Thursday, February 4, 2016

Sponge Bob Square Pants

Coco stayed home sick again today. I watched an episode of Sponge Bob with him even though he just turned 12. He's seen them all. It occurred to me that Sponge Bob has become his generations Bugs Bunny. You grow up with them, see them all and just never get tired of them as they provide a certain level of comfort.

The second half of Madoff is on tonight. I taped it and will watch it in a bit. It just proves my point though. Nobody watches over your money better than you. I'm always amazed at how people just give someone a large amount of their money and just trust some stranger to manage it. There's absolutely nothing they can do that you can't do for yourself with a little homework!

Super Bowl Sunday coming up. I'm leaning towards Carolina with my old neighbor Ron Rivera coaching them to win by 9!


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