Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cole Turns 10

Happy Birthday to my son Cole! His party starts at 2 today and he invited a lot of friends. No man could ever ask for a finer son and I truly consider myself blessed.

The Atlanta snowstorm had over 1200 accidents last night. That seems like an awful lot when you consider cars were at a standstill. Seven hour commutes,  children spending the night at schools have made Georgia a very unhappy state. I can't blame them. They seldom see snow and have no removal equipment. What's a weather report for if employers and schools choose to ignore common sense.

Summerfest has announced that Motley Crue will be the main stage performer on July 4th. This will be part of their final tour as all 4 band members have signed an agreement to permanently dissolve the group. The tour runs thru 2015 and Alice Cooper will be a part it.

I've seen Alice Cooper several times in concert and it's a great stage show. I even have his autograph as he was sitting behind me at an indoor track meet watching a friend of his run the indoor mile. A really down to earth guy. Sadly no photograph as this was before camera phones.

Yahoo (YHOO) is taking a pounding today after last nights earnings report and it appears the honeymoon might be over for CEO Marissa Mayer who is a Wausau, Wisconsin native graduating from Wausau West. The turn around is going to take longer than people expected. If it does at all.

I watched the State of the Union address last night and thought it was okay. Some folks liked it better than myself. The GOP response with Cathy McMorris Rodgers was very good. The bar had been set so low with pathetic performances by Bachmann, Jindal and Rubio that Rodgers looked like a rockstar in comparison.

I missed the Tea Party response by Senator Lee and the Libertarian response by Senator Paul. I don't understand why the need for 3 responses. If those factions don't want to be a part of the GOP, they are free to leave. A party divided amongst itself certainly can't win a national election.


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