Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Fun Month Starts Tomorrow

We had on and off rain showers again. It's the last day of May so I'm hoping this eases up for the fun month. June is always my favorite month. It warms up to consistent 80 degree days and the festivals start. We have Locust Street days and Summerfest just weeks away. Plus Jazz in the Park starts in two days!

The Cubs play the Dodgers again tonight and so far it's a pitching duel with Jake Arrieta on the mound for my Cubs!

Coco is on his last week of school and he's itching to start his new workout program tomorrow.

St. Marcus is starting a Cross-Fit summer camp and I'm helping out. Since it was my idea it seems only reasonable that I help out!

Another day and another Trump whining episode. I might have to stop by cable service at this rate because I simply can't stand this con man which is odd because I usually like most of them for the amusement factor!


Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day

It's been a good Memorial Day weekend as remembering those who've paid the ultimate sacrifice and spending time with family and friends on a long day weekend is what we seem to do best.

Back to the real world and it's dull routine starting tomorrow. We made it out to Pike's Lake to hangout with friends today. I find it to be such a relaxing place for some reason even though it's busy and loud. Plus the gas station across the street sells the best fried chicken which we get for lunch!

The Cubs won again today but lost Jason Hammel to a leg injury. Hopefully it's not too serious.

The Cincinnati Zoo ended up shooting one of it's gorillas after a child fell through into the exhibit. I guess gorillas aren't even safe in a zoo anymore.

Congrats to former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson on winning the Libertarian Presidential nomination. I'm guessing that you're just 24 hours away from being called some choice derogatory names from Trump my friend. It's all he knows so enjoy the attention!


Saturday, May 28, 2016

Cuban Pork

A pretty quiet day today. John and Angela made it back in town for the summer and we will see them tomorrow. Jen and Joe came over this afternoon with Bug and brought Cuban pork. I'm stuffed.

We're heading over to the Roman Coin in a few minutes.

The Cubs won again today. Such a great team.

The Indianapolis 500 is this weekend. It's the 100th anniversary. It used to be a much bigger deal when I was a kid but it's still a big event in the area. My grandfather used to fly his airplane over to watch it from his farm in central Illinois. Those were the days!


Friday, May 27, 2016

Where's The Drought

It's been an off and on rainy day but we still had some sunshine and warm weather. Rains in the forecast everyday for the next 5 days. No plans tonight so we ordered a pizza and stayed in.

Coco took off for the Wisconsin Dells this morning. It sure was good to have him back last night from his Discover America trip.

We made a Home Depot trip for ferns and found a great deal on charcoal. Then a trip to the grocery store so we're set for the holiday weekend.

The Cubs opened up their homestand with a win at the Friendly Confines. David Ross hit his 100th career home run, congrats!

Trump proclaimed today that there is no drought in California. Facts indicate otherwise and it's hard to believe anyone takes this clown seriously.


Thursday, May 26, 2016

He's Back

Coco returned from his trip today and he was surely missed. I asked him his favorite part of the trip and he replied the "Mall of America." I almost sent him back along with his newly purchased Cardinals hat.

He had a great time though and saw Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse. I've never been out there yet.

A rather quiet day today. I did listen to Trump's so called energy speech though. It's clear that natural gas, wind and solar are taking a back seat. It's clear that the oil guys bought his favor and surely he is willing to give them 100 bucks a barrel oil again. Not a doubt in my mind!

Milwaukee clears out for Memorial Day weekend every year and you can tell some have left already. Certain areas and streets are looking empty.

Ken Starr the President of Baylor University was demoted for covering up a scandal involving the football team. He was the so called independent prosecutor against Clinton in the 90's.


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Another Day Another Riot

I can't make up my mind who I despise more. Justin Bieber or Donny Trump. There isn't much of a difference between them as they both act like 12 year old children. Riots broke out in New Mexico and California at Trump rally's in the last 18 hours. He doubled down by calling them criminals and blasting the Republican Governor who is a hispanic woman. Smart campaigning there. Too bad, he seemed like a good guy 20 years ago but I guessed he conned us all.

Speaking of 12 year olds Coco comes back from his Discover America trip tomorrow. I sure missed the little guy.

Jimmy Buffett opened his new tour this week in Austin, TX to rave reviews. He's coming to Wisconsin for a Labor Day weekend show!

The Cubs held on this afternoon for a big win over the Cards.

Forgotten in all the name calling this week was the best housing report in 24 years nationally! There's a building boom in Milwaukee like I've never seen this century.

