Saturday, October 31, 2015

A Saturday Halloween

I can't remember the last time Halloween was on a Saturday. I'm not really a big Halloween fan but it does seem to be an adult holiday now. To top it off the clocks change tonight and the bars get an extra hour. Usually, when the bars get an extra hour it's a bit messy but combine it with Halloween and it could be really interesting.

They are blocking off some side roads tonight off of Brady Street and they were putting up port-a-potties. Looks like they are expecting big crowds.

Big Al from Happy Days passed away at the age of 96. He replaced Arnold when he got his own series. Ironically, Al Molinaro was born in Kenosha, WI so the part wasn't a huge stretch for him.

American Pharoah won his final race today. A horse for the ages perhaps. I've seen Cigar race in person and Secretariat on television. I think he'd be third against those two but it's not bad company. Cigar had the personality of a human and just liked to win at all costs and Secretariat was from a different planet. The best there was and maybe ever will.

Stay safe.


Friday, October 30, 2015

Breeders Cup Time

American Pharoah runs his final career race tomorrow at the Breeders Cup. He's one of the best horses to come around in a long time and I'm hoping you goes out a champion!

The Bulls are taking Detroit into overtime tonight but it looks like they are running out of gas.

Coco is up in the Dells this weekend. He'll start physical therapy next week for his groin injury.

The RNC pulled a February debate away from NBC because they didn't like how the last one went. I'm sure they must have some kind of contract and I hope the network fights back. It's kind of like someone taking their ball and going home because it wasn't going their way. We used to pound the crap out of guys like that. Don't much like quitters son!


Thursday, October 29, 2015

X Ray Day

Well, I took Coco to Children's Hospital for x-rays today for his groin. He will need some physical therapy for an apparent groin tear. It turns out to be a common soccer injury. I also got him on a 7th and 8th grade indoor soccer team for the winter despite only being a 6th grader.

Leaving the hospital I actually found the season's first ice patch on the sidewalk. The wind chill was very cold today.

The Bulls won their second straight game last night. Woo hoo!

Angela is in town for the weekend. Krissy saw her this morning.

We won free passes for an early screening of Spectre, the new James Bond movie. It's not at the Oriental Theater but free is free and we get to see it two days before it's released the public. Things are looking up!


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Catch That Blimp

An Army blimp got loose today and floated 4 hours before crashing back to earth. It didn't take long for Governor Huckabee do make it a symbol of the government. I'm not sure what neighborhood he lives in but it must be shitty to have such a depressing attitude on America.

The Bulls won their opener last night with President Obama in the stands watching. Maybe he needs to come around more often.

The debate has been another entertainment joy. When the questions get tough they just blame the media. Cruz and Rubio must have got their ass kicked a lot as children judging by their blame everybody else attitude. It's pretty apparent that they need it kicked again as adults.

Kasich is about the only person standing up and giving good answers and not whining. I do like him.


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A Dog Named Trigger

Apparently the chocolate Labrador didn't have any official gun training and neither did his 25 year old owner. She was hunting and put her rifle on the ground without the safety on. Trigger stepped on the rifle and shot his owner in the foot. Hopefully this idiot drives better than she handles a gun or hunts!

The Bulls are taking on the Cavs tonight in official NBA play. So far the Bulls look pretty good with a 9 point lead in the second quarter.

 We saw the previews for Robert Redford's new movie called Truth. It looks like a winner.

It looks like maybe 8 of us are going to Amy Schumer possibly. Tickets go on sale tomorrow.

No more processed red meats. Looks like they cause cancer the experts say. I don't eat a lot of processed meats, mostly fresh and on the grill. Except for bacon of course. I'm going to miss bacon. Yep, bacon is going to be a tough one. Yep, really really tough!


Monday, October 26, 2015

Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer is coming to the Bradley Center on December 4th. She's been on quite the roll these last 2 years as she's brutally honest and original. She's played Milwaukee before but this time we might have to consider going as Krissy really likes her.

Kris Bryant was named the Sporting News Rookie of the Year. He broke a bunch of Cubs rookie records, some belonging to Hall of Famer Billy Williams which isn't bad company. He'll only continue to get better.

The Russians apparently have submarines scouting the underwater cables in the Atlantic Ocean. I guess it's major problems if they get cut or damaged. Whatever happened to wireless technology. At the Southernmost Point in KeyWest you can actually see the start of the telephone cable that was routed to Cuba years ago.

Krissy found that Bond poster I like on EBay. They apparently have everything. I even have choices. What a great world!


