Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cobwebs In D.C.

President Obama will be in Wisconsin today touring a GE plant in Waukesha. Governor Walker will be greeting him at Mitchell Airport and asking him for emergency relief for the major propane gas shortage. Less government is always convenient unless you need something.

The big birthday bash for Cole went well last yesterday and he had a great time with all his school friends. A total of 19 kids for 5 hours and all of them were great. For some reason I 'm just looking for some quiet time today.

A 300 year old Stradivarius violin was stolen from a Milwaukee symphony concertmaster. It appears to be a well planned heist as the concertmaster was tasered in the parking lot and the case with an implanted GPS chip was located several miles away. It has been reported that the extravagant fiddle is worth around $6 million so I doubt we'll be seeing it listed on Craigslist.

The stock market recovered well today. The Federal Reserve Bank stuck with their plan to roll back bond purchases and the GDP grew 3.2% according to the Commerce Department.

Hall of Fame baseball announcer Bob Uecker announced that he will be cutting back on the amount of road game telecasts. A former MLB catcher, Uecker started doing broadcasts for the Brew Crew in 1971. Johnny Carson gave him the nickname "Mr. Baseball." He's a legendary and beloved figure in Wisconsin.

I grew up thinking that being in the U.S. Congress was an honorable full time job. That members worked for the people and tried to make lives better. As I get older, it's apparent that they work for corporations and special interests with maybe a cursory thought about the people they represent. That is, if they ever came to work anymore.

Congress was out on recess last week after they had barely been back from a Christmas vacation that nobody else has. They worked 3 days this week and the GOP faction left today for a so called "retreat" which I think is code for fine wine and cigars. No wonder nothing is getting done in Washington. It's become the world's best part time job and D.C. has become a ghost town lately.


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