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Miller Park


  1. In your first picture, I'm wondering what that white stuff on the ground is? Is that sand?

  2. New T shirt :We got "GAR, LOH & YO!"

  3. Was in your home state this week for more AMFAM training. Clearly not as good as being in Madtown! Terrible catered food. I did have one exciting evening there as I felt like I drove into the middle of a Tv Cops chase scene as I had to pull over when I saw 4 pairs of police lights coming up behind me. They turned on a Lombard shopping Center off Butterfield right in front of me and then no sooner had they turned a fancy painted green car came flying out of where they just turned in and hit the median and went screaming down Butterfield with easily 10 squad cars chasing the guy, to another intersection where he came up behind 4 lanes of cars the quickly darted right to avoid being stopped and the chase went on...No shots fired, but it was like a chase scene from Dukes of Hazard or Starsky and Hutch!!! Welcome to Illinois!
    Got out of training at 2 pm to avoid nutso traffic. Got to office by 3:45!