Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tollways Be Damned

Wisconsin is again talking about toll roads in the near future. There is actually a toll building lobby that has approached Wisconsin about building toll roads to cure the worst roads in America. Of course these lobbyists would never offer other suggestions now would they?

Naturally there are some clowns that write in the comment section that this is a splendid idea. Let the actual users pay for the highways. Well, the gas tax is used to pay for these roads so I'm a bit confused as to why consumers paying twice is a good idea.

As a person who moved here from Illinois to Wisconsin to escape these very tollways let me explain a few things. They congest all roads. Feeder roads and everything else in between become congested with people trying to escape these expensive tolls which just start getting more expensive in the future. Then more tollways follow because your Tollway Authority needs more income to pay their expensive salaries and they are expensive. Then more tolls and more roads and you end up spending half your life in your car. You buy the most expensive comfortable car that you can afford because you spend so much damn time in it. Upgraded with a kick ass stereo naturally because it's the only place you will ever listen to music.

Then they will announce that they are tearing down the most congested toll booth because of traffic backups because they are thinking. What they neglect to tell you is that they moved it down the road 5 miles and now that one is the most congested toll booth in the whole state. That's right, they think you are stupid!

I worked 17 miles door to door in Illinois. I drove side roads and the fastest I could make it was 45 minutes but it was usually an hour. If it rained or snowed add an additional 30 minutes and that's just one way! I lost half my youth driving 7mph looking at garbage on the meridian. You'll be late for every weekday event after work and dinner is never before 8pm. Your kids will never know who you are until Saturday arrives!

I once traded a manual transmission vehicle in for an automatic as I was driving home. It was unplanned but I was tired of my calf cramping from riding the clutch. 

Yes, I'm that guy and let the toll roads be damned!


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