Monday, May 16, 2016

A Little Meet, A Giant Step

A totally beautiful 72 degree day in Milwaukee with occasional sprinkles because we aren't allowed a perfect day it seems. I'm not complaining though as we had a few snow flurries and sleet at the Jackson Rummage on Saturday.

A busy day for Coco as he had to leave school early for some tetanus shots then head over for the conference track meet. He leaves on a 9 day Discover America trip tomorrow morning at 6am so it's been a hectic week!

He made it to the meet a mere 5 minutes before the start. I slapped his number on him and he ran the race without any warmup. Well, he ran a personal best of 6:42 beating his record by 20 seconds.

Then, to the 800 where he ran another personal best of 3:09. Passing people the last 200 like a pro. I couldn't have been prouder. Plus he just missed a personal best in the 400 which was part of a relay 5 minutes later in 1:27.

It was quite a night and he showed a lot of moxy. Years from now I'll look back and see that this was a turning point in his sports career. You can't teach toughness!


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