Thursday, February 25, 2016

Cubs Load Up

Holy cow, the Cubs resigned last year's centerfielder Dexter Fowler. This moves Jason Heyward back to right field and their right fielder will platoon with everyone it seems. You can't pitch around this team, the bullpen is stocked and the starting staff is very good. We leave tomorrow and I'll be seeing these guys in spring training next week myself.

I've been working every hour and still need to pack. I guess that's what tomorrow morning is far!


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Fish Free Monday's

Apologies for no blog yesterday. I wasn't feeling well and went straight to bed fairly early last night.

Trump won the Nevada caucus and it looks like he's well on his way to a runaway GOP nomination. It sure doesn't stop Rubio and Cruz giving a victory speech after every primary. Somebody needs to tell them that there's no prize for second place. Although I believe it likely that someone comes in for a third party run now for sure.

Our rear blinker burned out today and I replaced it on a cold dreary day. I've noticed that we never have car issues on nice days!

Almost time to pack for Arizona. We leave Friday!

According to Anthony Bourdain it isn't the best idea to order fish at a restaurant on Mondays. Most fish markets are closed on weekends and restaurants purchase their fish on Thursdays for the big traffic weekends which means Monday's fish is near the end of it's fresh lifespan. Consider that the tip for the month!


Monday, February 22, 2016

National Margarita Day

What a great National Margarita Day. I had a mango Shark-a-rita which came with a Landshark Lager. Pizza at Rosatti's was great with Krissy, Coco, Jim and Nana. I'm so full I could bust.

We started packing for the big Arizona trip. Well, helping Coco pack anyway and he's packing a ton of clothes. A lot of black shirts which I explained doesn't play well for 80 plus degree days. I'm sure it will work out fine. He's still feeling good about his goal last night as well as he should.

4 more days and we'll be in sunshine and baseball heaven!


At Rosatti's

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Mama Tried 2016

What a great night at the Mama Tried motorcycle show. Tons of great bikes in a great old warehouse. We met Gary, Michelle, Joe and Jenny at Just Art's Saloon down the street. It's billed as one ofthe finest dive bars in Milwaukee and it lived up to expectations. The food was great and the bar itself doesn't have a level spot in it. The floor, tables, chairs, pool table is all slanted at different angles. Your beers will slide off the bar almost if you don't hang onto them! I loved it!!!!

Coco's team lost its soccer game tonight but he scored their only goal to keep them from getting shutout. He's really playing well every week now!


Krissy and I

Jenny and Joe

I Loved This Bike

Long Chopper

Sidecar Bike

Friday, February 19, 2016

Goodbye Harper Lee

Literary giant Harper Lee passed away. To Kill A Mockingbird is one of the greatest books ever read. Hopefully she will be judged in literary circles by quality and not quantity!

Unbelievable strong winds today in Milwaukee and throughout the Midwest. We actually hit 61 and sunny this morning then the wind shifted and the temps dropped to the low 40's.

I was lucky enough to catch part of the Thin Man movie today starring William Powell and Myrna Loy. I've seen it before many times. We actually saw William Powell's grave in Palm Springs on our recent visit. He's located not far from Frank Sinatra actually. Truly a great movie!

Stay safe!


Thursday, February 18, 2016

Hawks To The White House

The Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks visited the President at the White House today. The way they are playing the very well could win the cup again in a couple months!

The new voter identification took effect in Wisconsin for this weeks past election. It kept veterans from voting as their Federal Veterans Benefit Card is not a valid identification in the state of Wisconsin. A big thanks to Governor Walker for that. Also, a large portion of State University students couldn't vote neither because a State University Identification card isn't acceptable in the State of Wisconsin despite being issued by the State of Wisconsin. That's pure brilliance and now we see why the Governor couldn't quite finish college don't we!

Apparently even the Pope can't stand Trump and Trump went off on the Pope. The RNC Chairman Reince Preibus said these are basically just harmless food fights. Um Reince, I double down on what I said yesterday. You will need a new job come Thanksgiving!

The President announced that he will be travelling to Cuba. Such an uproar from the GOP. It's not like he insulted the Pope or something!


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

National Margarita Day

I'm so ready for Arizona next week. Nine more days until we leave. Coco is super excited and even has some clothes set aside!

This GOP nomination process is just plain getting out of hand. Name calling and threatening lawsuits is only the tip of the iceberg. Trump still looks like he's going to win the nomination fairly easy and one thing I'm certain is that Reince Priebus will spend his Thanksgiving holiday without a job. The RNC Chairman will be the fall guy I'm betting.

I was reading that a Canadian man has had total amnesia for almost exactly 30 years. Then one day he remembered who he was and sure enough there was a missing person's report on him from 1986. The human brain is even more fragile than we think.

