Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Back In The Groove AZ And CA Recap

 It's been a busy couple weeks but back in the blogging business! I'll recap the trip and a bunch of photos at the end. A big thanks to Angela and John for their hospitality.

We started off the friday we arrived by going to Cave Creek. A lovely Mexican dinner followed by a real rodeo with outdoor bars at the Buffalo Chip which burned down on Thanksgiving morning. They will rebuild by June they said!

Saturday morning we hit the mountains for a big hike followed by dinner and cocktails in Old Scottsdale. Patty's First Avenue Bar and the Rusty Spur Saloon once again for great fun!

Sunday we just cooked out and John left for Los Angeles where we met him on tuesday. Krissy and I did the Phoenix Capitol tour on Monday until leaving with Angela on the drive to L.A.

We arrived at Marina Del Ray tuesday afternoon and hung out down the street at Venice Beach. We hung out at the Hinano Cafe Bar where Jim Morrison hung out when he lived there. I took a photo of where he carved his name in the window box.

Wednesday we went hiking on the Hollywood hills and drove down Sunset Boulevard which was great. I saw the Whisky A Go Go and the Viper room. Then to the most famous cave in the world-yes the Bat Cave. Also known as the Branson Cave it was used in the Batman television series in the 60's. You get a great view of the Hollywood sign from there. The Hollywood Hills was probably my favorite part. We went to Burbank but got shut out for Mike and Molly seating as it was packed of VIP's for the series ending shooting.

Wednesday afternoon was spent doing a cemetery run. I needed a photograph of Spencer Tracy's grave for a project I'm working on. A lot of famous people there including Nat King Cole, Errol Flynn one of my favorite stars, Walt Disney, Clayton Moore and Natalie Cole who passed last month. George Burns and his wife Gracie also. Bogart was buried in a different part which we couldn't get to.

Thursday we did the entire walk to the Santa Monica Boulevard and back and Krissy obtained a very bad blister. She toughed it out once again. On the drive back we stopped in to pay our respects to Frank Sinatra at the cemetery and to see his grave. Sonny Bono and William Powell are also buried there. Powell is one of my favorites as the wisecracking Thin Man star from the 30's and 40's.

Friday night we went to the Talking Stick casino for dinner and it was fantastic. Saturday we hung around the pool. Again a big thanks to John and Angela, you two are great!


John and I at William Powell's Grave

Mr. Frank Sinatra's Resting Place

Entrance to Sinatra's First House

Errol Flynn
Sony Bono

Kneeling By Frank's Grave

Spencer Tracy Grave

Cave Creek With Krissy
Angela and John
At The Rusty Spur

Venice Beach Mural
Santa Monica Pier

Krissy's Margarita

Talking Stick Casino

Angela and John Cave Creek
John and I at Hinano Cafe

Where Jim Morrison Hungout

Jim Morrison Carved His Name There

Krissy and Angela

Road Runner in Palm Springs

Batman Cave Hollywood Hills
Batman Cave Used In The 60's

Krissy At The Capitol

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