Sunday, October 30, 2016

Back To Cleveland

A tough Saturday night followed by a great Sunday night as the Cubs go back to Cleveland for game 6. They played lousy last night and tonight's game was just a thriller with Aroldis Chapman pitching one of the best relief jobs that I've ever seen. Being down 3 games to 1 is tough enough then a game 5 win 3-2 keeps every fan on the edge. This team has so much heart. I'm still believing we win in 7!

Tonight we watched the game at home. Last night we went to Jack's Pub. The Guinness folks were there and I came away with a winter hat, a fantastic t-shirt and a free beer. The only disappointment was the Cubs playing lousy.

Tomorrow, Joe Maddon has his club all in costume suits for the trip to Cleveland. Keeping them loose and hopefully winning 2 more games and becoming World Champions!

Coco is back in town. He'll be here for the games this week. I'm not sure if he understands how big this event is for me personally or Cubs fans throughout the world. I can't even describe it myself. Hanging on every pitch watching the post game show for hours and just enjoying the moment. It's pretty damn special!


Friday, October 28, 2016

Wind Blowing Out At Wrigley

Holy Cow! The wind is blowing out for the first World Series game in 71 years. That means a lot of home runs if the pitcher doesn't keep the ball down.

Coco called me from Nantucket. He liked Boston a lot better. He saw the Boston Garden and took a tour of Harvard where he bought a hat. Then, a tour of Boston College and bought a sweatshirt. He is flying back Sunday just in time to trick or treat with friends so he needs me to keep his scooter ready.

The GDP numbers came out today at a great 2.95% which is tge highest in two years. Unfortunately you'll have a hard time running into anybody tonight who wants to talk about that.

Exxon had record profits today but isn't making as much as they should they feel because of low oil prices. Therefore, the will layoff people and lower output in an effort to drive prices up. That's exactly why "drill baby drill" doesn't work and free market talkers are just that, fricking talkers. I hope the Saudi's dump a ton of oil on the market and cuts gas prices in half because of these greedy bastards!

Mango keeps begging me for food which I never give her. So today, I loaded up a nacho chip with spicy salsa and let her eat it. Yep, she loved it which I totally didn't expect!

Krissy is the best. She bought me Red Stripe for the game tonight. It's going to be a game for the ages folks, a game for the ages. Go Cubs!


Thursday, October 27, 2016

Ted Cruz Hostage Taker

Let's play Jeopardy for a second. The answer is Ted Cruz. The question is: What is a piece of crap with feet? People say Trump is the worst option ever for President but there is a reason he beat ole Ted. Cruz just shuts things down and says no with offering no solutions which is why he will lose his Senate seat in 2018. He says he would keep a Supreme Court nomination off the table if Clinton is elected. My God man, just do your job for once or return your paycheck!

Mango did well in her last dog training class. She will spin either way multiple times for a treat. It's the only thing she's done better than the rest of the class except rip up chew toys!

Coco is still in Boston. His phone must need some juice as he hasn't returned my text.

The Jazz Estate reopens under new management on November 3rd with the new owners from Bryant's Cocktail Lounge. It was always a great little jazz joint and now it will have the best drinks in town!

The Cubs tied up the World Series last night at a game a piece. Jake battled well pitching a no-hitter into the 6th. A lot of people said activating Schwarber from the disabled list was foolish. Well, he has the second hottest bat with 3 huge hits. I'll take that fool Theo Epstein making the calls any day of the year. Go Cubs!


Monday, October 24, 2016

Finish Strong

It's been almost 8 months since we went to Spring Training and watched the Cubs play this magnificent season. From start to finish they have been the absolute best team in baseball. Sometimes the best team in the regular season doesn't win the whole thing so I'm treating everyday as a must win until it's over. Go Cubs, Go!

Coco is still in Boston. I received a really good picture of him taking the train with headphones on. It's in black and white and one of my favorite pics of number one son.

I've received two more class action lawsuit invites in the last couple weeks. I've been in a few already and most of them stem back to 2007 and 2008. The payouts are usually fairly low unless you're an attorney.

