Thursday, October 8, 2015

Cubs Advance

Well, I predicted a 4-1 Cubs win but Jake Arrietta was even better than I thought he would be.  A great pitching performance.

As promised here's a bunch of vacation photos including the Cubs Mesa spring training facility taken last Friday!


Mesa, AZ

My Guy Joe
Looking At The Field

Go Cubs!
Me and the puggle 

I am king of the world...

Me with our fantastic host, John

Our hostess and master margarita maker, Angela.
Yellow Margarita Delicious

Found a Bear's bar in Cave Creek

Arm wrestling a local in Cave Creek, AZ

Buffalo Chip Bar, a Packer bar

A light lunch in Cave Creek.

My Krissy

Bob Crane Murder Scene Scottsdale

Note the Funeral Wreath Still Hanging

A Very Good Beer
With local legend, Wayne T at Rusty Spur

We Hiked the Whole Thing

What A View 35 Stories
Cactus On The Trail

Mexican Coffee 

Our Cactus, a little of the desert in WI. 

Coco's New Sign

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