Friday, January 31, 2014

One Long Month

I walked four blocks to Walgreens around noon. The streets were packed and people appeared to be picking up a lot of essentials. That's what happens when the weather finally breaks north of the tolerable level. Still, I have no plans for tonight.

The first leg of the Key West Classic Regatta starts on Saturday. About a dozen tall ships from around the world will compete and spectators can tour the classic sailboats afterwards.

I saw an old interview from 1991 with Hillary Clinton today. She actually had quite a bit of a southern twang back then. Not so much anymore.

Congrats to Joakim Noah of the Chicago Bulls for making his second all star team. He's my favorite Bull because he plays the game right.

Happy birthday to Mr. Cub himself, Ernie Banks. He is my favorite Chicago Cub of all time and I have a fond memory of spending a couple hours with him at an auto dealer in my youth with a bunch of fans. He signed autographs with a big smile the entire time and answered all our questions. A true ambassador for baseball.

Lake Mead in Nevada has had a declining water level for fourteen straight years. Imagine that, water problems in a desert climate. As a frequent visitor to Vegas, I was always impressed by the resourcefulness of the Nevada people. Besides additional water drilling, they reuse over 90% of their water. The local governments even give tax breaks to homeowners who forgo traditional grass lawns. They will manage a way to keep up with demand.

Eastern Airlines appears to be rising from the dead. It began flights in 1926 but disappeared off the radar so to speak in 1991. A group bought it out of bankruptcy several years ago and is waiting for Department of Transportation approval. Once approved it will be based out of Miami. Airline stocks have surged the past year so perhaps the timing is right. They will be taking delivery of an Airbus A320 this fall and will hopefully start flights in December. I always love a vintage comeback.

George Zimmerman is taking part in a celebrity boxing match on March 1st. No word yet if he gets to shoot his opponent after he gets his ass kicked again!


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cobwebs In D.C.

President Obama will be in Wisconsin today touring a GE plant in Waukesha. Governor Walker will be greeting him at Mitchell Airport and asking him for emergency relief for the major propane gas shortage. Less government is always convenient unless you need something.

The big birthday bash for Cole went well last yesterday and he had a great time with all his school friends. A total of 19 kids for 5 hours and all of them were great. For some reason I 'm just looking for some quiet time today.

A 300 year old Stradivarius violin was stolen from a Milwaukee symphony concertmaster. It appears to be a well planned heist as the concertmaster was tasered in the parking lot and the case with an implanted GPS chip was located several miles away. It has been reported that the extravagant fiddle is worth around $6 million so I doubt we'll be seeing it listed on Craigslist.

The stock market recovered well today. The Federal Reserve Bank stuck with their plan to roll back bond purchases and the GDP grew 3.2% according to the Commerce Department.

Hall of Fame baseball announcer Bob Uecker announced that he will be cutting back on the amount of road game telecasts. A former MLB catcher, Uecker started doing broadcasts for the Brew Crew in 1971. Johnny Carson gave him the nickname "Mr. Baseball." He's a legendary and beloved figure in Wisconsin.

I grew up thinking that being in the U.S. Congress was an honorable full time job. That members worked for the people and tried to make lives better. As I get older, it's apparent that they work for corporations and special interests with maybe a cursory thought about the people they represent. That is, if they ever came to work anymore.

Congress was out on recess last week after they had barely been back from a Christmas vacation that nobody else has. They worked 3 days this week and the GOP faction left today for a so called "retreat" which I think is code for fine wine and cigars. No wonder nothing is getting done in Washington. It's become the world's best part time job and D.C. has become a ghost town lately.


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cole Turns 10

Happy Birthday to my son Cole! His party starts at 2 today and he invited a lot of friends. No man could ever ask for a finer son and I truly consider myself blessed.

The Atlanta snowstorm had over 1200 accidents last night. That seems like an awful lot when you consider cars were at a standstill. Seven hour commutes,  children spending the night at schools have made Georgia a very unhappy state. I can't blame them. They seldom see snow and have no removal equipment. What's a weather report for if employers and schools choose to ignore common sense.

Summerfest has announced that Motley Crue will be the main stage performer on July 4th. This will be part of their final tour as all 4 band members have signed an agreement to permanently dissolve the group. The tour runs thru 2015 and Alice Cooper will be a part it.

I've seen Alice Cooper several times in concert and it's a great stage show. I even have his autograph as he was sitting behind me at an indoor track meet watching a friend of his run the indoor mile. A really down to earth guy. Sadly no photograph as this was before camera phones.

Yahoo (YHOO) is taking a pounding today after last nights earnings report and it appears the honeymoon might be over for CEO Marissa Mayer who is a Wausau, Wisconsin native graduating from Wausau West. The turn around is going to take longer than people expected. If it does at all.

I watched the State of the Union address last night and thought it was okay. Some folks liked it better than myself. The GOP response with Cathy McMorris Rodgers was very good. The bar had been set so low with pathetic performances by Bachmann, Jindal and Rubio that Rodgers looked like a rockstar in comparison.

I missed the Tea Party response by Senator Lee and the Libertarian response by Senator Paul. I don't understand why the need for 3 responses. If those factions don't want to be a part of the GOP, they are free to leave. A party divided amongst itself certainly can't win a national election.


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bad Day For An Apple

The CEO of Bitcoin exchange Bit Instant was arrested by authorities at Kennedy International Airport and charged with money laundering. I seem to recall some blogger writing about this on sunday. Just saying!

Apple Computers (AAPL) stock is down about 8% today. They sold fewer I Phones than expected. This is probably a good entry point as the company is sitting on  large cache of cash and has the ability to buy almost any profitable company. Worst case scenario is that they have a large stock buy back.

Northwestern University football players are trying to start a union which would be the first one in collegiate sports. It would be called the College Athletics Players Association if it becomes certified. The goal isn't to pay athletes salaries. They would like full cost scholarships, better medical attention and a trust fund for graduate education. Considering how much the NCAA makes off collegiate sports, this movement could get some wheels behind it.

RIP to legendary folk singer Pete Singer. You were a lifelong friend to the Hudson River cleanup and could play a little too. You will be missed by many.

The State of the Union address is tonight. I've been watching it religiously for years. I always got a kick out of seeing my old high school teacher sitting just over the President's left shoulder after he became Speaker of the House.

Be sure to check your credit card statements. If there's a $9.84 charge on your statement it's most likely fraudulent. Some fraudster believes that a majority of people won't catch such a small charge on their statement and they're most likely correct. Especially on those first statements after holiday time.