Next Monday is National Margarita Day which also happens to be my birthday. Coincidence I think not!


Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Local Election Day

Turnout seemed low at our polling place as we went after work. A minor snowstorm and a new voter identification process might have hampered turnout a bit. I spoke with a girl in her 20's who always votes but didn't today. She doesn't drive and doesn't have a photo identification. Naturally, many people will ask how she cashes a check I'm sure as I hear that to this day. Who cashes checks with online banking and direct deposits anyway.

Congrats to former Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez for saying that the Supreme Court opening should be filled this year instead of leaving it vacant for over a year.

The warm up starts now and the Mama Tried motorcycle show is this weekend. Not exactly sure what the plan is but it will be fun!


Monday, February 15, 2016

The Hollywood Vampires

A mining company found a 20 million dollar diamond that is flawless and pure white. It's about the size of a credit card! Needless to say, the mining company that found it saw their stock price soar 30 percent.

We're watching the Grammy Awards tonight. The Eagles played with Jackson Browne singing Take It Easy in a touching tribute to Glenn Frey.

Adele was great as usual. Alabama Shakes is a goofy ass looking band but I wouldn't mind seeing them at Summerfest if they came as they sure can play.

Lady Gaga paid a tribute to David Bowie. I didn't like it that much. It reminded me of a mediocre Vegas lounge show which I've seen many.

Alice Cooper, Joe Perry and Johnny Depp as the Hollywood Vampires played a great tribute to Lemmy of Motorhead. An excellence performance!

I also liked the very end with Pitbull. The guy just entertains me for some reason and I really don't know why. A very confident dude that's for sure!


Sunday, February 14, 2016

Cry Me A River

Another cold and snowy day. Next weekend though is supposed to hit 50's!

Coco's team lost their soccer game again tonight. A tough season so far. He had a nice shot on goal but the goalie made a nice save. After a summer conditioning program he's going to be kicking that ball through people I predict!

The GOP is already stating that they won't hold a confirmation hearing for a new Supreme Court judge. Poor judge Scalia wasn't even cold yet before the announcement. No kind words or anything from apparently a heartless Senate in addition to being the DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING SENATE!

Kanye West is crying a river because he's 53 million in debt. He's asking Mark Zuckerberg on Twitter to invest a billion dollars on his ideas. Like the ideas that have him 53 billion in the hole? Or, reaching out to Zuckerberg on Twitter instead of Facebook you fricking moron?


Saturday, February 13, 2016

Perfect Scallops

Another great Valentine's dinner at Bosley's on Brady. I had the scallops and Krissy had the brown sugar salmon. I've had a lot of scallops over the years but these were the most perfect scallops EVER!  Just great with a wonderful risotto and a couple calypso coffee drinks.

We only reached a high of 11 degrees today. I did notice that people are doing the costume thing now for Valentine's Day. I noticed it on NYE Eve and of course Halloween. Someone explained to me today that the 20 something generation is so used to elaborate costumes for events that it will keep expanding. Judging by today I think she is right. No harm no foul. Being festive is the new cool I guess and it's thoroughly entertaining.

Happy Valentines Day to all.


Friday, February 12, 2016

Treehouse Masters

We're back to single digits again and the windchill is dropping as the wind whips up. The warm up starts on monday and it can't gt here soon enough.

A big welcome to Syria as they viewed my blog today. Considering what you are going through over there I am extremely honored and I wish peace comes your way soon.

I watched the greatest show on Animal Planet today with Coco called Treehouse Masters. It's amazing what that Nelson guy can do. These are total liveable houses high up in the trees with bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens. It doesn't take him long to come up with a design and his vision of what it will look like is really amazing. I'm building a fort/shed this year in our backyard and I'm feeling totally inspired!

I heard God's Own Drunk on the radio this morning. It's a song that Jimmy Buffett sang but then was sued over it by some guy named Buckley I believe. Jimmy couldn't sing the song in concert for a while so it gave him inspiration for a new song. The Lawyer and the Asshole!


Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Real Debate

It's nice to see some civility in debates and it happened in Milwaukee tonight. No name calling, no arguing with moderators because you don't like the questions. Just an old fashioned debate to talk about the issues.

Milwaukee was on fire tonight with heavy traffic at UWM the host of the debate and downtown with the Bucks game. 

Two weeks and a day before we leave for Arizona. I went to CVS to buy some stuff for the trip. With it 18 degrees as a high and more cold coming I can't wait to get out of town.

Seeing two spring training games will be a real treat. High expectations are upon my Cubbies this year. Winning more than 97 games and going to the World Series is the goal and I think they are up to the task.

Coco looking better after his illness and I'm liking his chances of playing in his soccer game this sunday!


