Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Fish Free Monday's

Apologies for no blog yesterday. I wasn't feeling well and went straight to bed fairly early last night.

Trump won the Nevada caucus and it looks like he's well on his way to a runaway GOP nomination. It sure doesn't stop Rubio and Cruz giving a victory speech after every primary. Somebody needs to tell them that there's no prize for second place. Although I believe it likely that someone comes in for a third party run now for sure.

Our rear blinker burned out today and I replaced it on a cold dreary day. I've noticed that we never have car issues on nice days!

Almost time to pack for Arizona. We leave Friday!

According to Anthony Bourdain it isn't the best idea to order fish at a restaurant on Mondays. Most fish markets are closed on weekends and restaurants purchase their fish on Thursdays for the big traffic weekends which means Monday's fish is near the end of it's fresh lifespan. Consider that the tip for the month!


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