I heard some talking heads on CNBC talking about the best ways to fix the economy. Their big ideas were broad tax reform and lowering the minimum wage to $4 an hour to spur massive hiring. Tax reform would be positive but the do nothing congress will continue to do nothing in an election year. Lowering the minimum wage won't happen neither as I recall Lincoln outlawing slavery in 1865.


Monday, January 27, 2014

My Courtney Love Encounter

Milwaukee schools are closed today and Tuesday. The thermometer is struggling to reach 0 and I'm refusing to even check the wind chill.  So far Coco has had breakfast twice and an early lunch. It's fun having him around on a weekday but I'm hoping I have enough food in the house!

Super Bowl ticket prices in the secondary market are dropping like a rock in water. Nobody should really be surprised. The ticket prices are outrageous and the weather forecast isn't pleasant. Most local NFL fans will be content to watch the game at a local watering hole or party like the rest of the world.

Former Cub Matt Garza signed a 4 year deal with the Milwaukee Brewers. If he stays healthy for once he will have a solid season.

The Arizona Republican Party censured Senator John McCain for basically being too critical of conservatives. Understandably, fellow Arizona lawmakers rose to his defense. A censure for disastrous decision making in 2008, would have been far more appropriate!

Courtney Love was found not guilty in a Twitter libel case. It's been called a landmark case because it's the first of its kind. I've actually met Courtney before. Well, more like I touched her 3 times!

It was at the Joint, which is part of the Hard Rock Hotel complex in Las Vegas. It was Memorial Day weekend 1998, my friend and I wanted to go see a concert. The only tickets  available were for her band Hole. I wasn't a fan at the time, but it was a fabulous show.

The Joint was a standing room only music venue with a rail about halfway up the floor. I was standing next to the rail just a few feet down from Penn Gillette the illusionist. Courtney came on stage wearing butterfly wings dressed like a Vegas Showgirl.

After about 6 songs she just plunged into the audience where she ended up about two feet away from me singing "Heaven Tonight." So, I decided to reach out and touch her shoulder. Security never came so I did it again. Still no security, so I touched her neck and shoulder this time and said "hi Courtney." I had become a little star struck I admit. She just smiled back and with a wink went back onstage. The guy next to me thought she stopped there because I looked a bit like Kurt Cobain at the time. Whatever the reason, it was a bizarre moment.

A Russian man in Pennsylvania was charged over the weekend with possession of weapons of mass destruction. No word yet it if he purchased them on Craiglist Iraq!


Sunday, January 26, 2014

Bitcoin Will Be A Fad

The Key West Botanical Garden has a new Cuban raft exhibit. It has eleven very unique rafts that were used by freedom seekers crossing the Straits of Florida. Some Cubans made it and some did not. By the looks of the rafts, their courage can never be questioned.

As a connoisseur of fine candy, I'm of the firm opinion that PEZ is the best candy ever. It's an Austrian company that started making this legendary candy in 1927. Cole and I loaded up his limited edition KISS band box set dispensers this morning. I've often wondered why they don't also sell the candy in large bags like M&M's? It is fun collecting some dispensers but the candy should be the emphasis.

Congrats to the Tosa Thunder winning Saturday's game to extend their record to 3-1. It's a strong team offensively and defensively.

Everybody seems to be asking questions about Bitcoin lately so I thought  I would provide my two cents. It's a digital currency and a payment system. It uses sophisticated encryption and has basically no regulations at this point. The transaction fee is very small and the transaction itself is almost impossible to trace.

It's estimated by various experts that approximately twenty percent of its transactions are used for black market activities such as drugs, sex trafficking and money laundering. Some legitimate retailers have been accepting bitcoins as of late. Rumors persist of a major auto dealership accepting bitcoins for a high end purchase. In truth, the dealership provided transportation for the customer to exchange bitcoins for U.S. dollars.

There's four major reasons Bitcoin will eventually fade into obscurity like the transistor radio. One, it's not backed by any governments. It's value solely depends on the willingness of others to accept it's stated worth. It's inflation just waiting to happen. Secondly, the federal governments will eventually target them as a probe of black markets and possibly Bitcoin customers themselves. Think NSA.

Thirdly, the major banks have already been outspoken against Bitcoin and will not become associated with them. Banks like U.S. dollars and will not accept anything with cheaper fees that cut into bank margins. Bitcoin totally violates the golden rule. Those that have the gold make the rules.

In conclusion, Bitcoin will eventually face some competition as there's no barrier to entry. Remember Beta and VHS tapes? The very last Bitcoin customers will get stuck with a nice shiny worthless coin collection to show off next to their worthless Beta tape collection!


Saturday, January 25, 2014

My Onion Chopper

It's officially the coldest Wisconsin winter since 1979. There's a shortage of propane gas throughout the midwest and customers are getting just enough allotment for a couple weeks. Fortunately, I have natural gas. Unfortunately, natural gas prices have gone thru the roof. Not a mere coincidence I'm sure and my next energy bill will be outrageous.

The St. Marcus Mustangs 4th grade basketball team ended their campaign with a win to remain undefeated. A perfect 12-0 record with two tournament wins. Congrats to a first class group of competitors.

When I got home after the game last night it was snowing once again and bitter cold had set in. So, we uncorked a bottle of cabernet and decided to stay in and watch television. Krissy decided to multi task and work on this huge Key West puzzle of the entire island that we bought on our last trip.

Our first program was on BBC. A history of Ian Fleming and 007. I should mention that I'm a huge James Bond fan but I'll spare you with my collectibles for another day. It was a fascinating piece of work with in depth interviews of Fleming and co-producers Cubby Broccoli and Harry Saltzman. Naturally, every Bond actor recollected their experiences as 007 and I was mesmerized for the entire two hours.

Next up was Anthony Bourdain on CNN. It's a totally different food show with more of a travel aspect than anything. This time he was in Burma and Malaysia. He has the heart of a true adventurer and a very unique appreciation and approach to the world. He spoke in Milwaukee a couple years ago and I missed it. I won't make that mistake again if afforded another opportunity.

We woke up this morning and watched the Godfather. A 1972 classic which Krissy had never seen before so I added a bit of narration for her benefit. She had heard of the horse head scene before. Who hasn't?

Later lunch at the Trocadero. The beer line burgers are fabulous!

I'm off to a soccer game now for Cole. Krissy decided to start dinner. The photo below is how she chops onions and I'll just leave it at that!


Friday, January 24, 2014

Should Be a Great Bar Night

Between another dismal stock market day and former republican Governor Huckabee believing that women can't control their libido, I'm fairly confident that taverns across the U.S. will be filled to capacity tonight!

