Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tuesday Musings

Meat freezer conditions have come back to Milwaukee today. It was 3 degrees when I woke up. Krissy is fighting a chest cold but she toughed it out and went to work anyway.

We are contemplating getting a dog this year and have no idea what to get. We'll probably do a lot of research then go out and get the first mutt that makes us laugh. I once went to a pet store to get a fish and walked out with a yellow labrador retriever. The next year I went back to the same store for a fish and walked out with a chocolate labrador retriever. After the second dog I got rid of the fish tank!

The Hawaiian Islands are having 50 foot waves today which is usually good for surfing. However, it's so windy that even the world class surfers can't make it in the surf. The weather can be tough in different ways.

New Jersey folks who attended Governor Christie's inauguration this morning became stuck in a horrific traffic jam while attempting to leave the festivities. Somehow that seems fitting.

Kudos to the Gates Foundation which has given over 28 billion dollars to fund global health and development. I will never understand the Bill Gates critics. Here's a man who's only 58 years old and in perfect health. He could be sipping margaritas on his own island with a harem of strippers, yet he tries to leave the world a better place. Too bad he doesn't know how to multi task.

Tim Jennings and Kyle Long of the Chicago Bears were added to the Pro Bowl. It's a great honor but I don't know anyone who actually watches this game anymore.

Richard Sherman's father is telling anyone who will listen that his son is just "misunderstood." Yes, that tends to happen when one acts like a prima donna on national television. I "understand" Russell Wilson quite a bit better obviously.

Caroline Kennedy, the U.S. Ambassador to Japan has spoke out against that country's annual bottlenose dolphin hunt. Basically, a bunch of people on boats herd the dolphins into a cove where they are slaughtered. Japan defends the hunt by citing their ancestral tradition.

Frankly, I'm a little confused when "tradition" is used as a defense for any transgression. In my family history I had some relatives who were horse thieves. It's absolutely true, horse thievery is one of my family traditions. Yet, you don't see me out on the range rustling up ponies!


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