Thursday, January 23, 2014

Deport the Menace

I was crying and laughing at the same exact time this morning. Crying because it's 9 degrees and the stock market was plunging. Laughing because I changed channels and saw Justin Bieber in the Dade County lockup. This kid is a bicoastal menace now. Can't we deport him? Our friends in Canada probably don't want him back. We could throw in that new artist George Zimmerman as a deal sweetener!

A big "cheer up" to my good friend and musical historian John. Rumor thru the grapevine is he's a bit upset over the impending Captain and Tennille divorce. Get over it amigo. She wasn't that hot and he wasn't really a captain. Muskrat Love and the 70's can't live forever!

Ringo and Paul will be performing at the upcoming Grammy Awards. No word on a set list yet. Apparently the 60's can live forever!

Former NBA player Cliff Robinson will be a participant on the upcoming season of Survivor Cagayan. It premieres on February 26th with totally first time players and no redemption island.

Condolences to the family of 8 year old Tyler Doohan. He saved 6 people from a trailer fire but lost his life trying to save his disabled best friend who just happened to be his grandfather. That's courage at its finest.

Once again Sean Hannity showed off his lack of football knowledge by letting his audience know that this would be the first cold weather Super Bowl. Apparently, he has never heard of the Ice Bowl in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Tesla (TSLA) announced a new market today. They will be delivering a new model to China this spring. CEO Elon Musk will  someday go down as the Steve Jobs of the auto industry. His horizon is pure genius.

The GOP Super Pac's are on the hunt for young mega donors. The second and third biggest donors passed away in 2013. Combined, they were bigger donors than the next ten contributors combined. I'm sure they'll be reaching out to me soon.


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