Microsoft (MSFT) is one of the few stocks doing well today. They had a good earnings report and sales of the Surface doubled. I'm actually going to take a look at the surface.

McDonalds (MCD) lost customers last quarter so they are re-thinking some business strategies. None of the proposals included treating employees like quality human beings. Until they wake up and realize public relations do matter this could be a quarterly trend.

Krissy ordered a pair of boots from across the pond at noon on wednesday. They arrived today via DHL just before noon today. I'm totally amazed. No, not about the 48 hour delivery but that England is apparently hoarding all the great boots these days!

The Greg Maddux statue at the Baseball Hall of Fame will feature a logo less cap. Maddux played a large portion of his career with both the Braves and the Cubs. He didn't want to offend any fans so he chose that option. A true first class act.

Pro Golfer John Daly has a new pizza chain bearing his name. He is fully invested in this new venture. You have to love an endorser who puts his money and his product where his mouth is!

The Florida Key pelicans are having a rough winter as they are suffering from malnourishment. Apparently, there is a low supply of baitfish combined with a higher population of migrant birds from the north.

The Republican National Committee has moved the Republican convention to June of 2016. It will be the earliest convention since 1948. It's aimed at shortening the amount of primary debates. So basically, America gets spared 7 additional Rick Perry debate performances.


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Deport the Menace

I was crying and laughing at the same exact time this morning. Crying because it's 9 degrees and the stock market was plunging. Laughing because I changed channels and saw Justin Bieber in the Dade County lockup. This kid is a bicoastal menace now. Can't we deport him? Our friends in Canada probably don't want him back. We could throw in that new artist George Zimmerman as a deal sweetener!

A big "cheer up" to my good friend and musical historian John. Rumor thru the grapevine is he's a bit upset over the impending Captain and Tennille divorce. Get over it amigo. She wasn't that hot and he wasn't really a captain. Muskrat Love and the 70's can't live forever!

Ringo and Paul will be performing at the upcoming Grammy Awards. No word on a set list yet. Apparently the 60's can live forever!

Former NBA player Cliff Robinson will be a participant on the upcoming season of Survivor Cagayan. It premieres on February 26th with totally first time players and no redemption island.

Condolences to the family of 8 year old Tyler Doohan. He saved 6 people from a trailer fire but lost his life trying to save his disabled best friend who just happened to be his grandfather. That's courage at its finest.

Once again Sean Hannity showed off his lack of football knowledge by letting his audience know that this would be the first cold weather Super Bowl. Apparently, he has never heard of the Ice Bowl in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Tesla (TSLA) announced a new market today. They will be delivering a new model to China this spring. CEO Elon Musk will  someday go down as the Steve Jobs of the auto industry. His horizon is pure genius.

The GOP Super Pac's are on the hunt for young mega donors. The second and third biggest donors passed away in 2013. Combined, they were bigger donors than the next ten contributors combined. I'm sure they'll be reaching out to me soon.


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Matt Damon as Gunga Din

Over 3 million people die worldwide from water related causes. Either from intolerable sanitation or just lacking in supply. Matt Damon and co-founder Gary White have started a life saving non-profit organization called with a website of the same name. Its goal is to provide clean water and sanitation to impoverished villages throughout the world.

The Schooner Wharf Bar Wreckers Cup race series starts this sunday. It's a seven mile course that starts in Key West harbor. It pays homage to the era of the 1800's when wreckers would race out to unmapped reefs to save precious cargo and crews from a damaged freighter. It was a most profitable business for the wrecker owners as they would receive a large cut of the cargo for their savior efforts.

Eleven days out of office and former Virginia Governor Bob McConnell has decided to give Governor Christie some competition for republican of the month. McConnell and his wife Maureen were indicted in federal court of illegally accepting large loans, vacations and lavish gifts from a major political donor. I would imagine that both of them are hoping that Anthony Weiner announces a run for something very soon!

The New York Yankees were the winners of the Masahiro Tanaka sweepstakes. The Chicago Cubs came up on the short end. I'll be okay though. The baseball part of my brain is conditioned for disappointment and a lot of it.

Fruit Loops cereal is apparently a flavor fraud. Tests have revealed that every single loop will taste exactly the same. Lets just pray that Captain Crunch retains his integrity.

Investor Carl Icahn has increased his stake in Apple (AAPL) to over $3 billion bucks worth. It's less than one percent of the company but still a large drop in the bucket. Icahn has an impressive record but I'm not a fan of the so called activist investors who tend to push around the board of directors with incessant demands. Apple seemed to do just fine before his arrival and will do just fine once he moves on.

Purdue University had a fatal shooting yesterday. Oklahoma University has reported a shooting on their campus this morning. Maybe college isn't a safe bet after all.


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tuesday Musings

Meat freezer conditions have come back to Milwaukee today. It was 3 degrees when I woke up. Krissy is fighting a chest cold but she toughed it out and went to work anyway.

We are contemplating getting a dog this year and have no idea what to get. We'll probably do a lot of research then go out and get the first mutt that makes us laugh. I once went to a pet store to get a fish and walked out with a yellow labrador retriever. The next year I went back to the same store for a fish and walked out with a chocolate labrador retriever. After the second dog I got rid of the fish tank!

The Hawaiian Islands are having 50 foot waves today which is usually good for surfing. However, it's so windy that even the world class surfers can't make it in the surf. The weather can be tough in different ways.

New Jersey folks who attended Governor Christie's inauguration this morning became stuck in a horrific traffic jam while attempting to leave the festivities. Somehow that seems fitting.

Kudos to the Gates Foundation which has given over 28 billion dollars to fund global health and development. I will never understand the Bill Gates critics. Here's a man who's only 58 years old and in perfect health. He could be sipping margaritas on his own island with a harem of strippers, yet he tries to leave the world a better place. Too bad he doesn't know how to multi task.

Tim Jennings and Kyle Long of the Chicago Bears were added to the Pro Bowl. It's a great honor but I don't know anyone who actually watches this game anymore.

Richard Sherman's father is telling anyone who will listen that his son is just "misunderstood." Yes, that tends to happen when one acts like a prima donna on national television. I "understand" Russell Wilson quite a bit better obviously.

Caroline Kennedy, the U.S. Ambassador to Japan has spoke out against that country's annual bottlenose dolphin hunt. Basically, a bunch of people on boats herd the dolphins into a cove where they are slaughtered. Japan defends the hunt by citing their ancestral tradition.