It's a typical fall day once again on Wisconsin. Sunny and hanging around 50. We'll long for these days in a couple more months. This is why we pack in so many wonderful events for the summer as we live it up for the few months we can wear flip flops!


Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Big Blue Machine

Pete Rose said the Cubs will be the Big Blue Machine in a couple years. A bright comparison and a true compliment to the Big Red Machine which he played on in the 70s. Thank you Pete, I know that was hard to say!

I had stomach problems before the game and during the game. I was blaming it on the Chinese food we had after Jenny's baptism but it completely went away on the game ending double play.

Getting to the World Series meant even more to me than I thought. I come from a family of Cubs fans and most of them have passed waiting for this moment. A lot of memories came back after that third out and a sense of relief that the Cubs made it to the classic.

It still won't be complete until we win the whole thing but it's still a great feeling. Coco is in Boston on vacation. Krissy is under the weather in bed. My dog Mango is sleeping on the couch.

I'm sitting in my barber chair drinking beer by myself watching the celebration and all the interviews. I'll line the beer bottles up on the counter and just stay up as long as the coverage is on.

Then, I'll watch an old movie and start going over the Cleveland Indians lineup. We still got 4 more games to win. Then, I'll celebrate on that night until I pass out! Go Cubs Go!


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

It's Gotta Be Rigged

I'm totally serious when I say the election could be rigged. If little Donny gets more than 150 electoral votes then somebody is double pulling the machine handles. Such a poor unprepared candidate with a sense of entitlement his whole life. My friends and I always liked playing sports against guys like this. We'd beat the hell out of them and just before the finish they'd take their ball and go home before it was an official game! They'd drive off in their sports car and we'd take the bus but we didn't care because we beat them and they knew it.

The Cubs are up big time 10-2 as the bats came alive tonight. It's just what they needed!

Curt Schilling announced that he is going to run against Senator Warren for her Senate seat. He said he eventually wants to run for President. She would eat this guy up and he should be in jail for costing Rhode Island taxpayers 75 million bucks and walking away from a business that fell apart faster than a three dollar bill.

The Bears play the Packers tomorrow night so I'll be flipping channels as the Cubs play at the same time. Coco had a chance to wear Packer gear to school today and meet LeRoy Butler. Instead, he wore his uniform and told Mr. Butler that he was a Bears fan. Loyalty to the bone, that's my boy!


Monday, October 17, 2016

Forever Campaign

I was talking to some friends on Sunday about how this is the longest campaign in the history of the world it seems. Everybody is ready for this to be over. Kudos to Adrian Gonzalez of the L.A Dodgers for refusing to stay at the Trump hotel when they were in Chicago. I guess he didn't feel like paying Trump for being called names. The rest of the team followed him to a different hotel for the recent playoff series. Hit him on the pocketbook is the best way to teach a rich guy a lesson. Always has been and always will be!

The Cubs are 1-1 with the Dodgers in the playoffs. It resumes tomorrow night. We watched the first game at the Camp Bar in the Third Ward and had a great time while watching the Badgers game at the same time.

We have a father-son soccer game tomorrow with the St. Marcus team as part of their soccer celebration. I'll play hard and hope I don't leave a torn muscle on the field. I was never a soccer player so I'll try and not embarrass myself. Needless to say, I'll play it like I did basketball and try and get away with as many fouls as possible!!!


Friday, October 14, 2016

From The Gipper To The Groper

It's been 36 years since the Gipper won the Presidential election and this one has gone so far down the gutter it isn't even funny anymore. I'm not sure why some people actually seemed surprised. This started way back in the primaries and was a name calling contest from the start into it morphed into a soap opera with the Trumpster being accused of a lot of things this week.

The Cubs start off their NLCS series tomorrow against the Dodgers. I can barely wait until the opening pitch.

Coco and I are still a bit down from the Mustangs semi-final loss yesterday. Still a great soccer season and they finished the season 10-4.

We still haven't turned on the heat yet but I'm thinking next week will be time.

Mango showing a lot of energy and it's time to go to bed. Well, everybody else sleep well I guess!


