Friday, May 13, 2016

Lucky Friday

It was the best Friday the 13th in recent memory for me as the St.Marcus Mustangs placed 3rd at the County Championship Meet. The Mustangs placed 2 points behind 2nd place and 4 points behind the winners. That's pretty close and we ran some excellent relays and the 6th graders are a spectacular class which means we will return pretty strong next year. We finish with the conference championship on Monday night.

A slow start to the Jackson community garage sale but we'll be there bright and early tomorrow morning for the big day.

I'm starting to believe that Trump is insane. Apparently he calls press publications and pretends he's someone else and talks about himself. It's on tape but he denies it's him. What kind of grown person does crap like this??? Oh that's right, they don't. If I wanted a 12 year old child for President I'd vote for my son. At least he's honest and has all of his marbles!


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