Frankly, I'm a little confused when "tradition" is used as a defense for any transgression. In my family history I had some relatives who were horse thieves. It's absolutely true, horse thievery is one of my family traditions. Yet, you don't see me out on the range rustling up ponies!


Monday, January 20, 2014

American Hustle

"The art of survival is a never ending story." That was the last line of the movie American Hustle. It's a brilliantly sophisticated movie with an impeccable cast. Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper and Christian Bale were superb. Jennifer Lawrence probably wins another Oscar, she's that great.

Krissy and I caught the flick this afternoon at the Downer Theater. It's a 99 year old throwback theater with an eccentric atmosphere. I truly love the old cinema houses.

Quantum Key West race week started yesterday. World class sailboat racing continues thru Friday with sailboat enthusiasts from throughout the world visiting the Conch Republic.

The stock market was closed today in observance of MLK day. Hopefully we'll have a strong opening Tuesday morning.

Free agent Japanese pitcher Masahiro Tanaka has until Friday to decide which major league baseball team he will pitch for this year. Rumor has it that the Chicago Cubs are a slight favorite. I'm not sure if that's true but it would be a major coup.

Seattle Seahawk's cornerback Richard Sherman showed the world that he's a classless arrogant prick and apparently Sarah Palin stepped on hers. Sherman's post game tirade put a blight on a world class city. His demeanor is completely opposite of teammate Russell Wilson. Wilson played quarterback for the Wisconsin Badgers and is a first class act.

Palin chose a day of positive remembrance to take another hated bitter shot at the president. She's a lot like Sherman, always a moth when a television camera lights up. Palin was a governor of a state with a population smaller than Milwaukee, yet she truly believes she is the pulse of America. In reality, she's the pulse of bitter hate which also seems to be a never ending story.


Sunday, January 19, 2014

Super Bowl Is Set

Krissy and I ventured to Potawatomi Casino last night with John and Angela. We started with dinner at the Wild Earth Cucina. We've only been there once before about 4 months ago. Yet, our server Kayla remembered us very well. Not sure if that's good or bad, but the food was excellent and Kayla is a world class server. John and I won a little bit of money, well, just enough to cover the girl's bar tab!

Oliver Stone has dropped out of the MLK movie project. He was planning to write and direct a big budget film but too much outside interference from a variety of sources. Too bad, most of his films are overall excellent and definitely thought provoking. I remember seeing his movie Platoon at the theater to a packed house. It was so silent at the conclusion that you could hear a pin drop.

There seems to be more trouble for Governor Christie. The Mayor of Frank Sinatra's hometown, Hoboken, New Jersey claims the Governor directly withheld Super Storm Sandy recovery funds unless Mayor Zimmer backed a redevelopment plan as a quid pro quo. The administration quickly brushed off Mayor Zimmer as a political hack but she has met with the U.S. Attorney's office. Sounds like the Governor might want to take the dime out of his trained mouthpiece and let the investigation unfold in a civil manner.

We watched Denver beat New England over burgers this afternoon at Sobelman's. It's a classic old school Milwaukee joint with great food. Denver will be facing Seattle in the Super Bowl. Looks like this game will be better than the commercials for sure. Below is a picture of a real championship team!


Garden Homes Tournament Champions

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Watch Your Thumbs

Wow, it's been a hectic weekend. The St. Marcus Mustangs had an away game last night winning by 20. Then an all day tournament starting with an 8am Saturday game. Again the Mustangs win a tournament extending their record to 11-0. After the first game of the tournament they had an hour offensive practice in the basement to work on passing. Hard work is paying off.

A Baltimore man recently lost his left thumb in an untimely accident with a saw. Doctors did a transplant using his big toe which was attached in place of his thumb. A hand without a thumb is almost useless.

I've actually known a person with the exact same procedure. Until he pointed it out I never actually noticed it. It was during my college days when I was working as a truck helper at a 7UP transport hub. He was a forklift operator and a loose bottle got stuck in the machine. When he removed the bottle with his hand his thumb became stuck and was crushed. He gave me some very serious advice. Watch your thumbs and I've been watching them ever since.

Did anyone see actress Marilu Henner on the Morning Joe show on CNBC this week? She is one of 12 people in the world diagnosed with hyperthymesia. She can remember specific details of everyday of her life since she was a small child. She was tested by host Joe Scarborough and she passed with flying colors. People say that I have a great memory but I'm not in her league.

Radio host Mark Levin is calling for the GOP to boycott the upcoming State of the Union address. In my humble opinion he  knows that this will solve absolutely nothing, it's just a mere attempt to make a headline and boost his ratings. A sad pathetic idea by a sad pathetic soul.

Apparently the do nothing Congress has decided to double down this year like a Las Vegas high roller playing blackjack. In 2013, Congress did virtually nothing in Washington D.C.  After less than 2 weeks back at work in 2014, congress recessed after Friday's session. I guess it's much more relaxing watching Ground Hog Day in the convenience of their home movie theaters.


Friday, January 17, 2014

Hey Joe Just Fix It

The USS Cole will be in Key West this weekend. This was the Navy ship that was attacked by suicide bombers in Yemen in 2000. The explosion ripped a 40 foot hole in the destroyer killing 17 U.S. sailors. It was repaired and returned to military service in 2003. I'm sure they will receive a warm welcome at the Truman Waterfront.

Clayton Kershaw of the Los Angeles Dodgers signed a 7 year $215 million deal to stay with the Dodgers. Great left handed pitchers really have it made as they are a rare commodity in baseball. When my son Cole was 2 years old, I briefly tried tying up his right arm with a bungee cord so he would try throwing lefty. It didn't work very well and people gave me a good natured hard time. Judging by this contract maybe I should have tried harder!

Russell Johnson passed away yesterday. Krissy knew immediately who I was talking about when I yelled upstairs that the "professor died." Johnson played the professor on all 3 seasons of Gilligan's Island and by all accounts was a genuine good guy.

Hiroo Onoda passed away from pneumonia yesterday. Onoda was a Japanese soldier stationed on a small island off the Philippines during WWII. He was among a handful of japanese soldiers scattered about that never believed the reports that the Japanese Imperial Army had actually surrendered.

 Finally in 1974, his commanding officer located him and officially relieved him of duty. Still wearing his ragged 30 year old uniform, Onoda surrendered  his sword to Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos but Marcos refused it in a rare act of decency. I've seen several lengthy documentaries regarding Onoda and found them totally fascinating.

Joe Manchin, the former governor and current democratic Senator of West Virginia has a puzzling take on his states most recent chemical spill. He's "not going to cast guilt on anybody." Really, maybe that's why this is the 3rd major spill in 5 years? Hey Joe, hold someone accountable for a change.