Thursday, October 13, 2016

One Tough Soccer Loss

Congrats to Bob Dylan for winning the Nobel Prize for literature. He certainly has been a prolific songwriter and one that I haven't seen in concert yet. That is on the bucket list.

We woke up to 38 degree weather this morning. It's been a while and I found out that I still like summer quite a bit better.

Bad news on the soccer front. The Mustangs lost their semi-final match up. It was a 1-1 game through regulation and two overtime periods. They lost in the shootout which is a tough way to loose any game which you've played so well. Coco had a brilliant shot from the side but the goalie made a terrific stop.

After the game Coco shed a few tears. This year's team was much more talented that the one last year that came out of nowhere to win second place. They worked so hard and put out so much effort. I told him the other teams do also and sometimes you just come up short. He was also a bit upset that he wouldn't be playing with his 8th grade friends anymore. He wasn't ready for that harsh reality. We believe there will be a third place game and maybe that will help him get some closure. It was a terrific season and the kid has become one of the best 12 year old midfielders in the whole state.

He certainly has the fire in the belly now. He says he is going to work even harder so no one can stop him next year. I can't wait for next year son!


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Rainbow Trout

Everybody has problems including Denmark. It seems that a ship accidentally went over a net at a fish farm sending 80,000 Rainbow Trout loose. Since they are used to being fed they likely will starve instead of finding food so fishermen are encouraged to buy a license and catch as many as they can! After this stupid election of ours Denmark is looking very attractive if anyone wants to move.

I saw footage of the city of Aleppo this morning and it looks like Berlin at the end of World War 2. It's estimated that it will be totally destroyed by December.

Burt Reynolds is going down to Key West to receive a lifetime achievement award of some sorts. What a great place to receive an award, any award will do!

I'm still basking in the glow of the terrific Cubs game last night. Somebody just bought 4 tickets to game 5 of the World Series in the secondary market for $71,800. That's a lot of cash to watch history in the making but one thing I'm sure of. It wasn't me buying those tickets!


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

San Francisco Treat

The Cubs advanced to the NLCS series and everybody is going nuts celebrating except for me. I expected this since I attended spring training. Maybe I'll get more excited if and when they win the next series but I won't get terribly excited until they win it all. Beating the San Francisco Giants was a great accomplishment but there is still two more teams to beat.

My man Javier Baez is such a great player and my favorite also. Even though he doesn't always start I tell everybody that in the long run he will be just as good as Kris Bryant in a slightly different way. He sure is pure excitement to watch and his defensive glove is pure magic no matter what position he plays!

The St. Marcus Mustangs advanced in their soccer conference tournament with a 2-0 win today. Coco played another great game as a midfielder and seems to have found his position.

The leaves are a falling pretty good now and winter will be here before we know it. I'm just going to enjoy watching these two teams and have an excellent fall and not worry about old man winter!


5 Hour Game

What a great 5 hour, 13 inning playoff game tonight for the Cubs. Unfortunately they lost but it was a fun game to watch. Those West Coast games are always tough as it's 2am while I write this.

Tomorrow's game will be another good one. Coco has a conference playoff game then I have a dog training class for Mango. It's going to be a full day. It's win or go home for the Mustangs but I'm sure they will rise to the occasion as they carry a 9-3 record into the tournament.

I'm still feeling dirty from last night's debate. Totally disgusting. Since the primary debates Trump has brought the whole process further into the gutter and it turns off a lot of people. I never understand people who don't vote but after watching last night I kind of understand. They just want to wash their hands of the whole disgusting mess.

I've never missed a vote in my life. It started out not having a choice. If I wanted to live at home I had to vote. No pressure there!


Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Scottie Nell Hughes Poop Face

I was watching Scottie Nell Hughes this morning on CNN trying to defend Trump once again over his latest scandal. The poor woman had such a funny face throughout the whole ordeal which probably lasted at least 5 minutes. It looked like the camera was filming her while she was sitting on the toilet. I find reading on the toilet more relaxing myself. Anyway Scottie, there's about 30 days left in this election so you better buy a case of Tums cause this is only getting worse and you probably aren't getting paid enough to spew that much B.S. I'll give you credit though. It's obvious the other Trump surrogates don't believe the B.S that comes out of their mouths but mostly I think you do. Or, you're a great actress!

