Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Don't Touch The Bison

Two tourists picked up a baby bison and put it in their suv and took it to a ranger station at Yellowstone National Park. They thought it looked cold and it was too close to the road. The park is not a zoo and the rangers took it back to it's herd but the herd rejected the little bison so it had to be put down! Nice job tourists!!

Coco left on his Discover America class today on the big coach bus. He was totally excited to be going to St. Louis and the Badlands on a 9 day trip!

Shame on the Sanders people for starting a riot and making death threats in Nevada. If they had followed the rules they would have known that they needed to get a certain amount of delegates to show up but I guess reading the rules is beyond some people. Go vote for Trump as the idiot boat still needs crew members.

Here's why the Kansas experiment with no taxes for small businesses just don't work. Under the law anybody can put together an LLC. I've had two or three myself. Kansas University Bill Self makes 2.75 million a year. He's the best in the business as far as I'm concerned. He created an LLC and pays no Kansas taxes as the law allows. Jobs created by Coach Self is a big zero and the tax burden falls on the middle class and that's just one example as the practice is rampant. Meanwhile Kansas is going broke for services.

The Cubs visit Milwaukee for a 3 game series starting tonight. Let's get a sweep!


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