Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Harry Caray You Are Missed

Harry Caray once called Wrigley Field the largest saloon in the world. Harry, the Hall of Fame Cubs broadcaster who passed away in 1998 always had an eye for the obvious. When the Chicago Cubs announced that they would have a first time mascot named " Clark the Cub", it made me think of Harry. What would his reaction be?  Most likely he would have been fine with it. But, like the rest of us long time suffering cub fans, I'm sure he'd rather see a bunch of rowdy shirtless beer drinkers sitting in the bleachers in october for a change.

Krissy had a brutal day at work yesterday so we decided to hit the Bel Air Cantina for mexican food and margaritas. It's one of our favorite haunts and it was a short walk on a warm january night. Tequila is a wonderful elixir!

A hearty get well to Pete Puggle. I'm sure you'll have a speedy recovery from your recent surgery. Along with his brother Frank, they are two popular dogs in Milwaukee's Historic Third Ward. Our friends Angela and John feed them better than most people, including myself. As always, I look forward to seeing the "boys" at the Brady Street pet parade.

Summerfest has announced another headliner. The Dave Matthews Band will play on July 2nd. This will be a can't miss on my summer schedule.

Jimmy Buffett was back in Key West this past weekend. He was spotted at David Wolkowsky's annual cocktail party which coincides with the Key West Literary Seminar. One of my favorite authors, Scott Turow was a speaker at this year's event.

Wolkowsky is a most interesting person. He is a conch (born in Key West) who moved to Philadelphia and later retired back to Key West. In 1967, he built the Pier House Resort Motel complex which includes the world famous Chart Room. Buffett's first gig was at the Chart Room, thus the personal connection. It's a must see on any Key West itinerary.

Not only is Wolkowsky regarded as a first class developer, but he's a true friend to writers and teachers. In 2000, Wolkowsky created the Teachers Merit Awards fund as he believes teachers are a truly remarkable asset to our future. If only this southern attitude could drift north to the Badger State.


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