Manchin will also look into requiring inspections on storage tanks near water. Or, maybe someone should move the storage tanks away from water? It would be an added expense for the mining corporations but they shouldn't have been built on water in the first place. Hey Joe, find a set and give safe drinking water to the good people of West Virginia!


Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Boss Mocks the Guv

Bruce Springsteen appeared on Jimmy Fallon's show and together they did a parody of  Born to Run. It was a certain jab at his home state governor regarding the recent George Washington Bridge scandal. It was a hilarious spoof with the Boss biting his lower lip at times not to laugh. Governor Christie idolizes the Boss so I'm sure that made a tough month even more painful.

I ran into Pastor Mark Jeske while attending a basketball game at St. Marcus the other day. He baptized my son almost ten years ago. Such a fine man. He's heading to Arizona for a couple speaking engagements and I'm wishing him a warm and safe trip.

Fodor's Travel named Duval Street amongst it's top 15 best main streets in the United States for it's historic roots and preservation. A well deserved honor and tribute for Key West.

Thieves recently tried unsuccessfully to steal Sigmund Freud's ashes from a London crematorium. Freud passed away in 1939 and the motive appears unknown. I remember in 1978 when Charlie Chaplin's body was stolen in a ransom attempt. Poor Charlie was found buried in a field and the thieves were caught.  Grave robbers also attempted to steal the Great Emancipator which is why Lincoln is now encased in several tons of concrete. Grave robbery appears to be a high risk no profit proposition.

Yes, I was a college history major if that last paragraph befuddles anyone. Certain peculiar stories just interest me and I inherited my love of history from my grandma Kiner. A lovely woman who is missed by many.

Another senseless act at a movie theater in Florida this time. A retired police captain allegedly shot and killed another patron over his incessant testing. A witness told a local reporter, " I can't believe people would bring a pistol to a movie".

Frankly, I'm shocked that the witness is shocked. It's become the American way. Talk tough and shoot someone. Fisticuffs are a lost art my friend. No one wants to get there hands dirty anymore.

I don't believe the defendant will get much of a penalty. There were allegations of popcorn being thrown and this incident happened in Florida. I'm sure he was just standing his ground!


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Ice Quakes ???

Ice quakes are being reported in Fond du Lac County, WI. It's being caused by water that sinks into the bedrock thru cracks then freezes and expands. It actually sounds like gunshots or explosions if it's a good size quake. A rough winter in the Midwest indeed.

Justin Bieber had his home recently searched by the Los Angeles County Sheriff. Apparently his next door neighbor had his home vandalized and suspects Bieber. No comment from the Sheriff if the search turned up Bieber's common sense or a brain.

I'm starting to get worried about Mitt Romney as he was spotted at an Arizona concert venue dancing "gangnam" style. It's obvious that Mitt doesn't have any vices to spend his money on and he is bored. Oh well, it could be worse. He could be Bieber's neighbor.

Summerfest announced that Bruno Mars will be the headliner on opening day. He's also the halftime act at the Super Bowl this year. I'm impressed with the lineup so far.

Fleetwood Mac has announced that Christine McVie has rejoined the group. She left in 1998. I smell a mega tour coming up.

The Chicago Bear fan who tasered his Green Bay Packer loving wife received a $250 fine from a Wisconsin judge. This could set a bad precedent depending on the wife or girlfriend. Hmmm, I'm a Bears fan and Krissy is a Packer fan, oh never mind...................................

Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls is off crutches and traveling with the team again. Hopefully he will have a complete recovery from his 2nd knee surgery.

The St. Marcus Mustangs 4th grade basketball team extended their unbeaten record with a 29-7 win over the Star of Bethlehem Lutheran School last night. The Mustangs played excellent defense and their record is now 7-0.

Although Star of Bethlehem didn't win this game on the court, they sure are winners of the court. They had a young man wheel chair bound, dressed in a jersey and keeping stats. Every player and every coach made sure that young man was part of that team. It just shows that there is a lot of good and decency in the world.


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Harry Caray You Are Missed

Harry Caray once called Wrigley Field the largest saloon in the world. Harry, the Hall of Fame Cubs broadcaster who passed away in 1998 always had an eye for the obvious. When the Chicago Cubs announced that they would have a first time mascot named " Clark the Cub", it made me think of Harry. What would his reaction be?  Most likely he would have been fine with it. But, like the rest of us long time suffering cub fans, I'm sure he'd rather see a bunch of rowdy shirtless beer drinkers sitting in the bleachers in october for a change.

Krissy had a brutal day at work yesterday so we decided to hit the Bel Air Cantina for mexican food and margaritas. It's one of our favorite haunts and it was a short walk on a warm january night. Tequila is a wonderful elixir!

A hearty get well to Pete Puggle. I'm sure you'll have a speedy recovery from your recent surgery. Along with his brother Frank, they are two popular dogs in Milwaukee's Historic Third Ward. Our friends Angela and John feed them better than most people, including myself. As always, I look forward to seeing the "boys" at the Brady Street pet parade.

Summerfest has announced another headliner. The Dave Matthews Band will play on July 2nd. This will be a can't miss on my summer schedule.

Jimmy Buffett was back in Key West this past weekend. He was spotted at David Wolkowsky's annual cocktail party which coincides with the Key West Literary Seminar. One of my favorite authors, Scott Turow was a speaker at this year's event.

Wolkowsky is a most interesting person. He is a conch (born in Key West) who moved to Philadelphia and later retired back to Key West. In 1967, he built the Pier House Resort Motel complex which includes the world famous Chart Room. Buffett's first gig was at the Chart Room, thus the personal connection. It's a must see on any Key West itinerary.

Not only is Wolkowsky regarded as a first class developer, but he's a true friend to writers and teachers. In 2000, Wolkowsky created the Teachers Merit Awards fund as he believes teachers are a truly remarkable asset to our future. If only this southern attitude could drift north to the Badger State.


Monday, January 13, 2014

Kentucky Being Outsourced

Hollywood stole George Clooney from Kentucky long ago. Then, Dubai and parts of the middle east take over the big money business of thoroughbred horse racing. This morning Japan's Suntory, a private company announced that they have reached an agreement to buy Jim Beam (BEAM). Come on, Clooney isn't moving back but at least leave the whiskey. Just take Senator Mitch McConnell instead!

This should be a big week for the stock market. The major banks report 4th quarter earnings this week. If they report solid earnings the markets could take off. A few hiccups though and we could see the market trade sideways for a while or even get a pullback.