Sunday, October 25, 2015

Goebberts Pumpkin Farm

What a great day with a lot of family at the pumpkin patch in Illinois. It's a huge place kind of like a small amusement park with a train and everything. Coco had a blast with all of his cousins. Dinner afterwards at Mary and Steve's was great.

No Bears game today so no heartache.

Flip Saunders the Minnesota Timberwolves coach passed away today. Such a good guy and a legend in coaching circles. He will be missed.

Enjoy the new week tomorrow. I'm tired from all the driving and going to bed.


Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Lost City

We've been watching a documentary about the Lost City of Atlantis which Coco knows about. We cleaned his room today. I believe that might qualify as a lost room at least. It looks pretty good now though.

I've given up on my football picks. Too time consuming even though I was ahving a good year. Baseball preoccupied most of my time now it's back to doing a lot of writing projects.

Tomorrow it's to Illinois for the Pumpkin Patch with family members. This place is like a giant amusement park.

Maureen O'Hara passed away at age 95. She was a legendary actress and starred in 5 John Wayne movies including my personal favorite Big Jake. She will be missed!

Enjoy your weekend!


Friday, October 23, 2015

Two Bridges and Eating Healthy

What a wonderful afternoon and a great movie. We saw Two Bridges with Tom Hanks. The guy just makes great movies. I won't give away anything other than to say go see it. It's the best movie I've seen in years!

We started out at 2ish with a great lunch at Comet Cafe. Truly a great meal. Then, to Hooligans for a beer before the movie. The na couple beers at  the movie. Then to Von Triers the greatest German bar for a beer then to the Winchester for a beer. Then to Landmark for a beer. Just great people everywhere and having fun with Krissy. I'm trying to buy the James Bond poster in the lobby and I think I'm number one on the list. I'll just badger them until I get it no worries.

We were going to make one more stop but its late and we got tired. So, we stopped at Walgreens for some dinner snacks, You know, ice cream, soda, nerds, 100,000 bars, chips and 2 giant candy bars along with the Dunkin Donuts I bought earlier. Yep, eating healthy!


Thursday, October 22, 2015

Iron Lung

I'm still reeling over the Cubs loss last night. It's wait till next year once again but the future does look really good this time. So many rookies and second year players in the lineup and they will only get better. John texted me today that the next time we see them will be in Mesa next spring!

I watched most of the Benghazi or listened to it on satellite radio today. The GOP backfired on this one and made Clinton very popular according to most of the twitter and blog feeds that I followed. I'm not a huge fan of hers but she did come off really well and some of the committee members asked some silly questions especially from Brooks in Alabama who insinuated that Clinton wasn't really aware that we had a presence in Benghazi at all. When it was pointed out to her by a fellow committee member that it's hard to cover up something and email about it beforehand if you didn't know existed she looked kind of stunned. I knew it was going very well for Clinton when Fox News became the only network to call off their coverage!

An interesting tidbit that I was reading is that there are 10 people around the world still in an iron lung and most of them are in the United States. All due to polio and most have been in there about 60 years with no hope of ever recovering. I worked with a guy who had polio that he contracted as a kid. He had trouble walking but otherwise didn't have problems. They found the cure a few months after he contracted it. Suddenly waiting for next year on the Cubs doesn't seem that awful.


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Grim Reaper Came Early

I'm still not giving up as we go to the bottom of the third inning down 6-0 to the Mets. I'm a diehard Cub fan until I leave this earth and it's the only way I know. It may appear the Grim Reaper has arrived but I believe we'll come back to win this game then get the next 3 with the momentum. It just takes the first run to get a rally going. I will admit you should be careful what you wish for. The Dodgers might have been a better matchup.

It appears that Coco has a small groin hernia. Getting x-rays soon to confirm.

Going to drink a Red Stripe and watch the rest of the game. Gotta get that Reaper off my back!!!!


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Back In Wrigley

Wayne Messmer sang the National Anthem at the Friendly Confines so we're pulling out the big guns from the start. Nobody sings it better than Wayne who is the regular Anthem singer forth Blackhawks. I'm predicting an 8-3 win as the bats will come alive!

A beautiful 73 degree day. Not bad for Milwaukee in late October.

The Humphrey Bogart Film Festival starts tomorrow in Key Largo and runs through the week. The house used as a hotel in Key Largo is still there and they also have the African Queen which has been refurbished there. I will make this event someday!

Bogart was the best actor of all time. Gotta run to catch the first pitch. Here's looking at you kid!!!!!!!


Monday, October 19, 2015

The Wizard Of Oz Metaphor Story

I haven't seen the Wizard of Oz since I was in first grade nor have I given it much thought until the other day when a television commentator said it had political and monetary metaphors in it.

