Sunday, January 19, 2014

Super Bowl Is Set

Krissy and I ventured to Potawatomi Casino last night with John and Angela. We started with dinner at the Wild Earth Cucina. We've only been there once before about 4 months ago. Yet, our server Kayla remembered us very well. Not sure if that's good or bad, but the food was excellent and Kayla is a world class server. John and I won a little bit of money, well, just enough to cover the girl's bar tab!

Oliver Stone has dropped out of the MLK movie project. He was planning to write and direct a big budget film but too much outside interference from a variety of sources. Too bad, most of his films are overall excellent and definitely thought provoking. I remember seeing his movie Platoon at the theater to a packed house. It was so silent at the conclusion that you could hear a pin drop.

There seems to be more trouble for Governor Christie. The Mayor of Frank Sinatra's hometown, Hoboken, New Jersey claims the Governor directly withheld Super Storm Sandy recovery funds unless Mayor Zimmer backed a redevelopment plan as a quid pro quo. The administration quickly brushed off Mayor Zimmer as a political hack but she has met with the U.S. Attorney's office. Sounds like the Governor might want to take the dime out of his trained mouthpiece and let the investigation unfold in a civil manner.

We watched Denver beat New England over burgers this afternoon at Sobelman's. It's a classic old school Milwaukee joint with great food. Denver will be facing Seattle in the Super Bowl. Looks like this game will be better than the commercials for sure. Below is a picture of a real championship team!


Garden Homes Tournament Champions

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