Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A Dog Named Trigger

Apparently the chocolate Labrador didn't have any official gun training and neither did his 25 year old owner. She was hunting and put her rifle on the ground without the safety on. Trigger stepped on the rifle and shot his owner in the foot. Hopefully this idiot drives better than she handles a gun or hunts!

The Bulls are taking on the Cavs tonight in official NBA play. So far the Bulls look pretty good with a 9 point lead in the second quarter.

 We saw the previews for Robert Redford's new movie called Truth. It looks like a winner.

It looks like maybe 8 of us are going to Amy Schumer possibly. Tickets go on sale tomorrow.

No more processed red meats. Looks like they cause cancer the experts say. I don't eat a lot of processed meats, mostly fresh and on the grill. Except for bacon of course. I'm going to miss bacon. Yep, bacon is going to be a tough one. Yep, really really tough!


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