I did some research and he is correct. It seems like Frank Baum who wrote the story in 1890 was also a political and current events writer. The character Dorothy represents the common citizen if you believe the theory.

The Tin Man is represents the industrial worker while the Scarecrow is the farmer. It doesn't stop there, not even close. The Cowardly Lion is politician William Jennings Bryan an all talk no action politician. The Wicked Witch of the East is the bankers and the Witch in the West is actually the drought.

Still more as the Yellow Brick Road represents gold or the gold standard. While the silvery slippers are the silver market. The Emerald City is green which represents the dollar and OZ is actually the abbreviation for ounce.

Finally, the man behind the curtain is simply pulling the strings after everyone followed the Yellow Brick Road through turmoil to get there.

What does this all mean? That NOTHING has changed!


Sunday, October 18, 2015

A Rough Cold Sunday

Well, the Bears lose a tough one in overtime and the Cubs down 4-1 as I write. Terrible officiating overall in the NFL this year. Plays overturned, refs out of position to make the call and waiting forever on instant replay. Between that and all the commercials it's become a different game altogether.

Had a lovely dinner for Jim's birthday this afternoon. I'm hoping he doesn't drink all that Jim Beam all at once. They bought another Airstream and it's a nice one 2 feet longer but differently so it seems a lot bigger.

Game is back on. Have a great week everyone!


Saturday, October 17, 2015

Tough Loss At Citi Field

It's ok. The Cubs lost the series opener to St. Louis also. It looked to me that this was the Mets best. If that's their best then the Cubs will win this series in 6 games.

We grilled out tonight after grocery shopping. Maybe the last one for the year. Bug left for her new home back with Joe and she will be missed. We'll still see her once in a while though.

The heat is on and the are plants inside. Next weekend we'll take the bamboo fence down and tarp everything up.

I'll do my football picks in the morning. I still have to add up my current results for the year as I've been a bit slow on checking my results.

One thing I would recommend though is dumping the delivery stocks like FedEx and UPS.  Apple, Amazon and Uber are all coming out with package delivery systems through private drivers like Uber uses. It won't put them out of business but it sure will cut down on profits. Many people think they won't make much of a difference. That's exactly what the taxi industry said when Uber came out!


Friday, October 16, 2015

Bring On The Mets

The Cubs start tomorrow in New York against the Mets and I get my wish. Addison Russell will miss the series with a hamstring injury but I have all the confidence in Javier Baez.

The Blacklist with James Spader has returned with more marvelous episodes. It's such a well written show.

Speaking of lists, Coco gave me his Christmas list early this year. Considering he added up the total value and it will cost $2012 I guess he figured I needed the extra time to save some cash.

It's stone crab season in the Keys now until May15th. I love stone crab!

Krissy and I are going to the Trocadero for dinner tonight. We have a gift certificate to use.

Scientists have done some studies on elephants as they rarely get cancer. It seems like they have more p53 genes than human beings and that could be the main reason. A big breakthrough if that's true.

We finally turned on the heat today and bringing the plants in as it's supposed to drop to 30 degrees tonight. I'm only a stones throw from buying the winter Coco Wheats now!


Thursday, October 15, 2015

It's Wine Season

Well, it's officially fall because it's cold enough again to drink red wine. Plus I'll be eating Coco Wheats here the next time I go to the store so that makes it official in my word. That's just the way I roll.

The plants will be coming in very soon also. I have no idea where but they will be placed but they will be coming in except for the ferns.

I was looking at new Cub hats on the internet today. They actually advertised a "vintage new era hat." How can a hat be vintage and new era at the same time? It was pretty cool though. I 'm looking for a tan desert hat with a strap and the Cubs emblem. I might have to wait for spring training.

I see expert Fox News commentator Wayne Simmons was arrested for basically impersonating CIA personnel. He put on his resume that he worked for the CIA for 27 years. It was all fabricated yet Fox News had him on as an expert blasting the military and administration with "expert" analysis. Fox News was quick to release a simple statement that he basically wasn't a paid contributor. So that makes a difference I guess. What a bunch of gutless bastards who can't say they screwed up. It makes you wonder what other idiots they have on that channel. Besides the most obvious ones naturally!


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Schwarber Ball Found

Apparently the Schwarber home run ball did fall back to earth. It actually fell on top of the new right field scoreboard. They Cubs are actually leave it there and put a glass case to protect it for now. It was possibly the shot heard around the world last night!

The NLCS series starts on Saturday. The winner of the Mets-Dodgers game tomorrow will be the opponent. I can't wait.