The abandoned Scientology Church on Prospect Avenue in Milwaukee is now a Mexican Consulate. Please, don't anybody tell Trump!


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tollways Be Damned

Wisconsin is again talking about toll roads in the near future. There is actually a toll building lobby that has approached Wisconsin about building toll roads to cure the worst roads in America. Of course these lobbyists would never offer other suggestions now would they?

Naturally there are some clowns that write in the comment section that this is a splendid idea. Let the actual users pay for the highways. Well, the gas tax is used to pay for these roads so I'm a bit confused as to why consumers paying twice is a good idea.

As a person who moved here from Illinois to Wisconsin to escape these very tollways let me explain a few things. They congest all roads. Feeder roads and everything else in between become congested with people trying to escape these expensive tolls which just start getting more expensive in the future. Then more tollways follow because your Tollway Authority needs more income to pay their expensive salaries and they are expensive. Then more tolls and more roads and you end up spending half your life in your car. You buy the most expensive comfortable car that you can afford because you spend so much damn time in it. Upgraded with a kick ass stereo naturally because it's the only place you will ever listen to music.

Then they will announce that they are tearing down the most congested toll booth because of traffic backups because they are thinking. What they neglect to tell you is that they moved it down the road 5 miles and now that one is the most congested toll booth in the whole state. That's right, they think you are stupid!

I worked 17 miles door to door in Illinois. I drove side roads and the fastest I could make it was 45 minutes but it was usually an hour. If it rained or snowed add an additional 30 minutes and that's just one way! I lost half my youth driving 7mph looking at garbage on the meridian. You'll be late for every weekday event after work and dinner is never before 8pm. Your kids will never know who you are until Saturday arrives!

I once traded a manual transmission vehicle in for an automatic as I was driving home. It was unplanned but I was tired of my calf cramping from riding the clutch. 

Yes, I'm that guy and let the toll roads be damned!


Monday, May 23, 2016

Grilling Debut 2016

I took the recycling out this morning and almost stepped on a possum. Yes, I was more scared than him!

Anyways, I told Krissy to call Joe as we needed Bug the Ridgeback to come out and sniff around. Bug lived with us last summer and she scared away all the critters!

Coco is still on his trip. I spoke to him yesterday afternoon. I gave him some spending money on his trip and the only caveat was nothing from the St. Louis Cardinals game that he went to as the Cards and the Cubs don't mix well. Naturally, he bought a Cardinals hat.  I asked why. He said the red with the black looked so cool he couldn't help himself. I told him to keep that hat at his moms!

I grilled some Italian and 4 cheese sausages along with some chicken and steak tonight with Jenny and Joe over. I tried the new cocoshell charcoal and it takes forever  to get going. I'm talking almost an hour but it does last a long time. I might mix it with another charcoal and see how that goes.

Such a nice problem to have. Grilling dilemmas!


Sunday, May 22, 2016

Bad Day For Lions

A man in Chile decided to commit suicide by jumping into a lion enclosure at a zoo and strip naked. He's in the hospital and they shot the lions to save the maniac. Doesn't really seem fair for some reason.

My horse Exxaggerator won the Preakness. I didn't bet the Preakness because I figured Nyquist would win the shorter Preakness and Exxaggerator coming out on top at the Belmont. The track was sloppy and Exxaggerator races very well in the slop. This should make the Belmont interesting.

Finally they are going to allow camping again at Alpine Valley Music Theater. The Grateful Dead fans helped put an end to that in the late 80's. This year it's being allowed only for the Dave Matthews show July 1st and 2nd. It's a start!

I saw the list of the top 20 drunken American cities. Wisconsin actually had 12 cities on this national list. 12 of them! Blame it on the Germans who started all the breweries!


Saturday, May 21, 2016

Barnacle Bud's Time

What a great day. Mid 70's in Milwaukee which considering a week ago we had snow flurries makes us grateful and appreciative!

Krissy and I started at the legendary Barnacle Buds for dinner and the place was packed. It's a hard to find spot in the Milwaukee River just off Lake Michigan by a cement factory. We had dinner there and a few drinks then started to walk. Walked a lot I should say!

We walked into the Bottle which is about 100 years old and has some secret rooms and additions from prohibition times. Prohibition was a total waste of 12 years and the only thing it accomplished was making a bunch of gangsters rich. Anyways, Heather one of my favorite bartenders and a neighbor was working a fill in shift there and almost dropped dead when we walked through the door.

