

The Hawks won last night and could win the Stanley Cup tomorrow night. Friday was a terrible day but I think we bottomed out and the now we're in an upward swing. Gotta love it!


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