Saturday, January 18, 2014

Watch Your Thumbs

Wow, it's been a hectic weekend. The St. Marcus Mustangs had an away game last night winning by 20. Then an all day tournament starting with an 8am Saturday game. Again the Mustangs win a tournament extending their record to 11-0. After the first game of the tournament they had an hour offensive practice in the basement to work on passing. Hard work is paying off.

A Baltimore man recently lost his left thumb in an untimely accident with a saw. Doctors did a transplant using his big toe which was attached in place of his thumb. A hand without a thumb is almost useless.

I've actually known a person with the exact same procedure. Until he pointed it out I never actually noticed it. It was during my college days when I was working as a truck helper at a 7UP transport hub. He was a forklift operator and a loose bottle got stuck in the machine. When he removed the bottle with his hand his thumb became stuck and was crushed. He gave me some very serious advice. Watch your thumbs and I've been watching them ever since.

Did anyone see actress Marilu Henner on the Morning Joe show on CNBC this week? She is one of 12 people in the world diagnosed with hyperthymesia. She can remember specific details of everyday of her life since she was a small child. She was tested by host Joe Scarborough and she passed with flying colors. People say that I have a great memory but I'm not in her league.

Radio host Mark Levin is calling for the GOP to boycott the upcoming State of the Union address. In my humble opinion he  knows that this will solve absolutely nothing, it's just a mere attempt to make a headline and boost his ratings. A sad pathetic idea by a sad pathetic soul.

Apparently the do nothing Congress has decided to double down this year like a Las Vegas high roller playing blackjack. In 2013, Congress did virtually nothing in Washington D.C.  After less than 2 weeks back at work in 2014, congress recessed after Friday's session. I guess it's much more relaxing watching Ground Hog Day in the convenience of their home movie theaters.


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  1. I can count to ten on my hands and toes!!!! So that's 20, now if I show my manhood I can count to 21.