I saw the 100 greatest guitar list in Rolling Stone this week. Jimi Hendrix was number 1. Eric Clapton was number 4. Jimmy Page and Keith Richards were 9th and 10th respectively which I thought was a bit low. More surprising was that Pete Townshend was only number 50. I don't play guitar or any instrument myself so I just go by the songs I like. It was nice to see a lot of real old timers on the list though.

Years ago the circus parade with clowns and wagons would come to Milwaukee every year and they would televise it on local television. It stopped for lack of funds. Apparently taking it's place will be the 4th GOP debate which will be live from Milwaukee on November 10th!


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Bye Bye Birdies

The Cubs bounced the Cards out of the playoffs sending them back to migration for the winter. They tried to show their muscle in September by starting a beanball war with the Cubs but they just stayed calm. In Manager Joe Maddon's own words, "we won't start anything but we sure will finish it." The Cards were just finished less than an hour ago and I enjoyed every minute of it.

The Dodgers and Mets are playing now and the Cubs will play the series winner. I want it to be the Mets because we owe them. I remember sitting out in the bleachers and the Cubs won a doubleheader in 1984 with a bunch of brawls in both games. We razzed Darryl Strawberry all game and he threw a tennis ball at us. 

One of the best days of my life but we didn't win the series that year after winning the division. We lost to San Diego because we had to forfeit home field advantage because we didn't have lights at that time. It cost us. And me!  I had 5th game World Series tickets, first row in the upper deck behind home plate. Sutcliffe would have pitched for the World Series win and I would have been there!

I won't be there this year but I'm watching every pitch like I am. An emotional time for me I must admit as plenty of my relatives have died waiting for the Cubs to win a World Series.

I won't jinx myself by saying anything other than the odds just got a little better. Give me the Mets! I'm starting to get that really really good feeling that I get once every decade!


Monday, October 12, 2015

Happy Columbus Day

It was a very good soccer game yesterday but St. Marcus came up short in a 2-0 loss. I don't think it will be the last yo usee of them as all the starters were under the 8th grade level including Coco who was the starting winger as a 6th grader. It was a great effort.

The Bears had their second come from behind victory in two weeks. Maybe they aren't as bad as everyone thinks. They do have a very good coaching staff.

Krissy and I had a nice afternoon and takeout Chinese to wind up a busy weekend.

Big game tonight between the Cards and the Cubs at Wrigley Field. I'm seeing a 4-1 Cub victory and going for the series tomorrow night!

Mustang Soccer

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Conference Championship

It's  been a busy weekend. Sorry no blog yesterday as I didn't gt home until 11pm. Woke up and took Coco to soccer practice then to the State Cross Country meet where he did ok for no running practices and wobbly legs from soccer. Then to Gary and Michelle's to watch the Cubs victory in a very interesting game. We also had a bonfire afterwards to cap off a nice night.

Today we have the conference championship soccer game at 2pm. Not bad for a 6th seed who came together in the second half of the season.

My picks today are Chicago, Cinn, Atl, Tampa, New Orleans, Balt, G.B, Buff, Arizona, N.E., Denver, NY Giants and San Diego. I lost Thursday's game.

The Chicago Marathon is today. Many years ago I finished 101st even though I cramped up and stopped 9 times in the last 6 miles.

The Cubs play again Monday with Jake Arrietta pitching. It's tied at 1 game a piece.

Enjoy your Sunday.


Friday, October 9, 2015

Bring It On Cardinals

Hopefully the Cards won't resort to their lame beanball tactics once we pound their ass again in this series. I'm not a Cardinal fan in case anyone guessed. I have plenty of Cardinal fan friends though who I like a lot. 

We've got a full day tomorrow. Coco has soccer practice in the morning, we have the state cross country meet in the afternoon then going to Gary and Michelle's for the Cubs game.

I see where Full Throttle Saloon in Sturgis burned down last month. I actually liked that show and I hear they will be rebuilding.

I saw a crazy video the other day. A guy in Detroit was getting gas and saw a spider on his gas cap. So, he took his lighter and burned the spider sending his car in flames at the same time. Nobody was hurt though, except the spider!

Dick Cheney endorsed McCarthy for Speaker of the House just hours before he dropped out of the race. They don't call Cheney the Kiss of Death for no reason.

Gotta run now. Game time is rapidly approaching. Go Lester!


Thursday, October 8, 2015

Cubs Advance

Well, I predicted a 4-1 Cubs win but Jake Arrietta was even better than I thought he would be.  A great pitching performance.

