Sunday, February 7, 2016

The 85 Bears

It wasn't to be for Carolina today as their offensive line was no match for the Broncos defense. So much for my prediction but I didn't bet on it at least!

The fundraiser last night was a lot of fun. Much bigger than expected and Pat McGurdy put on a great show!

I saw a special today on the 1985 Bears Super Bowl team that won the title in January of 2016. I was at both home playoff games. Windchills well below 0 and they shit out the Rams and Giants in consecutive weeks. John Madden calls them the greatest team that ever lived and few disagree.

The only downfall is that they probably should have won at least 3 Super Bowls during a five year period where they still hold the best record ever in any five year period. Pettiness and untimely quarterback injuries prevented some playoff wins. They were a cast of characters led by Walter Payton and Jim McMahon on offensive and a defense that just enjoyed maiming the other team. It's a time that I will always cherish as a Bears fan!


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