Sunday, May 8, 2016

Cashing A Ticket

Such a long Saturday that I'm now getting to the blog before I run out of the house. I'm planning on a Mother's Day blog tonight.

Anyway, I was at an all-day track meet yesterday. It shouldn't have lasted that long but that's another story. St. Marcus did well especially in the relays. Coco set personal records throughout the day. He ran a 7:02 mile, an 86 second quarter in a relay and a 3:23 800. It was a windy day especially for the mile so he's chomping at the best to lower his mile time which is already a school record for a 6th grader.

I bet Exxagerator across the board yesterday and he finished second so we slightly more than doubled our money. Would have killed it if he could have grabbed first but Nyquist ran a good time and is a better horse than I expected. Exxagerator is a huge closer and we're betting him big for the Belmont Stakes which is a longer race. I'm hoping he takes the Preakness off because it's a shorter race with tighter curves at the Baltimore track and I just don't see a pathway to be in the money. 

Off to shower and run off. Enjoy your Sunday!


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