Wednesday, October 19, 2016

It's Gotta Be Rigged

I'm totally serious when I say the election could be rigged. If little Donny gets more than 150 electoral votes then somebody is double pulling the machine handles. Such a poor unprepared candidate with a sense of entitlement his whole life. My friends and I always liked playing sports against guys like this. We'd beat the hell out of them and just before the finish they'd take their ball and go home before it was an official game! They'd drive off in their sports car and we'd take the bus but we didn't care because we beat them and they knew it.

The Cubs are up big time 10-2 as the bats came alive tonight. It's just what they needed!

Curt Schilling announced that he is going to run against Senator Warren for her Senate seat. He said he eventually wants to run for President. She would eat this guy up and he should be in jail for costing Rhode Island taxpayers 75 million bucks and walking away from a business that fell apart faster than a three dollar bill.

The Bears play the Packers tomorrow night so I'll be flipping channels as the Cubs play at the same time. Coco had a chance to wear Packer gear to school today and meet LeRoy Butler. Instead, he wore his uniform and told Mr. Butler that he was a Bears fan. Loyalty to the bone, that's my boy!


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