Our next stop was walking down 2nd street through Walker's Point and we couldn't make up our minds where to go. Then I looked up and we were standing in front of Caroline's Jazz Club. So we stayed there the rest of the night. It's an old school joint that looks like it's from the 1930's. Truly a great night with lots of fun and music!

Nobody goes like the crow flies any better than Krissy and I!


Friday, May 20, 2016

The Bamboo Is Up

You know it's getting warmer when we put up the bamboo fencing over the ugly metal fence. It's looking good and that means summer is almost upon us. This despite the fact that snow flurries happened upon us just last Saturday!

After I complained in my blog yesterday that it was such a bad day my phone rang just minutes after it went online. My dad is in the hospital. He suffered a fall and some blood accumulated by his pelvis so he will be in the hospital a day or two. Get well soon!

Krissy and I made a quick venture to the legendary Wolski's for about an hour or so and now we are back home. Kind of quiet so far for a warm Friday night.

I was reading about Woodstock and some of the money that was paid to the bands. Nobody getting rich back in those days. Jimmy Hendrix made the most by far raking in 30,000 but he had to play two sets for that cash. Someone named Canned Heat made 6500 and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young made 5000. Janis Joplin made 7500 but she played from 2am to 3am. The Who who just finished a concert in Milwaukee last month played from 5am to 6am. Santana only made 750 bucks. I actually saw the coat he wore at Woodstock complete with some mud at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas. The photos are spectacular. Those were the days!


Thursday, May 19, 2016

Goodbye Morley

Morley Safer from 60 Minutes retired last week and today he passed away. He was one of the last old  school journalists around. You won't really see his likes on television again and the future doesn't look bright judging by what I see on cable news stations which are really entertainment channels in disguise. Morley's expose on the Vietnam War was what started a decade of turmoil against the war movement and he will be missed!

An Egyptian plane crashed and people jumping to conclusions before the wreckage is even found.

The Cubs lost a tough afternoon game to the Brewers and leave for a series in San Francisco none too soon.

I went in for an oil change and ended up with a tire rotation also. Car maintenance adds up.

Nothing but technical problems today. Trying to use the ICloud and save some pictures turned into a mess. I could have built a car from scratch faster I think and now I can't get a store coupon to print properly. It's my own fault. I use a 12 year old for all my Apple phone issues and he knows my password but he's out of town. I'm talking about my 12 year old son Cole not Trump!


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Extra Innings

Another late night as the Cubs go into extra innings with the Brewers. They are tied 1-1 and having a hard time getting the bats going for some reason.

The Bulls pick 14th in the NBA Draft. That team is in total dysfunction and needs just about everything from the top down.

There's still a lot of talk about who the next James Bond will be if Daniel Craig doesn't come back. I'm hoping Craig does but if he doesn't I would like to see a name that nobody else has mentioned. Charlie Hunham from Sons of Anarchy would bring a solid bit of edginess to the role much like Daniel Craig did and make it his own in my opinion.

In June they will be taking a submarine to the wreck of the Andrea Doria which sunk in U.S waters in 1956 after colliding with the Stockholm. Sixteen divers have lost their lives diving to the wreckage but there's plenty of photos of the wreck which is deteriorating badly. Ironically the Stockholm was repaired and sold several times and still sails today as the MV Astoria. Caribbean pirates even tried to hijack it several years ago!


Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Don't Touch The Bison

Two tourists picked up a baby bison and put it in their suv and took it to a ranger station at Yellowstone National Park. They thought it looked cold and it was too close to the road. The park is not a zoo and the rangers took it back to it's herd but the herd rejected the little bison so it had to be put down! Nice job tourists!!

Coco left on his Discover America class today on the big coach bus. He was totally excited to be going to St. Louis and the Badlands on a 9 day trip!

Shame on the Sanders people for starting a riot and making death threats in Nevada. If they had followed the rules they would have known that they needed to get a certain amount of delegates to show up but I guess reading the rules is beyond some people. Go vote for Trump as the idiot boat still needs crew members.

Here's why the Kansas experiment with no taxes for small businesses just don't work. Under the law anybody can put together an LLC. I've had two or three myself. Kansas University Bill Self makes 2.75 million a year. He's the best in the business as far as I'm concerned. He created an LLC and pays no Kansas taxes as the law allows. Jobs created by Coach Self is a big zero and the tax burden falls on the middle class and that's just one example as the practice is rampant. Meanwhile Kansas is going broke for services.

The Cubs visit Milwaukee for a 3 game series starting tonight. Let's get a sweep!


