Sunday, January 12, 2014

Fox N Hounds

We went to the Fox and Hounds restaurant last night for a 21st birthday celebration for Miss Ashley who is Kristin's niece. Kristin, Cole and myself met up with Jim, Nana, Jen and Dom for a wonderful dinner. Happy 21st Ashley!

The restaurant itself has an interesting history. It's located in Hubertus, WI in the beautiful hills of the Kettle Moraine. Starting as a one room cabin in 1845 it became a central spot for the local fox hunts. It's morphed into a large restaurant since 1933 thus the name, Fox and Hounds.

The Tosa Thunder won their indoor soccer match yesterday, 11-1 over the NI Cubs. Great defense overall by the Thunder. Cole played well. Unlike his old man he loves defense more than offense. I never saw a shot I didn't like.

DeSean Jackson of the Philadelphia Eagles had $250,000 of cash stolen from his home safe while he was in Miami. I know the banks aren't trustworthy but they aren't that bad. Make a deposit man!

Key West was visited by the Food Network once again. I can't blame them as the island is truly one of the restaurant capitols of the world. They visited Henrietta's, Conch Republic and the Blonde Giraffe. Unfortunately, I've never been to these 3 establishments but I'll make sure to visit them on my next trip.

Previously, the Food Network has reviewed my favorite Key West restaurant, Blue Heaven. Wonderful food in a unique location. It's an indoor/outdoor locale that was once a bordello and later an outdoor boxing arena where Ernest Hemingway used to referee boxing matches. It's a must visit on any Key West itinerary.

Watching the morning political shows when presidential likeability came up in a conversation. It made me wonder, who was the last president that wasn't well liked by a majority of the people? I would reason that it was Richard Nixon for the most part. He wasn't a warm and fuzzy persona before Watergate. But I never had a strong dislike for Nixon like a lot of people. He was a heckuva poker player, made inroads with China and proposed healthcare for all. Unfortunately, the democratic house at the time opposed it. Ignorance is truly a bipartisan notion at times.


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