I took Coco to the bus this morning for the big soccer tournament in Appleton. I'll head up in a little bit and hopefully be back in time for the Cubs game tonight. He's bringing a couple members of his posse over for a sleepover. Or, more like a don't sleep let's play Xbox all night!

What an exciting pitching duel last night. A totally great game. Lester and Cueto just pitched lights out ball. The Cubs won 1-0 on a homer by my man Javier Baez. Great defense played all night by both teams. More hitting tonight please as my stomach can't take the suspense. I don't wanna end up like Miss Hughes!


Thursday, October 6, 2016

Blue Collar Billionaire

Enough is enough already. I can tolerate Trump because I know what he's all about which is an entertainer who says he's smart so many times that a lot of people believe it. That's fine. He doesn't fool me nor a majority of Americans but his sons are  going way overboard and I just plain don't like the sons. They referred to their father as a blue collar billionaire. What the hell is that? We already know that he doesn't own a pair of blue jeans, never held a hammer except for a photo op and eats pizza with a fricking fork! What an insult to millions of men like my father who worked hard for a living being screwed over for wages time and time again by the likes of Donald the con man Trump. His sons area disgrace and owe real blue collar people an apology. Growing up in a penthouse doesn't have to shield one from the real world but these guys allowed it to happen like a couple punks!

Gary Johnson should just drop out of the presidential race. He couldn't name the leader of North Korea. A 6th grader knows more than this clown!

We have a soccer game tonight. Coco fell on his knee in gym class so he's a little gimpy today so it will be interesting.

Monroe County, Florida which is basically the Florida Keys is pulling cars over and setting up roadblocks to inspect animals. Forty endangered Key deer have been put down with screw worm which is very nasty and can spread quite rapidly to other animals. Basically, maggots eat the heads of animals while they are alive. Normally I'm against random stops and road blocks but if you take a look at the photographs of the poor animals you won't have a problem with it. Have a strong intestinal system if you dare google it.

Hurricane Matthew looks like it will totally miss Key West as many boats are going down there for safety. Eastern Florida looks like it will be hit hard with a possible Category 5. Good luck to everyone down there and we all pray for your safety.


Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Bud Selig Gets Nominated

Tonight is the Vice Presidential Debate and nobody seems very excited for this milk toast of an event. They've had their moments in history but this one seems like a salad just waiting for the second main event.

The Cubs open up friday in the playoffs and have home field advantage for the entire playoffs. That's what happens when you win 8 more games than anybody else with 103 wins.

We have our dog training lessons for Mango tonight. This should be interesting to say the least!

Hurricane Matthew hit land in Haiti. A possible slight western path and it could hit the Keys. I'm sure they are preparing for worst case!

Bud Selig was nominated for the Baseball Hall of Fame today. He brought baseball back to Milwaukee in the 60's before selling the Brewers a few years ago. He was also the Commissioner of Baseball for about 17 years or so. We ate dinner next to him in Scottsdale this past spring when we were in town for spring training. A heckuva nice guy and good luck Bud!


Monday, October 3, 2016


I think we're still recovering from Ocktoberfest down at Marquette Park. It was a long rainy saturday of soccer after a rainy friday night game so it was nice to hit the festive event with Dad and Dee and later joined by my niece Deanna. Krissy made an excellent choice!

The Bears finally won a game. I raved about Jordan Howard on draft day and the Bears finally gave him a chance and he rushed for 111 yards like it was nothing. My man!

We took Mango to the dog park and now she's sleeping like a baby!

Right now Coco and I are checking out the new show called Timeless. It looks like a winner so far!

Friday night is when the playoffs start and the Cubs make their run. Anything but a World Series win and I'll be disappointed. But I'm confident in this team!



Dad and I holding our own Masskrugstemmen... He won... 

Dee enjoying the Schnitzel

Deanna and Dad

Ein Bier, bitte