Major League Baseball has reduced the suspension of New York Yankee 3rd baseman Alex Rodriguez to 162 games. He will miss the entire 2014 season. Rodriguez is definitely the Kim Kardashian of baseball. Neither one of them will just go away.

A Southwest Airline plane landed at the wrong Missouri airport yesterday. Another jet did this 2 months ago in Kansas. The U.S. Department of Transportation stated that landing on the wrong runway isn't that unusual. I'm flabbergasted by that alone but this was the wrong runway at the wrong airport! There is no good excuse for this threat to public safety at a time where every video cowboy has GPS on their IPhone. None.

Still no drinkable tap water for the West Virginia residents in the 9 county chemical spill area. Bottled water is being sent into them. I hope it's at least that Fiji brand for their inconvenience. I'm no water aficionado but that Fiji water is good stuff.

What kind of confidence can one have with the local authorities to correct this debacle? The lucky citizen who gets to drink the first glass of tap water will be like the first fortunate soul who was brave enough to test the first parachute. Well, it should be all good.............


Sunday, January 12, 2014

Fox N Hounds

We went to the Fox and Hounds restaurant last night for a 21st birthday celebration for Miss Ashley who is Kristin's niece. Kristin, Cole and myself met up with Jim, Nana, Jen and Dom for a wonderful dinner. Happy 21st Ashley!

The restaurant itself has an interesting history. It's located in Hubertus, WI in the beautiful hills of the Kettle Moraine. Starting as a one room cabin in 1845 it became a central spot for the local fox hunts. It's morphed into a large restaurant since 1933 thus the name, Fox and Hounds.

The Tosa Thunder won their indoor soccer match yesterday, 11-1 over the NI Cubs. Great defense overall by the Thunder. Cole played well. Unlike his old man he loves defense more than offense. I never saw a shot I didn't like.

DeSean Jackson of the Philadelphia Eagles had $250,000 of cash stolen from his home safe while he was in Miami. I know the banks aren't trustworthy but they aren't that bad. Make a deposit man!

Key West was visited by the Food Network once again. I can't blame them as the island is truly one of the restaurant capitols of the world. They visited Henrietta's, Conch Republic and the Blonde Giraffe. Unfortunately, I've never been to these 3 establishments but I'll make sure to visit them on my next trip.

Previously, the Food Network has reviewed my favorite Key West restaurant, Blue Heaven. Wonderful food in a unique location. It's an indoor/outdoor locale that was once a bordello and later an outdoor boxing arena where Ernest Hemingway used to referee boxing matches. It's a must visit on any Key West itinerary.

Watching the morning political shows when presidential likeability came up in a conversation. It made me wonder, who was the last president that wasn't well liked by a majority of the people? I would reason that it was Richard Nixon for the most part. He wasn't a warm and fuzzy persona before Watergate. But I never had a strong dislike for Nixon like a lot of people. He was a heckuva poker player, made inroads with China and proposed healthcare for all. Unfortunately, the democratic house at the time opposed it. Ignorance is truly a bipartisan notion at times.


Saturday, January 11, 2014

Junkyard Dogs

The St. Marcus Mustangs 4th grade basketball team extended their unbeaten season with a 48-10 win against Trinity. They actually had a shutout going at halftime. Ten kids on an inner city team that play defense like a bunch of junkyard dogs! Their offense is simple, no ball hogs, pass the ball to the open guy and shoot. They even do defensive drills at halftime. My son Cole plays in the middle of their 2-1-2 zone defense with a great deal of pride. What a team!

Milwaukee finally made it back into the 30's with freezing rain. Now there's massive puddles everywhere and it freezes over at night making it treacherous to walk and parking a nightmare. We just can't win this winter.

Key West is getting a visit from world famous artist Peter Max who was the official artist of the 2006 Olympics. Max is having an exhibit at the DuRubeis Gallery on Duval Street. He first rose to fame in the 1950's with fellow contemporaries Jason Pollack and Norman Rockwell.

Over 300,000 people in West Virginia are without drinking water this week. It's only usable for toilet flushing thanks to Freedom Industries. In a brilliant display of strategic planning a storage tank right next to the Elk River ruptured spilling chemicals that are used to make "clean" coal.

It's almost as bad as fracking which injects chemicals below the earth's surface to break up oil deposits from shale. The mining corporations will someday have a far more valuable commodity than gold someday. It will be called "clean water."


Friday, January 10, 2014

Shake, Rattle and Roll

Key West incurred a 5.1 richter scale earthquake yesterday afternoon. Apparently the epicenter was ten miles north of Cuba and 12 miles below the ocean surface. Only a handful of people in Key West actually felt any tremors and no building damage was reported. Ironically, I researched earthquakes in Key West earlier this week and couldn't find any occurrences since 1880.

Labor Secretary Thomas Perez responded today that he has confidence in his staff and their economic numbers after a disappointing jobs report. The ADP numbers were on the other end of the spectrum. These numbers are usually revised the next month and they each use different methodologies to gather data. I'd have more confidence in both of these entities if they could just do it right the first time and quit acting like the major banks.

A new statistical release shows that over half the representatives of congress have a net worth over 1 million dollars. I'm shocked that it isn't much higher actually. This is the reason that I scoffed at the people who suggested taking away their measly congressional paychecks would end the government shutdown much faster. Come on, it's about the power. More power will get you more cash in the long run.

Milwaukee's Summerfest just announced that the Zac Brown Band will be the headline act for July 3rd. I saw this band for the first time last summer at the Alpine Valley Music Theatre and I'm predicting that they will be the next great touring band with devoted fans along the likes of Jimmy Buffett's and the Grateful Dead's.

Speaking of Summerfest, a kudos and big shout out to my good friend Jamie who worked as a beer slinger at the festival for many years. He recently moved to Orlando and missed this wonderful winter. He'll be in Miltown for a visit in February and I can't wait to see him. Truly a warped sense of humor and a beloved figure in Milwaukee circles.

Lastly, a community service story from Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin. A woman there couldn't start her 2007 Dodge Caravan so she tried the old trick of putting a hot mound of coals under the engine department. Naturally, it caught fire causing a grand in damage. The local police chief has advised the general public not to try this. On behalf of the citizens of Wisconsin, thank you Captain Obvious.


Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Bridge Over Troubled Water

It appears that two of Governor Christie's under links didn't receive the memo that only rock bands like the Beatles or U2 should cause traffic jams. A cheap juvenile stunt delayed or tied up traffic for multiple days on the nation's largest bridge. School buses late for school, ambulances delayed and general commuter hell for ordinary Joe's just wanting some dinner. It was done as a political payback because the Fort Lee, New Jersey voters didn't support Christie.