Monday, May 16, 2016

A Little Meet, A Giant Step

A totally beautiful 72 degree day in Milwaukee with occasional sprinkles because we aren't allowed a perfect day it seems. I'm not complaining though as we had a few snow flurries and sleet at the Jackson Rummage on Saturday.

A busy day for Coco as he had to leave school early for some tetanus shots then head over for the conference track meet. He leaves on a 9 day Discover America trip tomorrow morning at 6am so it's been a hectic week!

He made it to the meet a mere 5 minutes before the start. I slapped his number on him and he ran the race without any warmup. Well, he ran a personal best of 6:42 beating his record by 20 seconds.

Then, to the 800 where he ran another personal best of 3:09. Passing people the last 200 like a pro. I couldn't have been prouder. Plus he just missed a personal best in the 400 which was part of a relay 5 minutes later in 1:27.

It was quite a night and he showed a lot of moxy. Years from now I'll look back and see that this was a turning point in his sports career. You can't teach toughness!


Sunday, May 15, 2016

A Cold Rummage and Mickey's Big Mouths

It actually snowed for a bit at the Jackson Rummage. Wind chills in the low 30's at best. I went on a beer run for us and decided it was a good day for Mickey's Big Mouth. The finest malt liquor a man can buy. We made ok money and put it aside for the Summerfest slush fund. A good time had by all!

We spent this afternoon at the Roman Coin wondering how come it couldn't be 55 degrees yesterday.

The conference track meet tomorrow to end the season. A good week to you all!


We're slashing prices!

trying the hard sell....

A dog days afternoon

Friday, May 13, 2016

Lucky Friday

It was the best Friday the 13th in recent memory for me as the St.Marcus Mustangs placed 3rd at the County Championship Meet. The Mustangs placed 2 points behind 2nd place and 4 points behind the winners. That's pretty close and we ran some excellent relays and the 6th graders are a spectacular class which means we will return pretty strong next year. We finish with the conference championship on Monday night.

A slow start to the Jackson community garage sale but we'll be there bright and early tomorrow morning for the big day.

I'm starting to believe that Trump is insane. Apparently he calls press publications and pretends he's someone else and talks about himself. It's on tape but he denies it's him. What kind of grown person does crap like this??? Oh that's right, they don't. If I wanted a 12 year old child for President I'd vote for my son. At least he's honest and has all of his marbles!


Thursday, May 12, 2016

Suggestion vs Policy

Trump is walking back on virtually anything he has said in the past year. It was merely suggestion he pointed out. Great, he's trying to suggest his way to the White House and see what sticks in case insulting his way doesn't work. I believe this guy is another Madoff but I'm still researching my theory at the moment.

Track practice was perfect for once today as the sun was shining as it hit 50 degrees. Then, right at the end the clouds came and it started sprinkling. The County meet is tomorrow and I can't wait. Coco is running the mile!

We took two trips to Jackson today with stuff for their big community rummage sale. It's quite a sight.

It looks like Uber might be coming to Key West after all. It was there for a while and the police gave out expensive tickets to all the drivers as it's not allowed there at the moment. Times are changing.

George Zimmerman is trying to auction off the gun he used when he shot Trayvon Martin after starting a fight and getting his ass kicked then calling it self defense because he feared for his life. He should keep it in my opinion. With scumbags like that there's always another ass kicking in their future!


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

All Fogged Up

Someone from out of town asked me today if this foggy weather is typical for Milwaukee.  I replied no but it did resemble London today as we hit a high of 50 with scattered rain.

The Cubs lost a doubleheader today to the Padres. I'm sure that made the haters happy!

Krissy and I worked all night getting stuff ready for the rummage sale in Jackson. More work than I bargained for so I'm going to bed now as I have track practice at 6am.


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Here Come The Love Children

Some guy from a jail cell is claiming that he is Prince's 39 year old son. For this large of an estate I'm surprised it took this long. I was thinking of trying it myself. (kidding) This joker might be the first but I'm thinking he won't be the last.

The Cubs are winning again tonight!  I just might copy and paste this for everyday use.

There is a terrible rumor that the Cubs are trying to trade for Ryan Braun of the Brewers. I know it isn't true though because the article says the Brewers are asking for a major haul. Braun just isn't that good anymore, he's 32 years old and still owed 4 huge years on his contract. Theo just isn't stupid my friends!

A high school in Texas just spent 63 million bucks on a football field. Supporting fans say it was necessary to outbuild a neighboring schools luxurious stadium. Good to have a goal I guess and I'm just glad I'm not in that district. Enjoy that tax bill though.

