Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bad Day For An Apple

The CEO of Bitcoin exchange Bit Instant was arrested by authorities at Kennedy International Airport and charged with money laundering. I seem to recall some blogger writing about this on sunday. Just saying!

Apple Computers (AAPL) stock is down about 8% today. They sold fewer I Phones than expected. This is probably a good entry point as the company is sitting on  large cache of cash and has the ability to buy almost any profitable company. Worst case scenario is that they have a large stock buy back.

Northwestern University football players are trying to start a union which would be the first one in collegiate sports. It would be called the College Athletics Players Association if it becomes certified. The goal isn't to pay athletes salaries. They would like full cost scholarships, better medical attention and a trust fund for graduate education. Considering how much the NCAA makes off collegiate sports, this movement could get some wheels behind it.

RIP to legendary folk singer Pete Singer. You were a lifelong friend to the Hudson River cleanup and could play a little too. You will be missed by many.

The State of the Union address is tonight. I've been watching it religiously for years. I always got a kick out of seeing my old high school teacher sitting just over the President's left shoulder after he became Speaker of the House.

Be sure to check your credit card statements. If there's a $9.84 charge on your statement it's most likely fraudulent. Some fraudster believes that a majority of people won't catch such a small charge on their statement and they're most likely correct. Especially on those first statements after holiday time.

I heard some talking heads on CNBC talking about the best ways to fix the economy. Their big ideas were broad tax reform and lowering the minimum wage to $4 an hour to spur massive hiring. Tax reform would be positive but the do nothing congress will continue to do nothing in an election year. Lowering the minimum wage won't happen neither as I recall Lincoln outlawing slavery in 1865.



  1. HI there it's your former colleague and current unemployed friend from way on the north side of town and in the same country. I know you probably only read the posts from your "other country" followers but I'll write anyway... I too am tired of the winter here this year. I don't mind shoveling too much it's great getting outdoors where it's quiet and peaceful, of course until gunshots ring out....just kiddin.
    I was pretty upset over the assault and theft of Frank's Violin. I have met him several times and feel really bad for him. He is one of the reasons the wife and I love the pops and the Milwaukee symphony. He is a real pro and it really,really sucks that someone (some assholes) feel like they can "stun" someone and steal a million dollar violin. So, I will ask Frank when they catch the bastards if he would like to use my stun gun and return the favor or I own several other weapons of "ASS" destruction he would be welcome to use any of those. Over and out for now!!! DRJ