Personally, I've always liked Governor Christie. Sure, he's brass, arrogant and condescending to the media, but he's a straight shooter. He gives people an issue oriented opinion out of one side of his mouth unlike a certain governor in Wisconsin.

The million dollar question becomes quite obvious. Will this doom his prospects of winning the GOP nomination for president? It's a split decision amongst political strategists but I'll go on record and say he is done! Tony Soprano just doesn't play well in Iowa.

Good news for Milwaukee this summer. The Blue Angels are back and will be flying in the air and water show in June. They were grounded last year due to the government sequestration.

Key West is having crime problems with the so called "Graveyard Thief". No, not a grave robber but a professional burglar hitting this beautiful neighborhood hard. The police have a couple of suspects via local surveillance cameras and have sent them to the FBI for further clarity. Hopefully the authorities will make a break in the case soon.

Kudos to Tom Glavine, Frank Thomas and Greg "Mad Dog" Maddux for being elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Maddux was one of my favorite baseball players of all time. I remember being in the Wrigley Field bleachers in 1987 watching him pitch. He wasn't very good then and I told my friends that the Cubs needed to switch him from a starting pitcher to a relief pitcher or he wouldn't be in the league very long!

I actually sent my resume to the Cubs organization once looking for a job and I never heard back from them. Hmmm, I wonder why?


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy Birthday King

Elvis Presley would have been 79 years old today. The King of Rock n Roll never won a Grammy award for his rock music. However, he did win 3 Grammy awards for his gospel music.

The King's career did have some turbulent moments and one of those happened in La Crosse, Wisconsin. After a mid 50's concert performance the local catholic diocese sent a letter to J. Edgar Hoover of the FBI warning that Elvis was a security danger to the United States. Apparently his main infraction was autographing some body parts of teenage girls. How the times have changed!

The FBI Director kept surveillance tabs and a file on Elvis for the rest of his life. Apparently some things don't change!

Some Wisconsin laws obviously need to be changed regarding sitting governors being allowed to sit on juries. Governor Walker is currently sitting on a jury trial and one of the defendants is indirectly a 5 time campaign contributor to the governor. The trial judge is aware of this so I'm not putting this on the governor at all. But this reeks of conflict and the governor should be recused.

Apparently Sean Hannity has never watched a NFL game. He believes that Tim Tebow is being punished and discriminated against by the NFL for his Christian beliefs. Tebow was a terrible passing quarterback but this belief is blatantly false. Tebow was offered other position jobs by other NFL teams but it was quarterback or nothing for Tebow. Nobody in this country believes he is being persecuted for his religious beliefs except for a few low information followers of this empty suit.

Jimmy Buffett recently revealed a tidbit about his famous hit song "Margaritaville" which was released in 1977. Elvis Presley was scheduled to record it before his untimely death. I'm going to spend the rest of my day singing it just like Elvis!


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Warmup Starts

It's supposed to hit a high of 3 degrees today and hit the 30's by Friday. The freeze is causing problems throughout the country. JetBlue airlines has cancelled or delayed 4200 flights and I had to pull my indoor tropical plants away from the cold windows. Even Key West couldn't escape the fringe of the polar vortex as it dropped into the 50's last night with a chilly day ahead for the Conch Republic.

Janet Yellin was confirmed by the senate yesterday to succeed Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. The first woman ever to be the head of this "ole boy institution". Judging by the 26 no votes from the other "ole boy institution" there appears to be some unhappiness in the ranks.

The Chicago Bulls traded long time small forward Luol Deng to the Cleveland Cavaliers for long time pain in the ass Andrew Bynum and draft picks. Bynum is expected to be released in a salary dump before he even sets foot in the Windy City. Bynum is widely viewed as a headache child who doesn't have the chops to make it in Chitown.

A speedy recovery to innovative Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos who had to be flown out of a tropical paradise with kidney stones. I've had two kidney stone surgeries myself and they aren't a joke!

Jihad Jane was sentenced yesterday to ten years for her part in a terrorism conspiracy. Either she had a great attorney or the blonde hair worked!

Received a post yesterday on a different blog that an investor was almost back to even on Bank of America stock (BAC) after holding it for 5 years. Wow! So, basically he has a slightly negative rate of return after 5 stinking years. He should have been in and out of this stock at least 20 times over this period. The internet and cheap trading costs would have made this  extremely profitable.  Buy and hold is a terrible strategy in this world economy.


Monday, January 6, 2014

Mr. Freeze Came to Town

Nothing like waking up to -13 degree real temperature this morning to put two little words in your mind as you wake up. All schools closed thru Tuesday, grocery stores closing early, some restaurants and bars closed also. You know the wind chill is bad when bars in Wisconsin are closing. Prohibition couldn't do it but -40 degree wind chill factors apparently can. I'm not going to feel pity for myself though, but happiness for my amigos in the Florida Keys where it's 83 degrees and absolutely no wind this morning.

The Packers game in Green Bay yesterday wasn't quite as cold as today but close. Kudos to my friend Dennis for braving the elements to support his team at Lambeau Field. We texted throughout the game. I almost felt guilty watching the game in my balmy living room but I figured he was sufficiently liquored up to withstand the artic tundra. His team lost 23-20 and the 49er's march on to North Carolina to meet the Panthers.

Liz Cheney dropped out of the Wyoming senate republican primary citing family health issues. The writing was on the wall, she was going to get her ass handed to her by the Wyoming voters. She thought she could move to Wyoming and trade off her daddies name for a plush senate seat. Now she's taking her ball and moving back east. I'm sure Fox News will give her a million dollar gig to be another empty talking head.

The stock market is down today but the banks are doing really well. Investors are starting to remember the golden rule. Those that have the gold, make the rules!


