Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Matt Damon as Gunga Din

Over 3 million people die worldwide from water related causes. Either from intolerable sanitation or just lacking in supply. Matt Damon and co-founder Gary White have started a life saving non-profit organization called with a website of the same name. Its goal is to provide clean water and sanitation to impoverished villages throughout the world.

The Schooner Wharf Bar Wreckers Cup race series starts this sunday. It's a seven mile course that starts in Key West harbor. It pays homage to the era of the 1800's when wreckers would race out to unmapped reefs to save precious cargo and crews from a damaged freighter. It was a most profitable business for the wrecker owners as they would receive a large cut of the cargo for their savior efforts.

Eleven days out of office and former Virginia Governor Bob McConnell has decided to give Governor Christie some competition for republican of the month. McConnell and his wife Maureen were indicted in federal court of illegally accepting large loans, vacations and lavish gifts from a major political donor. I would imagine that both of them are hoping that Anthony Weiner announces a run for something very soon!

The New York Yankees were the winners of the Masahiro Tanaka sweepstakes. The Chicago Cubs came up on the short end. I'll be okay though. The baseball part of my brain is conditioned for disappointment and a lot of it.

Fruit Loops cereal is apparently a flavor fraud. Tests have revealed that every single loop will taste exactly the same. Lets just pray that Captain Crunch retains his integrity.

Investor Carl Icahn has increased his stake in Apple (AAPL) to over $3 billion bucks worth. It's less than one percent of the company but still a large drop in the bucket. Icahn has an impressive record but I'm not a fan of the so called activist investors who tend to push around the board of directors with incessant demands. Apple seemed to do just fine before his arrival and will do just fine once he moves on.

Purdue University had a fatal shooting yesterday. Oklahoma University has reported a shooting on their campus this morning. Maybe college isn't a safe bet after all.


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