Monday, February 8, 2016

Happy Days

Krissy and I watched an episode of Happy Days tonight. You can tell it's filmed in California. People tend to forget how big of a show it was. Milwaukee actually has a Fonzie statue on the Milwaukee River. He's the only movie/television star statue that I know of. Pat O'brien and Spencer Tracy were born and raised in Milwaukee but locals don't seem to know that or even know who they are. What a shame!

Snow off and on today. I think it's only around our 4th real decent snow and it's not really that big of deal.

People talking about the Super Bowl all day. Ratings were pretty decent although the enthusiasm for the game in Milwaukee seemed pretty low. The game was a defensive game and the halftime show was just okay. Millions upon millions of greenbacks were made though so the NFL will consider it a huge success. Now it's time to get ready for next season but Sunday's just aren't the same. They truly seem like they own the day!


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