Sunday, January 5, 2014

Review of the Wolf

Went to see the "Wolf of Wall Street" last night with Krissy. Dinner and big beers at Replay first, then next door to the Oriental Theatre for the movie. It's the greatest theatre I've ever been to. It's actually an ornate movie palace built in 1927. They don't make them like that anymore.
The movie was very good, not great like the book but I find that is usually the case. Or, maybe I just had too high of expectations. It's a 3 hour movie structured a lot like  "Goodfellas" with a narration by the main character to tie the plot together. It's a lot more comedic than the subject matter usually predicates. Jonah Hill was top notch and at one point he had a sixty second Joe Pesci type tirade that was brilliant. It has tons of F bombs and you become almost oblivious to the nudity towards the end. Overall, it captures the era in a remarkable fashion and I highly recommend it.
As long as I'm on the subject matter, here's my stock market tidbit of the day. Experts will tell you that you can't beat the market so just invest in index or mutual funds. Do you know who those experts are? Index and mutual fund managers who don't make a cent if you buy your own stocks! Do your own homework and make some money. You can outperform them if you just try.
Goodbye Phil Everly who passed this week. Along with his brother Don, the Everly Brothers were one of the inaugural inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Good news for my son Coco who started his indoor soccer season yesterday. The Tosa Thunder won 5-3 and the kids had a lot of fun being back in action. 
Below is a picture that Krissy took from the warm house of me cleaning off the truck from our most recent snow storm. Now we have a -57 degree wind chill front coming in and schools are already closed for Monday. Is it any wonder that I yearn for the Conch Republic?

Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Dog Day in North Korea

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un fed his uncle to 120 starving dogs when he had him executed last month. It is unconfirmed and may not be true but pretty brutal if it is true. It does strike me as odd though when Dennis Rodman seems to know more about this little thug than any CIA analyst.

General Mills has decided to ditch the genetically modified cheerios. I actually heard a talking head on CNBC say that kids would keep on eating cheerios no matter what. Really? Name one kid over speaking age that is clamoring for cheerios. It's breakfast with Captain Crunch or Tony the Tiger. This is why it's mandatory to do your own stock research. Plenty of idiotic stock analysts out there who haven't ventured into main street for quite a while.

A town in the western part of Germany had to be evacuated due to the discovery of a bomb from World War II. It happens several times a year actually and sometimes they blow up. Almost 69 years since the end of the war and it's still taking on casualties.

 Milwaukee actually turned an automobile assembly factory on Downer Avenue into a bomb factory during the war. Now it's part of UWM complete with some high end shops.

Michael Jordan's house in Deerfield, Illinois is back on the market for 16 million. He's been trying to sell it for the last 2 years even trying an auction with no avail. I actually lived about 5 miles away from him when he built it in 1995. I was living in a small house and he built this huge mansion.

Not much has changed. I live in another small house somewhere else and he built another mansion somewhere else.


Friday, January 3, 2014

Scorsese Backlash

Really? Come on! Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio are getting blasted for basically making a movie glorifying bad behavior. I might be a bit biased because I read " The Wolf of Wall Street " in 2008 and I couldn't put it down. I haven't seen the movie yet but I plan to this week.

Isn't a movie supposed to be out there a bit and about non-common conflicts? Otherwise, directors would follow people around, add a bit of narration and call it a documentary.

Other Scorsese movies such as " Goodfellas " and " Casino " were spectacular films that  I watched many a times. Did I go out and become a mobster or a morally bankrupt casino executive? No, I didn't. Did I want to for a while? Of course I did. I'm a guy, it's what we do! Movies aren't the real world, including most of the biographical ones. Give the rest of us a break please!

On other notes, the stock market opened the new year down for the first time since 2008. We all know how that  turned out for us. I still see the Dow hitting 18,000 this year, but you still need to be a stock picker for your own portfolio.

Good news for Milwaukee, a new law allows the pedal tavern passengers to drink alcohol on board now. It's basically a 16 passenger tavern on a bike pedestal base that travels around the historic Third Ward. It's quite a site to see. I could see something like this doing well in Key West. Duval street is so long that plenty of travelers could use it to tour the world's most unique street.

Something is fishy with the NFL playoff tickets. Green Bay had to get a 24 hour extension to sell tickets to avoid the dreaded local television blackout. Approximately 3000 tickets remain. Some people are blaming the terrible artic weather forecast for the sunday game but I'm not buying it. Half of the Packer Nation goes ice fishing several times a year. In my humble opinion, somebody that gets up at 5am to sit on a block of frozen ice to catch a fish doesn't make decisions based on weather.

It certainly can't be ticket prices. In our Governor's war on greedy teachers he gave the state a massive property tax break. The average savings is $13 a year. Surely that can get one a ticket. Right?


Thursday, January 2, 2014

Who's Back to Work Today

Fox News is in a major uproar over Mayor de Blasio this morning. The man is going to ruin New York City they tell us. Personally, I find it hard to believe that one man can ruin our nations largest city all by himself. It seems like Fox News underestimated the number of democrats that live in New York and overestimated the number of people in the other 49 states that really give a crap. I guess we know who the new target is.

Good bye to Uncle Phil. James Avery from the Fresh Prince television show passed away yesterday. I always liked him.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers hired former Chicago Bears head coach Lovie Smith. Heck of a nice guy and a players coach. He will give Tampa a great defense, mediocre offense and plenty of 9-7 seasons. Have fun watching other teams play in January.

I finally got around to watching the Rolling Stones 50th anniversary concert show that Krissy taped for me a while back. The music speaks for itself. True showman with pride in their craft. It made me feel good to see the huge amount of younger people in the crowd shots. The legacy of great music will endure. One of my biggest fears is going to street festivals or summer fest in 20 years and it's nothing but Justin Bieber knock offs.

Received a Happy New Years text from my dad and Dee. The doctors cleared my dad for travel and they leave for Tuscon on January 12th. My dad had a couple health issues in December or they would have been in Arizona already. Considering I woke up to more snow and 8 degree weather I'm sure the 12th can't get here soon enough so he can escape the great Midwest!

Check out my 2014 stock picks under the tab on the homepage. My numero uno pick pick is certainly starting the year right!


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

Yep, my head ached a bit when I woke up. Krissy and I made it till 2am. Considering the bars stay open all night in Milwaukee on NYE there were still plenty of revelers when we called it a night. We had a small pre-party at our house with friends Michelle, Gary, Steve and Holly. Ended up at the Knick to see a great bar band, 5 Card Stud. They have a secret agent/spy theme and know plenty of great cover songs. Our waitress might have been drinking a bit as she cut Steve in half in our group photo!
Great time had by all. The only downfall was a parking ticket for Holly. Parking can be tough on the eastside but the parking patrol doesn't pull any punches on the big nights.
Michelle did her civic duty by breaking up a cat fight by the stage. Apparently someone got their foot stepped on.
According to my peeps in Key West, the weather was great and Duval street was full. The open air restaurants were packed all night.
I woke up to more snow and 9 degrees. However, the Polar Bear Plunge went on as planned at Bradford Beach today. I heard they had to take an ax to clear a path in Lake Michigan. Kudos to everyone who partook in the plunge!
Stay tuned tomorrow for my 2014 top ten stock picks.
New Years 2014