As promised here's a bunch of vacation photos including the Cubs Mesa spring training facility taken last Friday!


Mesa, AZ

My Guy Joe
Looking At The Field

Go Cubs!
Me and the puggle 

I am king of the world...

Me with our fantastic host, John

Our hostess and master margarita maker, Angela.
Yellow Margarita Delicious

Found a Bear's bar in Cave Creek

Arm wrestling a local in Cave Creek, AZ

Buffalo Chip Bar, a Packer bar

A light lunch in Cave Creek.

My Krissy

Bob Crane Murder Scene Scottsdale

Note the Funeral Wreath Still Hanging

A Very Good Beer
With local legend, Wayne T at Rusty Spur

We Hiked the Whole Thing

What A View 35 Stories
Cactus On The Trail

Mexican Coffee 

Our Cactus, a little of the desert in WI. 

Coco's New Sign

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Go Cubs Go

It's win or go home in the one game playoff game between the Pirates and the Cubs. They had the second and third best records in all of baseball yet the played in the same division which the Cardinals won. Not the ideal situation but it is what it is.

We blew a fuse and I'm short on time so I'll post the Arizona pictures tomorrow. My anxiety over this fame is pretty high I'll be honest. I've been thinking about it all day. My prediction is a 4-1 win by the Cubs!

Krispy Kreme donuts are being carried by a coffee shop just down the street. They suddenly became my favorite coffee shop. Nobody loves Krispy Kreme donuts more than me. I experienced for the first time ever in Vegas. I knew it was something good when the line was 200 people long and running out the door.

Summerfest announced their first headliner already who happens to be Selena Gomez. Yep, I'll be  staying home that night as the place will be overwhelmed by teenie boppers.

Gotta go now. Game on!!!!!


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

We're Back

We arrived back to Milwaukee last night around 11pm and lost a good 30 degrees in the process. Thanks again to John and Angela for being such wonderful hosts and to Danny and Justin for letting us hog their bathroom.

We're still wading out pictures from the trip and I'll post  them tomorrow. We did plant our cactus in the box though and it looks pretty good.

The trip in a recap started on Thursday and we hung out at their pool then headed over to the Twisted Lizard. Friday was into Scottsdale and Mesa. The spring training facility for the Cubs was closed but I still had a look around and took some photos. Then we went to the Bob Crane murder scene from 1978. It looks exactly the same. He was the star of Hogan's Heroes and I took some photos at the front door. Friday night we ate at Isabella's on a golf course.

Saturday was a pool day and some grilling then onto the Blue Martini. Apparently Teva sandals aren't on the dress code so I had to Uber back and grab some huaraches then meet everybody back at the Blue Martini. I was told those shoes weren't good neither but I talked my way in like a good schmoozer.

Sunday was an absolute blast at Cave Creek. It's in the middle of the desert and we watched the NFL games there. We started out at the Bears bar which is apparently clothing optional for the bartenders then to the Buffalo Chip which is the Packers bar. Both places were great and they also have a Steelers and a Vikings bar. We'll be back to that town someday. It was next to a town called Carefree that Dick Van Dyke used to be the Mayor for.

Monday was cut short by the flight but we did make it for lunch and beers at the Rusty Spur Saloon since 1951. We met a terrific old timer named Wayne T. and it was a pure delight to meet him and chat for a couple hours. We'll be back to that place for sure!

Cubs play tomorrow night and it's win or go home. I predict a 4-1 Cubs win. It's our time!


Friday, October 2, 2015

106 Degrees

We awoke at 3am to leave Milwaukee yesterday and it was 53 degrees. Arrive in Phoenix to 106. That's right, it exactly doubled. So good to see John and Angela again. They have a lovely home at the base of the McDowell Mountains in Scottsdale. Jay Glazer from Fox Sports lives right next door.

Hung around the pool in the afternoon. I'm drinking more water than I ever have before. I haven't been to the desert since I was a kid. I'm going to buy a cactus in a box and bring it home.

We went to the Twisted Lizard down the street and Danny and Justin came with. They are both going to school out here and avoiding the Midwest winter.

We woke up this morning and did a 2 hour hike. Whoa, it was hot but we made it. 35 stories up of winding trails. Not sure how the cowboys did it in the 1800's with limited  water sources back then.

We're hitting the minor league baseball parks this afternoon then dinner at the Blue Martini. Taking tons of pictures and will probably put them on next Tuesdays blog as I'm borrowing a computer right now. Blogs might be sporadic as we don't get back until Monday night and we're on the go hang fun. Kris soaking up the sun will probably be the tannest person in Wisconsin when we get back home!