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Dropping Like Flies

The primary big mouth know-it-alls dropped out today. That would be Chris Christie and Carly Fiorina. Christie goes back to New Jersey to see if he can finish running it into the ground and the everyday woman who crushed HP will again choose which mega yacht she rides off into the sunset.  At least Kasich is finally starting to gain some traction. It's still Trump's to lose and I don't believe he will as it comes down to the winner takes all states.

Gas is at $1.37 in Milwaukee. It hasn't been that low since the Clinton days in the 90's I believe.

Another cold day and it doesn't look like it warms up until next monday. We just need to make it another 3 or 4 weeks and spring will be here!

Rumor through the grapevine is someone bought spring training tickets to two Cubs games already! Booyah!!!! Double Booyah!!!


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

To Be A Manatee

The Manatee's in Florida need to be in water that's over 65 degrees or they start to develop hypothermia. Kind of hard to believe when they average around 1200 pounds. Lately, with the cold Florida winter they have been hanging around the warm springs basically closing it down to human swimmers. They lounge around all day barely moving and looking bored but at least they are staying healthy.

It's cold and snowy in Milwaukee today. Coco is still recovering from his illness and he had his final basketball game today. It was an exhibition game as his 6th grade team went up against an 8th grade team and held their own before losing at the end. He decided on his own to suit up and play and support the team. He only managed 5 minutes but it was an important 5 minute lesson on never give up and never quit. I go to bed tonight a very proud father!

Trump wins the New Hampshire primary. I'm fairly certain that he will not only win the GOP nomination but quite easily. Don't bet against him to insult his way to the Presidency. I'm starting to see it start to lean that way unfortunately for us sane Americans. Suddenly I'm starting to wish I was a Manatee.


Monday, February 8, 2016

Happy Days

Krissy and I watched an episode of Happy Days tonight. You can tell it's filmed in California. People tend to forget how big of a show it was. Milwaukee actually has a Fonzie statue on the Milwaukee River. He's the only movie/television star statue that I know of. Pat O'brien and Spencer Tracy were born and raised in Milwaukee but locals don't seem to know that or even know who they are. What a shame!

Snow off and on today. I think it's only around our 4th real decent snow and it's not really that big of deal.

People talking about the Super Bowl all day. Ratings were pretty decent although the enthusiasm for the game in Milwaukee seemed pretty low. The game was a defensive game and the halftime show was just okay. Millions upon millions of greenbacks were made though so the NFL will consider it a huge success. Now it's time to get ready for next season but Sunday's just aren't the same. They truly seem like they own the day!


Sunday, February 7, 2016

The 85 Bears

It wasn't to be for Carolina today as their offensive line was no match for the Broncos defense. So much for my prediction but I didn't bet on it at least!

The fundraiser last night was a lot of fun. Much bigger than expected and Pat McGurdy put on a great show!

I saw a special today on the 1985 Bears Super Bowl team that won the title in January of 2016. I was at both home playoff games. Windchills well below 0 and they shit out the Rams and Giants in consecutive weeks. John Madden calls them the greatest team that ever lived and few disagree.

The only downfall is that they probably should have won at least 3 Super Bowls during a five year period where they still hold the best record ever in any five year period. Pettiness and untimely quarterback injuries prevented some playoff wins. They were a cast of characters led by Walter Payton and Jim McMahon on offensive and a defense that just enjoyed maiming the other team. It's a time that I will always cherish as a Bears fan!


Saturday, February 6, 2016

Serb Hall Tonight

Naturally I'm pressed to get in the shower and get ready for the fundraiser benefit at Serb Hall tonight. Local favorite Pat McGurdy is the evenings entertainment. He's probably played at every large Irish joint over the years and he is always good!

My book that I ordered came today. It's a biography on Spencer Tracy and it came from Texas in 3 days. It wasn't expected until next Wednesday. This is turning into a big research project.

Tomorrow is the big game. It's turned into a mega gambling event over the years. I'm sticking with Carolina by 9 but I won't be surprised if this one goes either way!

To the showers!!!


Friday, February 5, 2016

Pacing Myself

For some reason I'm so tired tonight and we have a fundraiser tomorrow night to attend so I'm staying in. Coco has strep throat as the nurse at school sent him home today. 

Another solid jobs report and the typical assortment of characters coming out of the woodwork to scream that the sky is falling. It gets really old and this whole campaign for President is getting old very very fast.

I don't know if I've ever seen a candidate as low down dirty as Ted Cruz. He's just a despicable human being and I wish he would go back to Canada where he's from and stay there!

I'm not even sure what the fundraiser is for tomorrow night but all our friends will be there so I can't wait!

Going to bed. Stay safe out there you Friday night animals!


