Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Trump Finds Oswald's Accomplice

If anyone else said it we would be committing them to an institution or at least giving them a drug test. Trump links Cruz's father to Lee Harvey Oswald and possibly the JFK Assassination based on  54 year old photo of Oswald with a Cuban looking man lurking in the background. He's truly becoming a poor caricature of a human being. Fox News keeps favoring him though because of ratings so careful what you wish for!

It hit 70 degrees today so Krissy and I went for a walk. Who knows when the weather will permit that again as we just don't trust it.

Track practice is licking my butt pretty good but Coco is looking good for his big meet on Saturday.

I'm cooking a big steak for dinner. I'll use my black pan as I don't feel like getting the grill cleaned up and ready tonight.

Jake Arrieta goes for his 6th win of the season against the Pirates. Don't bet against this man, he's on fire!


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