A homeless woman in Key West became stuck inside a Banyan tree and the fire department had to be called to get her out. There's a photo of it in the Key West paper. She's really inside the tree and I have no idea how she got there. If you've ever been there and seen a Banyan tree it is an amazing structure disguised as a tree with limbs like pipe organs. There's even a resort surrounded by them on Front Street. Too bad I can't grow one here!


Monday, May 9, 2016

Aligning Your Energy

Singer Lauryn Hill was two hours late to her concert and ultimately played a paltry 40 minutes until the curfew mandate shut down the venue. She basically told her fans that her energy alignment isn't an on/off switch and it doesn't always coincide with her concert times. I'm thinking her fans will quit paying for her tickets soon because she basically has what Trump calls low energy. Or, in her case just a lazy diva with no regard to the fans.

I cashed our Derby ticket today and also won a $150 Visa gift card from a side work project contest. That tends to make a day a bit nicer than normal.

We watched some American Pickers episodes tonight. We can't get enough of that show and that includes Coco also. It's a great way to learn some American history.

I'm not a Paul Ryan fan today but Sarah Palin went off on him for not supporting her puppet master Trump. She is going to come to Wisconsin and campaign for Ryan's opponent which is comical in itself as Ryan is almost unbeatable and she has no sway in this state. Be careful what you wish for Sarah. We know your family likes bar fights and the good people of Wisconsin do also!


Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day

We hit 70 degrees on Mother's Day and good wishes to all of you. It was almost shorts weather but not quite as we cooked out at Krissy's mom's house.

So busy this morning that we didn't have time to cash our Derby ticket yet from Saturday. I'll do that tomorrow as we won't need to worry about winning Powerball. We play the the lottery maybe twice a year and we have a hard time even getting one number right!

The Cubs won their 7th game today with a 13th inning homer from my guy Javier Baez. this is getting good!

Anyway, a busy week coming up with track practice and the famous Jackson Rummage. Stay safe this week!


Cashing A Ticket

Such a long Saturday that I'm now getting to the blog before I run out of the house. I'm planning on a Mother's Day blog tonight.

Anyway, I was at an all-day track meet yesterday. It shouldn't have lasted that long but that's another story. St. Marcus did well especially in the relays. Coco set personal records throughout the day. He ran a 7:02 mile, an 86 second quarter in a relay and a 3:23 800. It was a windy day especially for the mile so he's chomping at the best to lower his mile time which is already a school record for a 6th grader.

I bet Exxagerator across the board yesterday and he finished second so we slightly more than doubled our money. Would have killed it if he could have grabbed first but Nyquist ran a good time and is a better horse than I expected. Exxagerator is a huge closer and we're betting him big for the Belmont Stakes which is a longer race. I'm hoping he takes the Preakness off because it's a shorter race with tighter curves at the Baltimore track and I just don't see a pathway to be in the money. 

Off to shower and run off. Enjoy your Sunday!


Friday, May 6, 2016

It's Official

Tickets go on sale next Friday for the Jimmy Buffett Labor Day Show on September 3rd at Alpine Valley. Appropriate that it was in the 70's today for the announcement. And that will be the last 70 degree day in the forecast for the next 10 days.

The Cubs won again today and are on pace to set some all-time win records. We shall see!

Big day for Coco tomorrow. We have a track meet at 9am then soccer clinic at 2pm. He looks ready!

I managed to find time for a Spencer Tracy movie today. Bad Day at Black Rock. It was terrific and also starred Ernest Borgnine, Lee Marvin, Robert Ryan and Walter Brennan. Tracy won an Oscar Nomination for  this movie.

I put money on Exxagerator for the Kentucky Derby. Especially if they get a little rain.

Have a safe weekend!


Thursday, May 5, 2016

Cinco de Mayo 2016

Happy Cinco de Mayo! It's not the biggest event in Milwaukee for some reason despite a town that looks for any event to make a drinking party out of.

The Cubs are three outs from another win against Washington tonight. At least someone in that town is working so I give the Nationals some credit!

Trump twittered a picture of himself eating some Taco Bell on Cinco de Mayo. The poor idiot thinks that real Mexican food I guess like some people think McDonalds is a real burger joint. No wonder Paul Ryan, Romney and both Bushes amongst others decided not to support this phony!

I'm leaning towards Exxagerator to win the Kentucky Derby Saturday. I'll place my bet tomorrow and let you know for sure!