Thursday, February 4, 2016

Sponge Bob Square Pants

Coco stayed home sick again today. I watched an episode of Sponge Bob with him even though he just turned 12. He's seen them all. It occurred to me that Sponge Bob has become his generations Bugs Bunny. You grow up with them, see them all and just never get tired of them as they provide a certain level of comfort.

The second half of Madoff is on tonight. I taped it and will watch it in a bit. It just proves my point though. Nobody watches over your money better than you. I'm always amazed at how people just give someone a large amount of their money and just trust some stranger to manage it. There's absolutely nothing they can do that you can't do for yourself with a little homework!

Super Bowl Sunday coming up. I'm leaning towards Carolina with my old neighbor Ron Rivera coaching them to win by 9!


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Yahoo Remix

So far it's been a very warm February and we've missed the big snows in Milwaukee. The groundhog told us to expect more the of the same yesterday.

Coco has been suffering from the flu after his big birthday weekend which included 3 basketball games, a birthday party and a soccer game in which he started on an 8th grade team as a 6th grader. He's looking better tonight.

Our next trip to Arizona is at the end of this month for spring training games and to see my Dad and Dee along with John and Angela. Coco is coming along for this trip.

Marissa Mayer has been pretty much of a disaster as CEO of Yahoo. She hasn't really fulfilled one single promise and about a third of the staff has left. Now she's laying off another 15% after a dismal quarter. Except she can't call it a layoff. She calls it remixing. I'm not sure why telling someone they no longer have a job needs to be insulted with the word remixing. I have no doubt though that Marissa Mayer will shortly have her ass fired the good old fashioned way to complete the "remixing" process. Another arrogant and terrible CEO that the world doesn't need. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out please!


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Back In The Groove AZ And CA Recap

 It's been a busy couple weeks but back in the blogging business! I'll recap the trip and a bunch of photos at the end. A big thanks to Angela and John for their hospitality.

We started off the friday we arrived by going to Cave Creek. A lovely Mexican dinner followed by a real rodeo with outdoor bars at the Buffalo Chip which burned down on Thanksgiving morning. They will rebuild by June they said!

Saturday morning we hit the mountains for a big hike followed by dinner and cocktails in Old Scottsdale. Patty's First Avenue Bar and the Rusty Spur Saloon once again for great fun!

Sunday we just cooked out and John left for Los Angeles where we met him on tuesday. Krissy and I did the Phoenix Capitol tour on Monday until leaving with Angela on the drive to L.A.

We arrived at Marina Del Ray tuesday afternoon and hung out down the street at Venice Beach. We hung out at the Hinano Cafe Bar where Jim Morrison hung out when he lived there. I took a photo of where he carved his name in the window box.

Wednesday we went hiking on the Hollywood hills and drove down Sunset Boulevard which was great. I saw the Whisky A Go Go and the Viper room. Then to the most famous cave in the world-yes the Bat Cave. Also known as the Branson Cave it was used in the Batman television series in the 60's. You get a great view of the Hollywood sign from there. The Hollywood Hills was probably my favorite part. We went to Burbank but got shut out for Mike and Molly seating as it was packed of VIP's for the series ending shooting.

Wednesday afternoon was spent doing a cemetery run. I needed a photograph of Spencer Tracy's grave for a project I'm working on. A lot of famous people there including Nat King Cole, Errol Flynn one of my favorite stars, Walt Disney, Clayton Moore and Natalie Cole who passed last month. George Burns and his wife Gracie also. Bogart was buried in a different part which we couldn't get to.

Thursday we did the entire walk to the Santa Monica Boulevard and back and Krissy obtained a very bad blister. She toughed it out once again. On the drive back we stopped in to pay our respects to Frank Sinatra at the cemetery and to see his grave. Sonny Bono and William Powell are also buried there. Powell is one of my favorites as the wisecracking Thin Man star from the 30's and 40's.

Friday night we went to the Talking Stick casino for dinner and it was fantastic. Saturday we hung around the pool. Again a big thanks to John and Angela, you two are great!


John and I at William Powell's Grave

Mr. Frank Sinatra's Resting Place

Entrance to Sinatra's First House

Errol Flynn
Sony Bono

Kneeling By Frank's Grave

Spencer Tracy Grave

Cave Creek With Krissy
Angela and John
At The Rusty Spur

Venice Beach Mural
Santa Monica Pier

Krissy's Margarita

Talking Stick Casino

Angela and John Cave Creek
John and I at Hinano Cafe

Where Jim Morrison Hungout

Jim Morrison Carved His Name There

Krissy and Angela

Road Runner in Palm Springs

Batman Cave Hollywood Hills
Batman Cave Used In The 60's

Krissy At The Capitol