Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Dropping Like Flies

The primary big mouth know-it-alls dropped out today. That would be Chris Christie and Carly Fiorina. Christie goes back to New Jersey to see if he can finish running it into the ground and the everyday woman who crushed HP will again choose which mega yacht she rides off into the sunset.  At least Kasich is finally starting to gain some traction. It's still Trump's to lose and I don't believe he will as it comes down to the winner takes all states.

Gas is at $1.37 in Milwaukee. It hasn't been that low since the Clinton days in the 90's I believe.

Another cold day and it doesn't look like it warms up until next monday. We just need to make it another 3 or 4 weeks and spring will be here!

Rumor through the grapevine is someone bought spring training tickets to two Cubs games already! Booyah!!!! Double Booyah!!!


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