Don't miss Halley's Comet meteor shower tonight. If you can't stay up don't worry. This Presidential Election will shower you with plenty of fireworks amongst other things so lift up those pant legs!


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

It's Derby Time

The Kentucky Derby is Saturday. Last year on won some pretty good money for the first time in a long time. This year I'm looking at two horses. Nyquist who is undefeated and coming out of the 13 post. Or, Exaggerator coming out of the 11 post. I'm leaning towards the later as the jockey is kent Desormeaux a Louisiana boy who has won for me before. Plus his brother owns this horse so I'm thinking they wouldn't enter this horse unless they thought it had a real good chance of winning. We have a track meet Saturday so I will probably have to place my bets on Friday.

The Cubs won again today and remain the number one team in baseball! One of the few bright spots on my cold 45 degree day. I'm glad we went for the that warm weather walk yesterday.

Someone found a diamond that looks like the size of a tennis ball. All I ever find is tennis balls with dog slobber on them!

Cruz and Kasich dropped out of the GOP race. Now that all the human beings are gone we shall see how the last idiot standing does!


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Trump Finds Oswald's Accomplice

If anyone else said it we would be committing them to an institution or at least giving them a drug test. Trump links Cruz's father to Lee Harvey Oswald and possibly the JFK Assassination based on  54 year old photo of Oswald with a Cuban looking man lurking in the background. He's truly becoming a poor caricature of a human being. Fox News keeps favoring him though because of ratings so careful what you wish for!

It hit 70 degrees today so Krissy and I went for a walk. Who knows when the weather will permit that again as we just don't trust it.

Track practice is licking my butt pretty good but Coco is looking good for his big meet on Saturday.

I'm cooking a big steak for dinner. I'll use my black pan as I don't feel like getting the grill cleaned up and ready tonight.

Jake Arrieta goes for his 6th win of the season against the Pirates. Don't bet against this man, he's on fire!


Monday, May 2, 2016

Fishing For Budweiser

Finally, the sun found Milwaukee once again and we hit 59 degrees. People are itching for summer and all the music festivals!

The Key West Songwriter's Festival is hosting their 21st annual starting this Wednesday and running through Sunday.

It looks like the Sports Authority chain which filed for bankruptcy will be closing all their stores now. A hedge fund bought them 10 years ago. They made their money off it though and now over 14,000 people will lose their jobs. Let's just give them another tax cut though.

A cruise ship visited Cuba today for the first time in about 40 years. A lot of people are against this idea. That is, until they find a way to make some cash off of it and then it will be okay.

Starbucks is being sued by a lady and her lawyer for serving too much ice in their cold beverages despite the fact that you can always ask for less ice. This is what happens when one country has two-thirds of the world's lawyers. Crap lawsuits with no justice in site.

Three fishermen were fishing in Wisconsin's Wolf River and they caught a 6 pack of Budweiser that some poor fisherman lost in the 60's. They were steel cans with the plastic ring still on them. The steel cans were all rusted but the plastic rings were in near perfect condition and not degraded at all. Yep, time to start digging more landfills I think!


Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Wit Lives On

Krissy and I had a nice night at Steve and Holly's last night and it was great seeing everyone. A large group showed up and we played a couple new fun games unfortunately I can't remember the names off hand but I'll try to find out for later blog purposes.

We made tacos and watched last week's episode of the Blacklist tonight and it was one of the best shows ever. The writing on that show is absolutely brilliant and one of the characters was killed off which is okay with us as she was the worst actor on the show.

This afternoon we went to a memorial service for Wis Guthrie, the 98 year old father of Krissy's step dad Jim. I met Wis several times and really enjoyed talking to him. He remained sharp until the very end.

Wis was a long time art professor at Carroll College which is now Carroll University. About 250 people showed up and told some great stories. He was a student of Grant Wood's in Iowa. The name should sound familiar as he painted American Gothic.

It was a service in the Quaker tradition complete with a celebration of his life with fantastic homemade movie clips woven together. I must say I totally enjoyed myself as the Quaker's really do it right.

Wis had an interesting take on the Gettysburg Address. He believed it remained popular because it closely matches the Lord's Prayer in style. I've never heard that before and I studied history under David Blight who is a well known Lincoln Historian.

They had a lot of his personal artwork on display. My favorite piece was a painting/picture shortly after the 2000 presidential election. It showed Abraham Lincoln overlooking the Supreme Court with 9 cards in a row representing the justices. The Kings represent the male justices and the queens represent the female justices. One card is different. It is 3 cards from the right and that card is a joker!

The memories and wit through his art will certainly live on!