Monday, January 20, 2014

American Hustle

"The art of survival is a never ending story." That was the last line of the movie American Hustle. It's a brilliantly sophisticated movie with an impeccable cast. Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper and Christian Bale were superb. Jennifer Lawrence probably wins another Oscar, she's that great.

Krissy and I caught the flick this afternoon at the Downer Theater. It's a 99 year old throwback theater with an eccentric atmosphere. I truly love the old cinema houses.

Quantum Key West race week started yesterday. World class sailboat racing continues thru Friday with sailboat enthusiasts from throughout the world visiting the Conch Republic.

The stock market was closed today in observance of MLK day. Hopefully we'll have a strong opening Tuesday morning.

Free agent Japanese pitcher Masahiro Tanaka has until Friday to decide which major league baseball team he will pitch for this year. Rumor has it that the Chicago Cubs are a slight favorite. I'm not sure if that's true but it would be a major coup.

Seattle Seahawk's cornerback Richard Sherman showed the world that he's a classless arrogant prick and apparently Sarah Palin stepped on hers. Sherman's post game tirade put a blight on a world class city. His demeanor is completely opposite of teammate Russell Wilson. Wilson played quarterback for the Wisconsin Badgers and is a first class act.

Palin chose a day of positive remembrance to take another hated bitter shot at the president. She's a lot like Sherman, always a moth when a television camera lights up. Palin was a governor of a state with a population smaller than Milwaukee, yet she truly believes she is the pulse of America. In reality, she's the pulse of bitter hate which also seems to be a never ending story.


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