Wednesday, May 4, 2016

It's Derby Time

The Kentucky Derby is Saturday. Last year on won some pretty good money for the first time in a long time. This year I'm looking at two horses. Nyquist who is undefeated and coming out of the 13 post. Or, Exaggerator coming out of the 11 post. I'm leaning towards the later as the jockey is kent Desormeaux a Louisiana boy who has won for me before. Plus his brother owns this horse so I'm thinking they wouldn't enter this horse unless they thought it had a real good chance of winning. We have a track meet Saturday so I will probably have to place my bets on Friday.

The Cubs won again today and remain the number one team in baseball! One of the few bright spots on my cold 45 degree day. I'm glad we went for the that warm weather walk yesterday.

Someone found a diamond that looks like the size of a tennis ball. All I ever find is tennis balls with dog slobber on them!

Cruz and Kasich dropped out of the GOP race. Now that all the human beings are gone we shall see how the last idiot standing does!


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